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  1. Hallfamily

    Expression of Interest Advice

    I am right in saying if you are not on any states sponsored lists and do not have an employer to sponsor you can you still lodge a EOI through skillselect and see if any employers or states will nominate you.
  2. Hallfamily

    Do we just give up?

    We have checked all the Sols Lists and his occupation has been removed, so unfortunately we cannot apply for the 190 visa.
  3. Hallfamily

    Do we just give up?

    Have been looking on their lists and my OH occupation is not on there either, as we would have gone down that route. Not looking good hey!
  4. Hallfamily

    Do we just give up?

    Unfortunately I don't.
  5. Hallfamily

    Do we just give up?

    Been living this dream to move to Australia for many years now, my OH has worked hard to get himself Triple Chartered last year. He has completed his IELTS test early this year, then he started the process with Vetassess at the beginning of June, we are still awaiting results from them. Our dreams were shattered when they updated the Sols list in August to find that my OH occupation had been removed of all lists. I am right in saying this is the end of a dream I guess, I cannot think of any other route to get in Australia as we do not have an employer to sponsor him. Has anyone else had this problem?
  6. Hallfamily

    CSOL List

    I agree with you but I have looked on each state occupation list and my OH occupation has been removed of some states lists and other states do not have it on their lists at all. We are a bit disappointed as his occupation was on the list when he applied to vetassess which was the beginning of June. Now it seems we have limited options.
  7. Hallfamily

    CSOL List

    Thank you lebourvellec thats exactly what I thought, just need someone else to say the same to make sure I was doing my research right.
  8. Hallfamily

    CSOL List

    Totally confused now, so my OH occupation is only on the CSOL list so what visa can we apply for?
  9. Hallfamily

    CSOL List

    Am I correct in saying that if your occupation is on the CSOL List and not on any SOL List you can only get a visa through an employer nominating you?
  10. Hallfamily

    State Nominated Occupation List

    Being looking at the South Australia SNOL list and wondered if anybody could tell me what (Off List Criteria applies) means?
  11. Hallfamily

    New state skills list?

    We are awaiting on our skills assessment to go through, and have notice my OH occupation has been removed from the states list, his only option was state sponsorship, where does this leave us now?
  12. Hallfamily

    How many people have found jobs?

    That surprises me 'The Hoff' as there is a few threads on here about people that have move over to Oz and are finding it hard to find jobs.
  13. Hallfamily

    How many people have found jobs?

    Thank you Tickled Pink for your advice, I should have thought a bit deeper into the question. I was wondering more about the professional people that have migrated i.e Health & Safety and Environmentalists. The reason behind my question was that I thought the recession had now hit Australia and people were struggling to find jobs.
  14. Hallfamily

    How many people have found jobs?

    I guess that's nobody then:unsure:.
  15. Just for my curiosity I wanted to know how many of you that have migrated this year have found jobs, and how easy or difficult was it?:skeptical: