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  1. Hi guys, i was hoping for abit of Info. I'm currently in Oz on a 457 visa but I'm looking to go for the GSM vvisa reason being my employer is overworking and underpaying me I also believe that once my two yrs are up they won't go ahead with PR as they know I will not take these conditions any longer. Anyways I've read on here about vetasses, I've seen an immigration agent and I do qualify to express an interest once I complete both ielts and vetasses something I'm unsure about though is for vetasses do you do both practical and technical test or is it a choice? As I've read pieces on here that seem to say that you do one or the other! Any info regarding these tests would be great I'm an NVQ lv3 carpenter and already have a job so I'm hoping my route may be fairly straight forward it's just a case of completing these tests! Any Info would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. tommyc868

    Defacto Onto A 457 Visa In Australia!!! clueless!!

    ahh thank you, sorry if im confusing the issue (very tired lol) my g/f hasnt been refused at all we havent yet tried for her, my employer is happy to put her on as a secondary applicant, we have applied for the registration certificate should be coming at the end of may, we are genuine and have hundreds of photos of our trips and birthday cards, receipts from our travels together ect just not the 2 things they ask of although now we do have a joint account and living arrangements because we are now looking to settle having been given this amazing opportunity in australia! I think i may visit the registry office again and enquire for more information. thank you for your response!
  3. tommyc868

    Defacto Onto A 457 Visa In Australia!!! clueless!!

    Hi thanks, i applied orignally and the immi-advisor just out right refused it and we could see no reason why when did it again it was accepted anyways thats a whole other issue, my girlfriend has had a WHV already thats how we met back in 2009 travelling and have pretty much been travelling ever since so we havent been living together as such we spent loads of time in hostels together and done evrythin together since 2009 its just we didnt know this aussie thing would happen therefore didnt have joint accounts or have a stable place to live! she is now with me here on a tourist visa and we now both have a joint account a lease on a shared-house room in both our names. I basically just need to know which visa to look into for her! and just pursue as much information as possible we cant build up the living together evidence/bank accounts before shes only on a 6 month tourist the only way to do this i can see would be for her to become a student and stay here this way! Thanks for your responses
  4. Hi Guys, Ive been fortunate enough to have been given a job in australia on a 2 yr 457 visa in Sydney, ive been here for about 3 weeks now the problem i have is originally i had trouble gettin the visa (due to a careless immigration worker) so when i reapplied i did it jus for me and not my girlfriend as we were advised it would be simplier to do out in Australia. so here we are i have a 457 and am working and my girlfriend is on a tourist visa we have been togther for 2 and a half years but havnt lived together because we met travelling where do i start about gettin her onto my visa?? can it be done here in australia? i have applied for a NSW relationship certificate its gonna take four weeks to come but in the mean time i need to know what visa we should apply for!! any help on this would be great as were really stressin over it!! thanks
  5. tommyc868

    457 processing times

    Hi, im gettin really fustrated with my 457 visa app, I lodged as below My visa application lodged - 25th Dec 2011 Sponsership/nomination approved - 16th Jan 2012 i havnt heard anything since, on the application it was submitted i start work on the 1st march and its gettin increasingly closer and i cannot do anything until i receive a visa. I have emailed my CO with no response is this normal?? i have spent 2 years previous in Oz on a working holiday visa no visa probs and am gettin worried now...although i have no reason for them to refuse a visa!! what do i do...just sit an wait???
  6. tommyc868

    Change from Tourist to A Student Visa????

    (thanks for moving the thread) hmm i find this very confusing as im sure you must have joint bank accounts, and i was under the impression that you must have been living with each other for 12months as proof of relationship, we have loads of photos from all over the world where we have travelled. is it possible to do all this whilst im over there because my job starts in march and my g/f is stayin here to work her notice and is then lookin to join me....but i have know idea how to get her out with me only option i thought possible would be the student way...
  7. Hi, I am currently waitin on a response from oz on my 457 visa as i have a sponser contract signed jus need the visa, the problem is ive been with my girlfriend for 2 years we met in oz on working holiday visa. But having gone through this process ive found out that we need a bank account and need to have been living together for 12months for her to defacto onto my visa! we do not have this....so we were hoping that she could head out on a Tourist visa and once out there research into a good college and switch to a student visa is this possible?? as she can work on this visa we will be living together and therefore will be able to get sufficient evidence for her to defacto onto my visa after 12 months (all being well). so basically what i neeed to know is once in Oz on a tourist visa can she then change to a student visa having found the correct course. we are both from the UK and have spent time in oz working and travelling plenty of evidence of being together just not the bank and living accounts.. any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. tommyc868

