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    Losing our nerve

    We first starting thinking about moving to Australia when we had our 2nd child in 2008. The recession had hit and we saw so many people around us struggling, losing their jobs. My husband is in the building trade so to say he was nervous was an understatement. He is a joiner by trade and so many of his friends lost their jobs. He has been a contrete supplier for over 10 years and luckily didn't have much debt so was able to tick over when many of his competition went under. His sister lives in New Zealand and my husband travelled in Oz on a WHV about 14 years ago. He loved it there and I had always thought that I would like to emigrate. So we talked about it and we decided to give it a go as things in this country seemed desperate at that point. As as I said earlier we loved Perth when we activated in January. We know a few people there who had made the move themselves from the UK so we were able to get a good insight into how things actually are there. Some things seem better in Oz, some seem better in the UK. We loved the lifestyle the fact that you can make plans, come home after a hard day and sit out all night, the parks, the free bbqs. My teenage son who had always been opposed to the idea of moving loved it and was so much more active there. He never bothered with TV, but maybe because it's awful ;-). We loved how everything is really clean, I loved the supermarkets just cos I love trying different foods in different countries but hated how the shopping malls are carbon copies of each other. Clothes shopping is dire!! Loved Dan Murphy's, thought I'd died and gone to wine heaven. The hospital I visited was really lovely and the working conditions seemed so much better than the UK. We looked into my husband setting up his concrete business while we were there. We spent hours on the phone, in Internet cafes, on the phone to immigration to see if it was feasible. We found that the trucks my husband has are only used in the mines in Oz due to weight restrictions on the roads, the only thing similar was something called Concrete Taxi so he did think there was a gap in the market. But we found it difficult to find out the cost of raw materials while we were there and his trucks would have to be significantly modified to run on Australian roads and obviously the cost of getting them over here, taxes etc. So a lot of unknowns and the big question could he become established and successful. Since we came home things seem to be on the up in the UK. My husband has been very busy work wise so much so that he's thinking of buying another truck. We know we're here for at least another 18 months as our teenage son started his GCSEs in September so we want him to finish and we always said we need to carry on as if we're staying just in case we do. We started saving as soon as we got back in January for when and if we do go so we're preparing for each eventuality. We still don't like where the UK is heading and I don't think that is going to change. As a family unit we are happy, but I honestly do believe that we would be there now if it wasn't for the business. It's easy to say money isn't everything and it isn't, it's the emotional impact that worries me more. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me x
  2. midwife2005

    Losing our nerve

    Thats exactly it. Selling a successful business. I can hand my notice in, get a job in Oz and if it didn't work out come back the UK and get another. My husband on the other hand isn't in that position. People say 'oh just start again' and yeah he could do that but at what cost. Yes we could go to Oz and everything could work out and life could be good. But if it didn't then would we as a family survive that, emotionally. Would we be able to get over the fact that we gave up a good life, a good business in the UK for life in Oz that didn't work out. It's such a gamble. Lots to think about.
  3. midwife2005

    Losing our nerve

    Everything you just said! When your already established, happy, not well off but ok, kids doing well etc etc we have everything to lose. Why did we want the visa again:confused:
  4. midwife2005

    Losing our nerve

    My husbands business is the thing that worries me most. He's worked so hard to make it successful, survived the recession more or less unscathed and we would have to sell it. If things didn't work out in Oz then what would we come back to? We're doing good at the moment, family wise and financially. If we were in our 20's I'd think sod it, but coming back to nothing at 40+ terrifies the life out of me.
  5. midwife2005

    Losing our nerve

    It's almost a year since we activated our visa, we had an amazing time in Perth and we were sure that we wanted to get back out there as soon as we could. But gradually as the months have passed all our insecurities have crept back in and it's driving me insane the whole will we wont we go dilemma. Everyone has their opinion and are constantly telling us if it's not broke don't fix it, which is the main thing that is bothering me really. Basically I'm scared shitless that we'll balls everything up by going, yet I'm sat here watching bloody Phil:Secret agent down under thinking, I want to be there:err:. At least we've got three and a half years to make our minds up eh! :arghh:
  6. midwife2005

    $1.60 to the £1

    Last was $1.6399!! Becoming obsessed with refreshing XE!
  7. midwife2005

    Who has retrained?

