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  1. Hey, we have just moved into the Bay from the Uk and loving the so called 'winter weather' the boys are loving spending every minute in the water or playing on the beach! So I know there are a few families that have moved out to the Bay over the last couple of years, just wondered if any of you fancy meeting up with us one weekend? Be good to meet some other families now we are finally here! Anyway give me a shout if you are still on PIO and fancy it! Emma xx
  2. paednurse

    Moving to Sunny Coast, Buderim area! :)

    Hey all, we managed to secure a rental in Mooloolaba in the end! the stress of the move/new job/new school is subsiding and we are starting to be able to enjoy living in such a fab place! anyone fancy catching up with us for coffee/beach/beer (save the best option til last lol) let me know. Be good to make some buddies. Emmax
  3. Hi all, My family and I are currently living in Hervey Bay but I have just accepted an offer for a job in Nambour Hospital and so we are finally making the much anticipated move to the Sunshine Coast in a few weeks! We will probably move to the Buderim/mountain creek area as I love the look of the schools there for our son and its still nice and close to the beaches! we will be sad to leave the Bay as have made some great friends (a few very special ones through poms in oz) but we know its the right move for us in the long term. however the thought of having to start all over again with schools, jobs, places to live and most importantly friends is somewhat daunting. We would love to meet up with some fellow sunny coast families who can show us the ropes! if you fancy a catchup with us that would be fab. xx
  4. So we finally made the relocation from Hervey Bay to the Sunshine Coast. :biggrin: We have been staying with friends whilst trying to sort a rental, but have today got the keys for our lovely new home in Mooloolaba! Woo hoo. Absolutely love it here, five mins from the beach, cafes, bars and surf clubs! Our eldest son has just started at Mooloolaba state school and is loving it! It's a lovely school just across the road from the beautiful beach and they even have surf lessons on the extra curriculum!! i started work this week at Nambour Hospital so it is all starting to come together! I had some major worries when we left Hervey Bay that we had made the wrong decision, but now I am 100% certain we have made the right move. If there are any local families that fancy meeting up in a couple of weeks once we are settled and unpacked we would love to meet you! we are always up for a social event, be it picnics with the kids, beaching it or a bbq and a few beers/ glasses of wine whilst the kids play! ​xxx
  5. paednurse

    Finally settled on the sunny coast!

    Thanks, we have already tried out the Thai take away! Lol yummy. will def get our eldest joined up to Nippers in Sept. looks like we have lots to discover over the next few months.
  6. paednurse

    Moving to Sunny Coast, Buderim area! :)

    We have finally landed in the sunny coast!! Been having a bit of a nightmare finding a suitable rental though. The competition is so high!! Staying with friends in Maroochydore at the mo, but have lots of houses to view next week in Sippy Downs/Buderim/Maroochydore so really hoping we find something! Our eldest is out of school at the mo until we at least know which area we will be living in which isn't ideal but we don't really have much choice. im starting work on the29th so really hope to have a house and school organised by then, fingers crossed. Absolutely loving life down here though so I know we have made the right decision and that all this stress and upheaval will be worth it! Emma p.s We will def be up for some meet ups with you guys soon too as the next step after house and school is to gain a social life again! ) xx
  7. paednurse

    Buderim State School?

    Hey all, My family and I are planning on moving to the Buderim area in April from Hervey Bay. We have a 7 year old son and so are currently looking into the best option for schooling. I really like the look of the Buderim State School, but haven't seen any personal reviews from parents. Does anyone currently have children at the school that could provide an honest opinion? i have seen lots of positive feedback about Mountain creek state school which I see has a catchment area and so we are also contemplating moving to this location. Too many choices lol but want to get it right so we can settle and not have to move him to another school anytime soon! thanks in advance Emma
  8. paednurse

    Buderim State School?

    I'm an ED nurse. I think I have been pretty lucky as I know jobs are pretty hard to come by on the sunny coast at the mo. but keep watch because opportunites do come along every so often. Buderim is lovely but we are finding it pretty difficult to get a decent rental as its so competitive. It's only about a 5/10 min drive to the beach so nice and close!
  9. paednurse

    Moving to Sunny Coast, Buderim area! :)

    Omg there are too many areas to choose from! They all seem nice too which doesn't make it easy to choose, and have heard good things from all the schools too. Oh decisions decisions!
  10. paednurse

    Moving to Sunny Coast, Buderim area! :)

    Can I just check with everyone that recommended Chancellor State school that the catchment area is basically Sippy Downs? We hadn't even looked into that area to be honest. Is it a nice place to live? I think it might be a bit far for me to travel to work in Nambour really, I don't want more than a 30 min commute as will be working nights etc. emma x
  11. paednurse

