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    Looking to Remortgage UK Property

    What's your email address? I'll mail you a helpful broker's details.
  2. drewby

    Looking to Remortgage UK Property

    Thanks for your mail Rupert. I have approached a specialist expat mortgage company (easily findable via google), who are based in UK. They can offer excellent rates when remortgaging a UK property from Australia. However, in order for the application to be submitted, the applicant must be outside of Australia. I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, as it seems strange.
  3. Having just received confirmation that my PR has arrived, I now want to remortgage my property in the UK. There are no financial issues (thankfully) which should cause issues, but I'm struggling to find a lender with decent rates who doesn't require me to leave Australia when the new mortgage application is submitted. This seems entirely bizarre to me: needing to go abroad (from Australia) in order to apply for a remortgage in the UK. Has anyone else experienced this, and/or could anyone please suggest a good company to use? Many thanks