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  1. annagilda

    Health examination help

    Are you sure your health check won't be valid? If you apply for a new visa within 12 months of a health check, then I'm pretty sure they just use that one, unless anything has changed.
  2. annagilda

    Thinking about 489

    If you are eligible for the 190 and the sponsoring state is offering you a 190, I would take the PR as soon as possible. Which state are you applying to? I'm on a 489 which has worked well for me, but I'm single, applied at the end of a working holiday visa with noting much to lose, it's tough not having PR. I can't undertake certain study that work want to put me forward for as the costs are too high, I can't buy a house without all sorts of astronomical fees and the wait for PR is a decent one, even once you meet the 2 year obligation. I'm still in my 20s (just) and am single and having the craic, so it works for me, but I don't think I would want to bring a family out here on anything less than PR. (Although people do it with great success.)
  3. annagilda

    489 to 887 PR with State Sponsorship

    I'm on a 489 in Tasmania. I was sponsored by Tassie to be here and work here, I've been working in the health service for 2 years on a mixture of a WHV, then a bridging visa and will have held my 489 for 1 year next week. I don't think it's fair to get a state to sponsor you and not intend to stay the 2 years. I don't think that's right. I'm very lucky in the respect that I love Tasmania, I'm having a ball. I was able to secure employment in my specialised field and I couldn't imagine not meeting my obligations, so I realise there's an element of luck in that. But, it just feels wrong to say I'm going to do something and not actually follow through. I'm not sure what the law says, but morally, if I bailed to another part of Australia, Tasmania would well be within their rights to tell me where to get off.
  4. annagilda

    Migration agent recommendations?

    Thanks Ali, I'll send a little message and see how I go.
  5. annagilda

    Migration agent recommendations?

    Hey lovely POMS. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good migration agent please? I have what I think is a reasonably unique situation and I'd like some advice (Willing to pay some fees) I have had some iffy advice in the past from an agent, which turned out to not be right, so am just looking for some recommendations. Thanks a million. Anna.
  6. annagilda

    Can I lodge a 189 application if I hold a 489?

    Yeah, you’re right.
  7. annagilda

    Can I lodge a 189 application if I hold a 489?

    Thanks Very Stormy, i had a quick quick look today, and the processing times for the 189 are about 5 months for 75% of applications. I’m not sure how long I’d have to wait for the Eoi though. I’ve heard of the 489 to PR route taking 2 years, which with the additional year I need to wait, would be 3 in total. Maybe its it’s not worth it and I should just hold on. It’ll certainly be cheaper.
  8. A very random question here and a few people will be asking why I'm sure. I am currently living in Tasmania with a 489 visa, which I have held for about 10 months. I would therefore need to wait another 14 months until I can lodge the application to get PR. During that time, I now have increased points for an independent 189 visa, which would allow me PR in a much shorter period. I now score 70 points because I've got a little bit older and meet extra requirements for Australian work experience. I'd really like the opportunity to get PR and make things a bit more stable. I've been in Australia for almost 3 years now, I'd really like to look at purchasing a house, solidify my Medicare and advance my chance of citizenship down the track. My parent's are getting older and I realise that this may speed things up by a good 18 months or so, by looking at the timelines for the different associated visas. I realise I would need to pay the visa fees again and undertake a new medical etc... but on balance, I think it might be worthwhile. Can anyone see any obvious flaws in the plan? For what it's worth, I am loving living in Tasmania and have no plans to leave before my 2 year period, regardless of how this pans out, I'd just really like the security of PR. Thanks a million.
  9. annagilda

    Weekend in Canberra, Whats worth checking out?

    Not a bad spot at all.
  10. annagilda

    Weekend in Canberra, Whats worth checking out?

    Thanks a million for the recommendations, having a lovely leisurely explore and just generally having the craic. Appreciate the advice.
  11. I'm heading up to Canberra next Saturday and leaving on Monday Evening, after a bit of business. Just wondering whats worth going to see and do on the Saturday evening or Sunday? Any stand out museums or nice places to grab some food? Thanks a million
  12. annagilda

    489 to PR question

    Thanks a million, that's really helpful. ? good luck with your process!
  13. annagilda

    489 to PR question

  14. annagilda

    489 to PR question

    Hey gang, just a really quick question, I'm still a fair way out from meeting the time commitment of my 489, but it's already flying fast and I've done more than I thought I had! When you get to the stage where you are able to go from a 489 to PR, do you have to undergo a new medical or does your original medical that you did for the 489 still stand? Also, how much of an in depth process is it in general? Do they want your inside leg measurements all over again or is it a bit watered down because you have essentially done all of the same things that PR applicants do, just to get the 489 in the first place? Thanks an absolute million! Anna. ?
  15. annagilda

    David Attenborough's Tasmania

    Yeah, it's quite lovely here in the north west. I think the climate suits me well. They can kill people, if a person ends up being anaphylactic to the sting. Otherwise, while it does hurt, you'll be fine. (But it's no different to a person being alergic to peanuts.) I went kayaking king a few weeks back and I sat on a jack jumper nest by mistake to have my cup of tea. It was a painful experience, but I was fine a few minutes later. I absolutely still would avoid them though, if I can because the sting can be very painful.