    Moving to Sunny Coast, Buderim area! :)

    Hey, thanks for the responses! We have just come back from viewing houses on sunny coast, been looking at Buderim, mountain creek and kawana areas. But it's been a bit of a nightmare. Every home we look at has at least 10 other applicants!! The were so many people at the open days I'm beginning to worry we will be living out of the car once we arrive! Lol. We have our fingers crossed for a lovely house in mountain creek but its had so many applicants so not feeling too confident. its good to here from a fellow Nambour nurse, I'm looking forward to starting now! I have a couple of good friends working there too and they have lots of positive things to say too. thankyou for the advice on the sunny coast groups I'm gonna go check them out now! we will def be keen for meeting up with you guys once we are down, be nice to meet some fellow sunny coast families! xx
  12. paednurse

    Moving to Sunny Coast, Buderim area! :)

    Thanks, we will get in touch once we have moved down. we are visiting next week too and will def take a look at this school.
  13. paednurse

    Buderim State School?

    I hadnt even looked into these other schools, so thank you for the advice, I will def look into them and try to organise a visit when we come down in a couple of weeks. thanks Emma
  14. paednurse

    Hervey Bay....too isolated??

    Hi all, I'm after some advice from any Queenslanders out there. I have a potential chance of a job offer with sponsorship as a nurse in Hervey Bay. However, our ideal location was Sunshine/Gold Coast. We have done a lot of research into many areas but never particularly warmed to Hervey Bay as it seemed so isolated?? Also we would be renting for the first few years and looking on the real estate website there doesn't seem much on offer to suit us. We would be relocating with our two children aged 6 and 1 and so want to try and make sure we get the move right first time! Any advice would be great! Thanks Emmax
  15. paednurse

    Sunshine Coast schools - advice needed

    Hi Guys, just noticed your posts whilst doing a bit of research into sunny coast and have seen you are all from the same area of the UK as us! We come from Portsmouth and both lived in Waterlooville for most of our childhood! ha small world hey! How are you finding the sunny coast? We are currently living in Hervey Bay and are contemplating moving down to Mountain Creek area, I have a nursing interview lined up for next week! fingers crossed! Emma
  16. I would be looking to work in Nambour ED ideally,have just applied for a position there actually! fingers crossed! I think we need to come down and have another visit so we can get a feel for it again, especially Buderim as we havent been there at all yet. It does sound lovely though!
  17. paednurse

    Buderim Bound?

    We stopped over at Mooloolaba on the way up to stay with friends that live there, and we loved it then. Loved the surf club and the shopping centre and the general vibe it seemed to have. I also think I would be happier in job there too. I think if I am lucky enough to get offered an interview we will have to take a few days to go visit again and check out Buderim too as we havent been there yet. It has to be worth sacrificing the cheaper rentals/properties here as we have a lovely house with a pool right on the beach and having done some research into rentals down on the sunny coast I think we will have to down grade a fair bit! But if everything else appears to be better then I guess its worth it! Thanks for your input!
  18. paednurse

    Buderim Bound?

    Hey, Im actually an ED nurse now and have just applied for a position in the ED at Nambour. Closing date was yesterday so fingers crossed I might get an interview! Still havent completely made our mind up on the move but thought I should apply and go for a visit anyhow to help make the decision! It is such a shame Hervey Bay is so far out because it is a lovely place to live! I think deep down we both know we would prefer the sunny coast its just the thought of having to start all over again that's really off-putting as well as the thought of having to pack up our lives all over again! lol!
  19. Hi guys, We are currently living in Hervey Bay (for 3 mths now) and although we love the lifestyle and weather the Bay is just a little too quiet and isolated for us. Im also desperately missing shopping lol! its bloody awful here! We are thinking of moving to the Sunny coast, Mooloolaba/Alexandra Headland/Buderim areas but are still very undecided on whether to up heave the family and have to start all over again in new jobs, schools, friends etc. We have made a lovely little network of friends and our son has settled well at school and I think Im just concerned that we may move and struggle to settle as well! Does the sunny coast really tick all the boxes? I know cost of living is going to be somewhat higher and we would not be able to find a rental as nice as we have here right on the beach for the price we are paying. decisions decisions! Any advice or info would be great! Emma x
  20. paednurse

    Buderim Bound?

