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  1. Those with e visa 176

    Hi there. We received 176 e-visas and moved to Victoria just over a year ago. We don't have labels in our passports we just printed out our visa letter with the visa numbers on before we left the UK. Everyone we have had dealings with e.g. medicare, tax office, jobs, driving license, renting a house etc. just needed our visa numbers on the letter. No-one has ever asked us to provide the visa label. I too was worried about it before we left but no, we have never needed it. Also when we entered the country the PR visa was already attached to our passport numbers so again no need for the label. Hope this helps and good luck :-)
  2. how do you know you have a CO?

    We received an email from our case officer also asking for medical checks to be done; it has their name on and which team they're in.
  3. Cost of a 20 foot container

    We paid £4300 including AQIS fees, full packing and unpacking service, from Chorley, Lancashire to Melbourne.
  4. Its here all 100 boxes!

    Aw! :hug: It does make you feel a bit nostalgic doesn't it? But enjoy it, I bet you'll unpack a few things and think "Idon't remember that being packed!" Ha! :biglaugh:
  5. Got 176 !!!

    Congratulations and good luck with your future!! :biggrin:
  6. Shell shocked but excited!

    Hi Hannah and welcome!! Take a look at my timeline below that may give you something of an idea. OH is a Physics Teacher so that's how we got State Sponsorship and our 176 visa. We sold our house last August then came in September. Anything I can help you with just give me a shout and a massive good luck to you :wink:
  7. I know it sounds daft but I nearly cried when I saw our container backing up the drive!!! :biglaugh:
  8. new VIC SMP - where are you now

    Hi yes we have relatives in perth and had to explain why we wanted to come to Victoria rather than WA. We had to write 2 statements actually because we weren't explicit enough in the first one!! Ha!!
  9. Dear friends, sad news i am afraid ......

    Hi there so sorry to hear your sad news, I understand how you feel and don't forget...it's perfectly natural :hug:
  10. Hi my partner and I are both teachers. It took 8 weeks from postage to receiving the certificates for AITSL. Then it took 5 weeks from postage to receiving it again for VIT registration to come through. We applied for SS 3 Jan last year got VIT reg middle of Feb and received SS in March so it shouldn't take as long as you think fingers crossed. We applied for our visas mid march and got them by 2 May. Good luck and I hope everything comes through sooner than expected!!
  11. De facto visa evidence help!

    I agree with VickyMel. We provided a relationship statement each as well detailing how our relationship began and how it devleoped over the years, the holidays we had been on and any shared interests we had and also what we planned for our future to show the relationship will be on-going and not just what had HAD happened. We printed that out signed it and scanned it back in. Also any joint invitations you may have received to things such as weddings, parties that you can scan in. Anything you can lay your hands on!!
  12. what is the correct order for a ss 176 visa?

    Hi yes you need to have your skills assessment first because you will need to provide details of it on your sponsorship application form. When you get your sponsorship you can then apply for your visa where you will need to provide evidence of your skills assessment and state sponsorship amongst other things. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help you further.
  13. 176 Visa cost question

    Ha don't worry there is so much to think about!! If there is anything else I can help with let me know.
  14. secodary school teacher- on 175 visa

    Hi there! We arrived on a 176 state sponsored visa because my OH is an experienced Physics teacher. I understand the demand sujects are Maths, Science(Physics), LOTE and Technology under the VIC migration plan. It might be worth you looking into that because you only need a minimum of 2 years teaching experience. I'm note sure as to the number of vacancies within her specialism but it might be worth going on the Victoria Department of Education teaching job vacancies web site to get an idea. Bear in mind though it is the beginning of new school year and there might only be a few vacanices shown. Hope I've helped a little bit there. Anything else let me know.
  15. I wouldn't have thought so but I'm not 100% on that one but good luck with your future!! :wink: