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  1. Hi Heather My first reply answering your question is missing but Yes! A friend of ours transferred a couple of years ago. His wife has MS but it wasn't an issue for them. The only issue I see you having is the fact that you're currently 'under investigation'. Without a formal diagnosis they may hold on making a decision about your visa depending diagnosis. I really hope all goes well for you all Best wishes Ady
  2. Hi Heather It's Ady from Western-super-mere! Jackie and I wish you all the best of luck with your transfer. We speak from Hong Kong on our way over! Good luck! Ady & Jackie
  3. Hi, I'd like to wish you and anyone else transferring from RN to RAN the very best of luck. Our process has been going on for three years due to some medical issues but we finally fly Thursday! Everyone who's dealt with out transfer have been great. Sometimes things are slow and sometimes you don't get time to breathe! The RAN is also very flexible with when you want to transfer. Timing can be an issue. When to submit notice, visas etc. Good planning can make things easier. There's a wealth of information here on Pomsinoz regarding any part of your emigration and you can ask any of us 'ex RN'ers' here if you have any RAN transfer question. I look forward to seeing any other Submariners here on Garden Island soon! All the best! Ady
  4. A friend of mine used 'insure you move dot com'. I havent looked into it myself yet but its worth a look at least.
  5. RN2RAAF

    Buying a car is Oz

    Well, it goes without saying that I wouldn't buy a car unless I WAS happy with it! lol I'm thinking of righting off the idea anyway. Being present means I can haggle. I wouldn't be able to do that having not actually seen the car. I do value your somewhat candid input.
  6. RN2RAAF

    Buying a car is Oz

    Thanks for your reply. Yeah, I realise getting finance or bank loan would be impossible until all is sorted with paperwork. I would possibly look at sourcing the funds here and transferring it. You raise a valid point about Public Transport though. We used it for years here in the UK until buying our first car and just hired when we needed to. Unfortunately, an injury leaving my wife disabled forced a purchase. The need for a car will be the same for us in Australia as in the UK for this reason me thinks. Wifey couldn't walk a couple of miles without shopping in any kind of heat. Neither could she wait an hour for a bus.
  7. RN2RAAF

    Buying a car is Oz

    That's a really nice idea, thank you. The only trouble is keeping it as a second car. My wife doesn't drive and has no inclination to learn either! So I'd end up having to sell the second car as there wouldn't be much worth in keeping it. Not that much of a problem granted but I've also had some bad (expensive) experiences with 'banernomics'. lol Will still consider it mind. Thanks again.
  8. RN2RAAF

    Buying a car is Oz

    It only seems 'wacky' to you because there's so much you don't know about my situation! I think you've made far too many assumptions. Whilst I know nothing about how the car market differs from that of the UK's, I have bought cars on-line in similar circumstances before in the UK. So, if it is considered 'wacky' in Australia to do this, then 'wacky' it is and I'll scrap (no pun intended) the idea. This is why I asked the question. Not to be ridiculed. If the car isn't as advertised, the dealer is obliged to put it right or reimburse you somehow. In all my experiences (3 such purchases), I've only ever had one issue and that was when, due to an oversight by the dealer, a car was advertised as having Cruise Control only later to learn that it did not. So I forced the dealer to have it retro-fitted at their expense! I also know plenty of people local to where I'm moving to and would trust them to look at and test drive a near new/quality used car on my behalf. Also, knowing what make and model of car I intend to buy means I can even have a look at examples of that model here in the UK. The photos on car selling websites aren't the best, granted but it's certainly better than nothing. Also, who said anything about 'storage'? I didn't. If doing a deal like this is even possible, I would time my transaction, having explained my situation to the dealer, so that no storage would need to be involved. Obviously, buying a car in this manner doesn't come without some risk and I would only use a dealer but as my wife has limited mobility and relies on me for transport, getting a car as quickly as possible after arrival is our top priority. Now you know more about my situation, does it still seem 'wacky' to you?
  9. RN2RAAF