    Hi guys, just wandered if you could give us some advice. My family and I recently moved to Hervey Bay from the UK (been here 4 mths). We are loving the Aussie lifestyle and weather and the Bay itself is lovely and orientated very well to young families, the cost of property etc is also lower than most other places. However, it is just a little too quiet for us, we have had lots of people saying there isnt much to do for children once they hit teenage years and the fact that it is so far from anywhere else is proving to be a big disadvantage. A day out to the sunny coast is a good 2.5 hr drive each way (which isnt great with young kids). Brisbane is the nearest big city which is also atleast a 3 hr drive! My own other personal disadvantage is the severe lack of shops! lol! and not being 100% happy in my job. We had originally wanted to come to the sunshine coast and liked the look of Buderim but ended up in Hervey Bay for the job opportunity. I think deep down the sunny coast is still the place that would suit us best but am unsure about moving the family again and having to start over again with new jobs, schools friends etc. We have made some lovely friends here and are just starting to feel settled. Does the sunny coast/Buderim really tick ALL the boxes or will it be another big upheaval for a life very similar to the one we have here?! Any advice very much appreciated!
  21. paednurse

    Moving to Hervey Bay

    Hi Hervey Bay peeps! So we have recently moved to the bay from Portsmouth, uk. Been here two weeks now and starting to settle and find our feet! Been enjoying the lovely weather, can't believe this is winter!! Nice to escape all the rain back home. Not sure how often you all check on PIO but wondered if any of you fancy meeting up sometime? Be good to get to know some people in the Bay, esp people that have already been through the same journey as us! Emma and Gary xxx
  22. paednurse

    When to book our flights?

    Hi, we are going to be heading from London to Brisbane around July or August. We have definitely decided we want to fly with Singapore Ailines and prob have an overnight stop over in Singapore. After doing some research it seems if we fly in the first week of August instead of July we will save around£700!! My question is when should we book? Will the prices go up as we get nearer?? We weren't planning on booking flights until our 457 visa has been completed (just in case!) but as we are at very early stages of that it won't be for another couple of months! Have far in advance do reckon we need to book? I would be gutted if we left it another couple of months and the prices jumped up, however it seems a bit soon to be doing it now as we are still in process of selling our house and don't have the visa confirmed yet! Any advice would be appreciated! xxx
  23. paednurse

    Last night in the UK!!!

    Well the time has finally arrived we are spending our final night in the UK! spent the evening packing the suitcases, including an emergency dash to the shops to buy an extra one as we realised we had way too much stuff! Thank god for the extra baggage allowance!! Boys are all bathed and in bed now as its gonna be a long couple of days for them and we are finally sitting back and relaxing before we head off for some shut eye too! We have our last meal with all of the family tomorrow before we then have to head off to the airport. It's gonna be a very emotional final farewell but I'm sure the excitement of it all will help us to cope! We have a few lovely 5 star apartments lined up over the next few months from Brisbane along the sunshine coast and into Hervey Bay where will finally settle and begin our new life! Soooo nervous yet so excited! Still can't quite believe this day has finally come......some one pinch me please! :biggrin:
  24. Ok so we have only 6 days left in the uk until we fly to Brisbane! I had pictured this week since we first started this journey 18 months ago.....we would have both finished work, chilling out catching up with family and friends and being mega excited! However, I am the complete opposite, stressed beyond belief!! Gary is still working, wanted to work right up until the end for maximum cash. I still have a list as long as my arm to complete and even though I've tried so hard to be organised and can't actually think of a day in the last few months that I haven't done something related to this 'big move' I still feel like there is so much to do in the last few days!! Everyone wants to see us 'one last time' which is lovely but I just don't have enough hours in the day, especially with a 6 year old and very hectic 19 month old!! I feel exhausted and drained by all the emotional goodbyes to close family and friends and I've still got the worst ones to do, my parents and maternal grandparents! I am not doubting what we are doing at all but think that by the time we get to Brisbane ( don't even want to think about that flight with the pre mentioned 19month old lol) I'm gonna be on the verge of collapse!! Its only the thought of our two weeks of chilling on the sunshine coast before I start my full time nursing job (something else I'm very stressed and anxious about) that's keeping me going at the mo! Just so so tired and exhausted.....please tell me this is normal?! Lol!
  25. Thanks all! im glad I'm not the only one! Lol! To make matters worse we took a massive risk and went ahead with our move before we had sold our house! We should have exchanged today but it has been delayed until tomorrow now! really stressing that we are going to have to delay our flights if it gets delayed much more!:confused: Is exchanging on our house 5 days before flying slightly crazy!? :wacko: Infact don't answer that! Lol! Hey ho, we like to live life on the edge! I just really really hope it is all worth it in the end, still hasn't really sunk in yet I don't think!! Fingers crossed it all works out for all of us! Xx