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  1. Hi, I went to Aus a few years ago on a WHV - loved every minute of it, but had to return to the UK, due to unforseeable circumstances. However, after doing some research, I saw that I would be eligible for a NZ WHV. I will be honest in saying, its a country that I don't know much about. I have spoken to friends that have visited there previously and loved it...but said they missed the busy city life feel of Aus -( we all lived in Sydney Previously) Has anyone been to both countries that could give me a realistic comparison? I'm a city person a heart, but always up for trying something different. Thanks for any info
  2. Good luck with this Thomas. I was in a similar position a couple of years back (have a BA Hons in TV and Radio), but I have since settled back in the UK, but would love the opportunity to head back out there. More a less everyone I spoke to about this, simply told me to contact media company's directly, to seek employment.
  3. As said already, Hell Yeah Sydney is the place to be for Xmas, and especially NYE. I spent NYE at Dover Heights a couple of years back, and it was amazing to say the least! Good luck.
  4. Cruz

    Media Industry - Australia

    Ok. I'll do some further research. It can be precarious at times, especially if you're freelance; but if you work for a well etablised TV or Radio company, posts can be quite stable.
  5. Cruz

    Media Industry - Australia

    Thanks for clarifying that for me. So I would only be eligle for a 457 visa, as the job I want to do is only listed on, the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List? But as you said, its quite risky as this is only a temp visa?
  6. Hi guys, I was just wondering if anyone had made the move from the UK, to work in Australia within the Media industry? My main skills/experience are in Radio and TV presenting, however I do have some production skills, and have a BA Hons Degree in TV and Radio. From the brief research I have done, Radio/TV presenting is listed on the 189/190 skilled occupation listing. Would it be possible to immigrate to Oz to work within this field? Thanks for any info.
  7. Cruz

    2nd Year WHV Possible?

    Ok. Thanks for your input
  8. Cruz

    2nd Year WHV Possible?

    Right i see. I'm still in touch with my old employer. They would gladly give me my old job back. However due to the salary being under 50k aud, i doubt they would be willing to sponsor me.
  9. Cruz

    2nd Year WHV Possible?

    Thanks Tickled Pink. I had a look on the csol list and youth work - which i currently do was listed on there. However as you said, maybe you aleady have to be out there in order to be eligible
  10. Cruz

    2nd Year WHV Possible?

    Thanks for the quick reply Bell. Gutted. Thanks for confirming this for me. Im a media graduate however, I've been working in the youth sector for the past 5 years. How does employment work in regards to the 457 visa?
  11. Hi guys, I flew out to Sydney last year at the beginning of December on a WHV. However, due to a family crisis I had to return home earlier this year in May. I was thinking about trying to head back to Oz to do farmwork etc to gain my 2nd year whv. However, from what I understand, I wouldnt be able to do this as I don't have enough months lefts on my WHV to complete the 3months farm work?? (It runs out on 02/12/2012). For instance if I flew out in October, and worked on a farm form 3 months, that would take in into January, at which point my WHV would have expired? Can anyone confirm that this is the case? If so could anyone give me any other info/advice on how to get back out there. Some have suggested a 3 month tourist visa, but you can't work during this period can you? Aside from that, applying for a job in Oz from the UK? Again something I'm not too familiar with how this would work? I'm guessing its not an easy task?? Thanks
  12. To our knowledge a meter reading wasnt taken by the estate agent before or when we moved in, but I will double check with them later today. I've just got a feeling that we are both going to have to pay for the electric we have used since moving in, along with any additonal overdue payments/bills of what the last tenant would incurred
  13. Thanks for the quick response michelle. What are we best doing from this point onwards? should we move to another provider or get in touch with the existing provider? Going by some of the letters that have been still coming to our home addressed to the previous tenant (demanding money for late payments), I'm guessing they fell behind on electricity payments also.
  14. Hi guys, I'm wondering if someone can advise me on this. I've been living with my partner in Sydney for the past month (renting an appartment). She has lived in the appartment for the past 2 months, however we have not received any form of electricity bill as of yet. After numerous attempts of trying to contact our estate agent, I finally managed to get in touch with her. I asked when we would expect to receive an electric bill, and she informed me that, we would infact need to sign up to an electricity provider before we would receive a bill. The agent didnt seem confident at all when she explained this to me, and claimed that she explained to to my partner when the original documents were signed with the bond etc. However, my partner is certain that the agent did not explain this to her at all, nor does it say this anywhere in the original contracts which were signed. Could anyone shed any light on this to me? Is this the norm in Australia, i.e. you have to register with a electricity provider as soon as you start renting a property? My partner and I are a little concerned, as the previous tennants in our appartment appeared to be in some form of arrears. Also, surely if we didnt have an existing electricity provider, there would be no electric running within the appartment? - We currently do have electric. I'm heading down to speak with the estate agent againg later on today, but just thought I would double check with others on the forum before hand. Thanks for an advice on this C
  15. Glad to see I'm not the only one. Good luck on the job hunt. I think I'm gradually starting to make some progress now as most recruitment agencies/businesses returned to work yesterday.