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  1. dapstar970

    Utility Bills Sunshine coast

    Hi this has probably been posted before but I am struggling to find the information I'm after.. Myself and my family(wife & 2 girls) will be relocating from Sydney to Sunshine coast at the end of Jan. I am trying to get an idea of utility bills, mainly gas, electric and water. We are looking to move into a 3/4 bed house in the Buderim/Mountain Creek areas. Does anyone have any information they would be able to share? Thanks
  2. dapstar970

    Household bills

    Hi are all these costs based on Sydney locations? Any ideas what Sunny Coast would be? Cheers
  3. dapstar970

    Medicare for Kids?

    Cheers thats very helpful. Whats the going rate for scripts? Any idea what the difference is between the Medicare service for Permenant residents compared to temporary??
  4. dapstar970

    Medicare for Kids?

    Hi I will be moving to Sydney in December. I understand that you can get Medicare card from showing your National Insurance card (from UK). How does this work for children under 16? Both my daughters are under 6 years old... Anyone know?:err: Cheers Dan
  5. dapstar970

    pominoz fantasy footfall league

    Hi I've joined the league today..good luck to everyone cheers Dan
  6. Hi James are you going to be doing this in September? Im due over then doing a 3 week reccie.... Cheers Dan
  7. dapstar970

    11 a side Football teams

    Hi im looking for decent website with team contact details for playing amateur football in Sydney area. This is something I dont want to give up when I leave UK :no:and its a great way of socialising with like-minded people....:biggrin:.. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers Dan
  8. dapstar970

    Five a side football (soccer)

    Hi everyone not sure whether you will know this. But is there an amateur football league for 11a side teams either on sat or sundays? If so, could you point me in the direction of a decent website with tables and team contact details? Cheers, Dan
  9. Thanks the attachment is really useful. Can you send the web link where you attained this from? Question to Ian, how is the food allowance calculated for LAFHA? I have a family of 4 - 2 adults, 2 children. The company I work for are going to give me food component for 2 adults. Is the food allowance calculated at company discretion?? or on gross salary?? or am i missing something. Cheers Dan
  10. dapstar970

    LAFHA Information...

    Hi Julie, Do you still have the details on the LAFHA calculations? Would also love to know how it works out ? Cheers, Dan
  11. dapstar970

    UK vs. Aus disposable income

    Hi Steve Very good point. I am due to do a reccie trip in September. Looking forward to getting out there and getting a taste of what its like. I have never been to OZ so can't comment on work/life balance at the moment(although I get the same feedback from other people who have already been). I am currently working as a Project Co-ordinator in the IT industry. live in Great Barr. How about yourself?
  12. dapstar970

    UK vs. Aus disposable income

    That would be fantastic!
  13. dapstar970

    School Fees on 457 Visa

    Yes I know. I meant great, thanks, this is exactly what I need. As I was researching fees for NSW state. Cheers
  14. dapstar970

    School Fees on 457 Visa

    Thanks I was looking for the fees for NSW. ;-)
  15. dapstar970

    School Fees on 457 Visa

    Im looking for a website link to say 457 visa holders have to pay $4,500 per annum in school fees. I've trawled the web but can't seem to find one...can someone point me in the right direction? PS - sorry to hijack your post. Dan