    457 Health Insurance Advice Please

    Thank you so much, this is incredibly interesting, having read up myself about this it did look as if medicare would cover me but i thought i was missing something. i was thinkin of puttin on my application where it asks me for health insurance "reciprocal agreement with UK" or somethin along them lines to show that im entitled to medicare having been in oz previously for 2 years i have recieved it before. To be on the safe side i may take out travel insurance for the year as it is so cheap and get through it that way. I appreciate all your help on this it is a minefield i cannot wait to jus get it subimitted...accepted and get there!! thanks again people if i find anythin else out i will be sure to share!!
  9. tommyc868

    Tourist Visa to Defacto Visa?? Help!!

    thanks alot, im gonna have a look at that check list. Cant wait for it to be all over and done with!! thanks again guys!!
  10. tommyc868

    Tourist Visa to Defacto Visa?? Help!!

    oh ok, so its not as strict then? hmm ill have to look into it more i really would like my girlfriend on this visa so defo more info is the key thanks
  11. Hi, ive recently secured a sponser in oz, contract signed, now i just have to submit my application. Because its all happened so fast me and my girlfriend are not prepared i.e we have been together 2 years 1 year in Oz on a WHV where we met and 1 year here in the UK but we live apart due to our jobs!! we never thought this opportunity would happen so we dont have a bank account and do not live together. So i know this will prove hard for us to do defacto, we've decided to do a single visa for myself and my girlfriend is going to come on a 12mnths holiday visa where we live together and have a bank account she will not be working but i will which is fine so i was hoping to do it out there is this the best option are there any alternatives? we're really worried it wont happen for us but the opportunity came along so quick and suprisingly its what we both want so much but im terrified that paperwork will make it all crumble down around us!! we have been all over oz together lived in hostels, worked together travelled and been to thailand, spain done so much together but the 2 key things we haven't got...the bank account (which we're working on now) and we dont live together!! if you have any advice that would be great thanks!
  12. tommyc868

    457 Health Insurance Advice Please

    Thanks, Yea i think ill just get it like ya say. Going to look into bupa health care i reckon. cant wait for it all to be submitted incredibly stressful!
  13. tommyc868

    457 Health Insurance Advice Please

    Hi, im in the same situation, i am applying now but dont leave until feb. Do i need actual medical insurance or is travel insurance sufficient?? and does it have last the first full year or just until your out there and covered by medicare? this one is really worrying me as i wouldnt want to lose my sponser on a matter such as having the wrong insurance!! any help would be appreciated
  14. tommyc868

    Carpenter/joiner sponsership-vetassess

    Oh and the visa i think we would be looking at would be the subclass 457 temp visa or the Employer nominated visa, im not to sure at the moment, would i have to do a practical test or not? having read abit about the process...ima a little worried about the tests as they say its about constructing roofing...somethin i have never done...i believe i could do it...but having never had to do it....worries me...its also annoyin as the employer im lookin to work for would not require me to do this!!
  15. hi there, Ive been desperatley tryin to get back to oz over the past yr....after spending 2 yrs there previously im lookin to head bk, i have posted threads here before which has proved very helpful but its now lookin more likely i could be sponsered...my circumstances are: i am a fully qualified city and guilds joiner 25 yrs of age. Having decided to travel australia after my apprenticeship i have only 4yrs in the trade (i also work for my family firm voluntarily but i dont believe it will count as theres no formal emploment there). my brother is currently in oz under sponsership with the company that wants to sponser me for various reasons as they want someone they can trust with the skills i have..my brother has been promoted within the company several times in a short space of time due to his hard working an assett i also posess. They now wish to sponser me but im worried having read the vetassess website it looks as if you are assessed on time spent in the trade recently....but due to the fact theres no work in the UK i cannot get back into my trade...which is why i want to emigrate to continue what im trained to do. it seems like a catch 22...i have everythin in place for work but it looks as if tests within the Uk could hold me back....im becoming increasingly fustrated as Australia is my dream...n i have it at my fingertips but i believe paperwork and timings could stop this from happenin keepin me here in a remedial job i do not want.... any advice on what vettassess requires and sponsership from the UK would be great!!! thank you!!