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  1. Jurls

    Prescription charges

    Asmol is slightly cheaper version of Salbutamol than Ventolin (which is a brand name). How often does he use it? If you use your reliever medication more than 2 times in a week, guidelines recommend having a review with your Doctor.
  2. Jurls

    Moving to Canberra in 2015 thread

    Hi Mike, I'm afraid I know nothing about football (of any sort) or much about local bands as I don't get out much these days. However, I do know a fair bit about twins as I have a set myself! I highly recommend connecting with Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association, who have quite an active social group. It's a good way to meet people and there are always people moving to and from Canberra. I'll PM you with some details. Alternatively MeetUp is another good way to find groups of people with similar interests. Playgrounds: Lots of playgrounds in most of the local and district parks, but be aware that nearly all Canberra playgrounds are not fenced and in the case of the district parks, tend to be near large bodies of water. The newest playground however is fully fenced and is called Boundless http://www.boundlesscanberra.org.au/. I haven't been myself yet but it is very popular from what I've heard and has been a great community project. It is near the Carillion, opposite Russell, parking is limited but you can park at Russell and walk across the bridge to the park. Google will give you articles and reviews about Canberra playgrounds, for example http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/playgrounds-lure-little-superheroes-20130714-2pyez.html Softplay: I'd probably recommend Lollipops at Majura Park for the indoor softplay, solely because they offer a discount to multiple birth families so you will find it cost effective. There is also.... Kid City at Mitchell Lets Play at Nicholls Monkey Mania at DFO I highly rate "Play Up", which is the permanent exhibition at the Museum of Modern Democracy...you can enter for a gold coin donation pretty much. Suitable for children your age as plenty of building blocks and drawing etc. It's excellent! http://moadoph.gov.au/exhibitions/play-up/ Canberra is a great place for young families and small children. Cheers Janet
  3. Jurls

    A Year of living in the ACT - Reflections

    I might add here that I'm neither in Gungahlin or Tuggeranong myself and don't feel strongly either way! :laugh:
  4. Jurls

    A Year of living in the ACT - Reflections

    I think if you asked the people in Tuggeranong they'd regard Gungahlin as bogan country. Nowhere is that bad in Canberra, there tend to be good and less desirable pockets in each suburb. Where to live depends more in preferences of schools and where you work, budget etc.
  5. Jurls

    A Year of living in the ACT - Reflections

    You can work for ACT Government with PR. It's the Federal Government departments that require citizenship. So for example you could work for ACT Health but not the Department of Health.
  6. Jurls

    Canberra - what is is really like??

    You've just made me realise I'll have been out of the UK ten years come the beginning of December!
  7. Jurls

    Canberra - what is is really like??

    Ah well not a biggie if you budget for it. :wink:
  8. Jurls

    Canberra - what is is really like??

    For me...anything above 30 degrees is unpleasant, 35 positively unpleasant and 40 unbearable..... I'd rather have Winter days any day of the week....gorgeous blue skies, it may be cold at night and early morning but Canberra winter days are beautiful on the most part.
  9. Jurls

    Canberra - what is is really like??

    There are murders and drug busts though, just not as many as other places. I agree with most of what you said except my top don't like is Summer... haha
  10. Jurls

    Emigrating with an asthmatic toddler

    Australia is ahead of the UK in terms of asthma management and education. For example, Australian schools carry salbutamol in their first aid kits and a large amount of money is spent on education of school staff around asthma first aid. Asthma Action Plans are encouraged and regularly reviews with the GP. Assessing asthma control is a key focus at the moment. Improvement in health will really depend on the triggers and again whereabouts you move to. There are also seasonal triggers to watch for, bush fire smoke can cause a lot of problems here for people with asthma for instance. Have a look at Asthma Australia's website for more information. There is a Foundation in every state and an Infoline. You can also sign up for Asthma Assist and receive newsletters etc.
  11. Jurls

    Possible to have triple citizenship?

    Slightly different circumstance but my children have triple citizenship. They were born in NZ when we lived there (I was on PR and my husband an Australian citizen) and they have NZ birth certificates and passports. They also are Australian by descent (through my husband) and British by descent (through me) which we applied for shortly after moving to Australia. We will probably maintain the British and Australian passports but not the NZ.
  12. Jurls

    OK- now for our preferences

    lol, I really like Canberra...it's really grown on me in the last 4 years
  13. Actually since 2012 it is far more difficult to obtain a spouse visa from the UK than Australia I think. The key thing about the financial requirements being that the British sponsor is the one who has to earn the £18,600 (or more) to meet the requirements and they don't take the family income as a whole into account. This immediately is an issue if the British sponsor isn't the main breadwinner, perhaps they have been at home bringing up a family for example. To discount the spouses earning power is ridiculous as most people consider their finances as a family. More information on requirements and who it affects can be found here http://britcits.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/introduction.html The legislation has effectively exiled many Brits overseas, meanwhile, any European can live and work in the UK.... Having said that, I too, as Pumpkin noted, this legislation was not in place in 2009 so I am not sure what caused the OPs attempt, to fail back then.
  14. Are you kidding? There's heaps of Brits in Canberra!