    I have my visa, activated it in January and now have four years left to make the move. The career that got me into Australia unfortunately is now the career I am desperate to get out of. I have no passion left anymore for midwifery and I am looking to retrain also. But time is now a factor, obviously not for immigration purposes. It's very difficult as I feel trapped in this profession, but I have decided that actions speak louder than words and instead of moaning about it I need to do something about it.......but what to do, now that is the question! Jen
  8. midwife2005

    Miscarriage: Things Not to Say

    I have seen many women grieve over their lost little ones. A woman can be just as devastated over the loss of an 8 week pregnancy as woman who has gone to term and lost her baby. At the end of the day it is that woman's baby, her child and everything she hoped for has gone. Obviously what you experienced was devastating for you, but what your friend experienced was probably just as devastating to her.
  9. midwife2005

    Midwifery conditions in the UK

    That bloody programme infuriates me! :arghh: The fact of the matter is, women are left in labour because the midwives on delivery suite are looking after 2-3 women at the same time. As well as seeing admissions, answering the phone etc. Our unit is dangerously understaffed at present, morale is so low, sickness levels are ridiculous and because of the conditions we can't retain staff. It's not what I came into the job for, women are getting a raw deal and I get home from work feeling physically wrecked. I'm currently on the verge of tears most days. If I had time I would retrain but unfortunately time frames don't allow.
  10. midwife2005

    Midwifery conditions in the UK

    Hi there it depends where you work. Private hospitals doctors do the deliveries but in public hospitals midwives do them. I went to King Edwards to look around when I was in Perth and the staffing levels were so much better and the midwives were happy!!!! Not seen one of those for a while not in our unit anyway. Maybe I just need to keep my head down and try and get through it, it's soul destroying though. xx
  11. midwife2005

    Midwifery conditions in the UK

    Thanks for replying. The situation is becoming unbearable. We've had newly qualified midwives leaving midwifery all together, the turnover of staff is ridiculous and all the senior midwives who can go at 55 are going. It's frightening and most days we scrape through by the skin of our teeth. I know working conditions in oz are better but it's if I can make it till then. Feel trapped :-(
  12. midwife2005

    Midwifery conditions in the UK

    Hi Planning on making the move in about 12+ months, currently working here as a midwife. Been qualified about eight years and gradually have become very disillusioned with my profession. Current working conditions are so poor I'm contemplating leaving midwifery all together. I wanted to get out to Australia and work as a midwife but I don't know if I'm going to last much longer. Staffing levels are appalling and the women are getting a raw deal not to mention that a major catastrophe is going to happen very soon. I've lost my passion for the job and don't know if I'm going to be able to get it back, which is very sad. I'm a sexual health practitioner too but haven't had much post qualification experience. Are there job opportunities for this type of role in Perth? Just wanted to explore what other avenues may be available to me if any. if anyone has got any knowledge of this role I would greatly appreciate any info. xx
  13. midwife2005

    Which Transit hotel in Singapore?

    Hi we stayed in a transit hotel in changi airport in December. Two adults and two children aged 13 and 4 all in the one room. We booked a triple with an extra bed in the ambassador transit hotel. It was fine. jen x
  14. midwife2005

    Beware hidden charges with car rental !!

    No we picked the car up and returned it back to the airport!! They charged us $60 for booster seat hire when it should have only been $20 AND we've just had our credit card bill in and they took $33 off our credit card on two occasions before we'd even took the car back!!! So a car that we thought we owed a balance on of $1165 has ended up at over $1600! We also declined extra insurance. The company phoned us last night and told us that the total price quoted on our booking voucher was just the cost of the car??!!? I told them when you order a $30 meal from a menu you expect to pay $30 not $35 cos there are hidden charges they haven't told you about. Fuming!!!
  15. midwife2005

    Beware hidden charges with car rental !!

    Admin fee, car recovery, gst etc but when it says total price on the booking voucher then isn't that what you expect to pay? They are are trying to now say that the total price was just the cost of the car??!? Don't know where to go from here really or what we can do about it.