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  1. sponts

    Spouse Visa

    I tend to think it is to do with immigration not wanting to keep families apart. Perhaps they take the view that, as you are with your partner there is no 'real' urgency. I have applied offshore and my partner is in Aus. I think they try to keep the processing time shorter in this case to avoid keeping partners/families apart for extended periods of time. They are after all human... I hope!!
  2. No problem handing it in yourself, I did this. Counter hours are 9-11 am. You go through metal detector, then take a number and wait usually no more than 10 minutes. They do also take payment at the time.
  3. I think you have been very lucky. I have been told by Australia House that Police certificates MUST be originals.... You must have a very good copier/printer! :biglaugh:
  4. All statutory declarations have to be originals too. Pain in the bum when you have to get them sent by snail mail from Aus. I was very tempted to have friends scan and email them to me! :wideeyed:
  5. 12 month prison sentence can be a problem I think, how much of the sentence did you serve? I would recommend talking to a good agent. Sorry I can't be more help. Jon
  6. Perhaps you are mistaking PMV for GSM? PMV (prospective marriage visa) does not require you to have a trade that is in demand whereas general skilled migration does. http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/1127.pdf Have a read of this.
  7. It is possible to get married outside Australia then apply for a partner visa, however, if you apply 'offshore' you must be 'offshore' at the time the visa is granted. This would be rather expensive, your partner flying to you, getting married, then applying for the visa and one or both of you returning to Aus. You could fly to Australia with her while the visa is being processed but you won't be allowed to work. You would then need to leave the country for the spouse visa to be granted. Can you not apply for the PMV from Israel? This would by far be the most sensible option in my opinion. Bridging visas are for bridiging from visa to visa whilst onshore. So for instance a bridging visa would be issued at the end of a working holiday visa if you had applied for a partner visa.
  8. Hello Ian and welcome to Poms in Oz, I have applied for a partner visa (de facto) and I am from the UK. The requirements are that you must have been living as a married couple for at least 12 months, unfortuantely from what you have said you can't fulfill those requirements. You could (being under 30) apply for a working holiday visa for a year, then at the end of the year apply for this visa. You could also apply for a prospective marriage visa which would require that you marry and apply for the partner visa within 9 months of being in Australia. Unfortunately DIAC frown on people coming into the country with the intention of remaining indefinately. Therefore applying for the tourist visa then getting married is likely to cause an issue with immigration. Do you know where the nearest Australian embassy is to you? I would suggest talking to them also. Sponts
  9. sponts

    Average time for a Partner Visa?

    Hi Claire, Partner visas are indeed taking between 5-6 months. Though DIAC insists partner visas are not capped, I would suggest that to all intents and purposes they are! They have to fulfill quotas set by the Aus government which is being run by a Pom. :biglaugh: She's not getting my vote!:err:
  10. sponts

    Should we get the health check 1st?

    Hi, a year and a half ago front loading as it is called (i.e sending a complete application with meds and police checks) could result in a speedy grant. Nowadays, it does not speed anything up. My advice would be to wait until you C/O asks for them. As for whether his son would need a health check, I would think so. Even though he may not be going with his dad, he may do (this is DIAC's view). I may however be wrong. It is certainly the case for skilled migration. Call up Australia house and ask.
  11. sponts

    quick question???

    Yep, right on both counts. If you have friends/family out there they can provide a cheque. There are banks in the UK that will provide drafts in Aussie dollars I think. You will have to ask your bank.
  12. sponts

    help with 309 partner visa?

    It's only identity documents that need certifying alongside the originals. It might have got quite expensive otherwise.........:biglaugh:
  13. sponts

    help with 309 partner visa?

    They dislike folders, plastic sleeves and staples! If you need to keep certain docs together use paperclips. I did use include an index with dividers just to make it easier to find things. I actually hand delivered mine at Aus house as it was a rather huge application! :err: I'm glad I took it to them myself, you can ask questions and it's nice to know that human beings are assesing your application! :cute: I started looking for evidence that our relationship wasn't geuine, trying to pre-empt my CO! They actually asked me to remove ALL photos when I handed it in... after pleading they let me leave 4! Apparently they don't hold much weight.
  14. sponts

    help with 309 partner visa?

    Hi Rachel, 1. It helps if they are Australian citizens. However if you don't know any it isn't a problem. 2. Any letters/car insurance e.t.c with both your names on is helpful. If you can provide even seperate letters adressed to you individually but both showing the same address (I.e Something other than your word or the word of people providing your stat decs that you have been living at the same address). 3, Provided your sponsor can show evidence of being able to support you, it isn't something you should be worrying about! I know it isn't easy taking advice not to worry.. I spent 3 MONTHS putting our application together (My sponsor and I are apart for the process so all her evidence/documents had to be sent here) and have never been so stressed. If you need any other help, give me a shout.. Though I am not a migration agent I have been through it and semi-patiently waiting for the grant of my visa! :eek: Good Luck, Jon
  15. sponts

    Where do medical results get sent to for 309/100 visa?

    Partner visa Medicals are sent to Aus house, they are sent to HOC if they have been referred. I had my medical on 30th June, and I am still waiting to hear anything from my CO. I guess no news is good news!!