    Buying a car is Oz

    Hi all, I came across this post in a search and, appreciating how important it is to source a car as soon as possible after arrival in OZ, thought there would be tons of responses from people willing to share their car buying experiences. I've been on 'carsales' etc and seen some nice cars. I would like to buy before I move in April 2014 so that the car is either ready to collect or delivered on my arrival. BUT, getting finance in OZ while still in the UK, if guessing, isn't possible. So, is it possible to buy a car ready for arrival? I'd really like to hear if anyone has achieved this and how they went about it. Thanks. Ady (Edited to re-insert the line-breaks)
  10. Craig, for me, this information is very valuable so I thank you for posting it. It's often difficult to get up-to-date info like this. So this is priceless for me and many others I'm sure. I can now plan to have a personally funded hire car until I buy and sort out housing too. Being a submariner and also about to be based at HMAS Stirling means this info is even more valuable to me personally. Never accept being accused of being a 'winging git' for sharing your personal experiences of the biggest move you'll probably ever make in your life, good or bad. Fore warned is fore armed! Thanks again! Ady
  11. Cool. Well, good luck with it all. Hope it all goes well. Our decision to make the move was as much to do with the direction the UK is currently going than service life in the RN. Transferring into the RAN made the move a whole lot easier. It's 'money for old rope' only in warmer climes and better living and working conditions. Apart from those who we leave behind, I can't find a reason NOT to do it!
  12. Not dropping a rank, no. CPO engineers often do as, in the RAN, their CPO engineers are 'charge qualified' where as in the RN, they are not. We initially started in May 2011 but the reasons for delays are long and plentiful so I won't bore you with them. The process is longer for submariners as the additional medical takes about 4 months to be granted. Being in a shortage branch in the RN, yes, I had to serve a full 12 months notice. However, I did have a month waivered on the understanding that I forego my 4 weeks terminal leave. I needed to do this in order to make my enlistment date before visa expiry (12 months after initial application). Hope this all helps.
  13. Hi. I'm a POWESM. Well, for the next couple of weeks at least. My wife and I transfer on 10 April and will be going to Perth. Hope your visa applications go well. We cracked it really quickly giving as much info as we could and got our visas in about a month. We're both excited and nervous too. It's a big step and we wouldn't be human if we didn't have a few reservations.
  14. When all aspects of your application are complete, your RAN contact will raise a 'Intend to Enlist' signal. This signal informs all the authorities including housing and removals etc of your intended transfer details. Housing send you login details for their site for you to view potential homes. http://www.dha.gov.au
  15. Not so much the sea time just the length of the trips now and all the other bullshit that comes with it. Being a wafu doesn't make you a bad person. At least you don't need to worry about being drafted submarines! Dolphin 15
  16. The plan was to join the RAAF when I open my account here but my 'skill set' is too different and they weren't recruiting so the RAN was Plan B.
  17. I selected 'Yes' and then listed every ship, submarine and shore establishment I'd ever been posted to. Hope this helps. ps. If you're wondering about how thorough you need to be with these forms, I was very thorough and my visas took about a month to come through. So, I think it pays to be as thorough as you can be.
  18. Hi Tiff Lee Having completed 24 years service in the Royal Navy, My list of military service and training was extensive. It needs to be included, yes. Also, your list of countries you've visited also needs to include military foreign visits. My Form had 3 continuation sheets in all. Enjoy! Ady
  19. RN2RAAF

    What is the Aus $ pegged against?.

    The same thing every other fiat currency is 'pegged against'. DEBT!
  20. RN2RAAF

    Cancelling uk mobile contract

    Experience has proved that they'll want a copy of a death certificate.
  21. RN2RAAF

    Cancelling uk mobile contract

    Some really useful stuff here. Thanks everyone. I was considering upgrading knowing that I wouldn't be in the UK for the length of the contract and trying to cancel but keeping the phone and getting it unlocked ready for use in Australia. I can see how this may or may not work. I'm due an upgrade soon so think I might just buy a new phone sim free and just go PAYG when my contract expires until I leave the UK. An expensive way of doing it but buying myself out a 2 year contract with 18 months left to go at £37 per month will cost £666. I can get the latest Galaxy S4 sim free NOW for £418! Bargain!
  22. I currently have a small investment in Physical Gold and have been told by the Customs Information and Support Centre that, because it isn't coinage in current use, (gold bars) that it would be subject to Goods and Services Tax on import but, given the fineness of the metal, they would be duty free. No details were given as to the percentage of value of GST that would be applied and I'm looking for any advice on what to do with it prior to making the move to oz or indeed any personal experience anyone has. If gold prices go up before I emigrate, no problem, I'll sell but if they don't... lol Thanks
  23. RN2RAAF

    What does happen to my Student Loan??

    Thank you for this 'real time' experience answer on the issue. I haven't made the move to oz yet and I have a daughter in the final year at Uni. She doesn't want to join us but your actual experience has provided a definitive answer. We now appear to have the right advice if she changes her mind. Thanks again