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  1. runslikeafish

    Indian community in Hobart/Tasmania & Racism?

    Hi Yashsr. I did a very lengthy, 5 part, interview with an Indian migrant friend of mine on my website (link in my signature below - look under blog/interviews). I asked him about racism specifically and he gave a very heartening answer. To cut a long story short; in his opinion - no, racism isn't a problem here. I'd add to that that I've never seen any racism in my time here either. Good luck
  2. runslikeafish

    Shipping from UK to Tas

    It took ours about 12 weeks to arrive to Tas in total (i.e. door to door). Depending on the shipping company you choose they will keep your belongings in storage here for a short while free of charge. Note that this is a *short* while - not months! I used Doree Bonner who were very good. They have an arrangement with a Tas removal company ("Grace" from memory) who held our stuff for a week whilst we arranged delivery. So provided you're not "storing" your belongings with them but rather "arranging delivery at a suitable time" if that distinction makes sense, then I think you should be fine. There are a few pages on my site (link in my signature below) that discuss shipping which may help. There are also contact details for Doree Bonner if you wanted to get a quote. I certainly learned lessons - not from shipping in isolation; more the combination of shipping and taking things in our suitcases on the plane. Good luck!
  3. runslikeafish

    Why Tasmania?

    I'm not a big fisherman but most of my friends are. Everything from freshwater to crayfish to tuna. Also probably 10 of my friends have boats and all of my friends know someone (usually lots of people) with a boat. Tassie is a fantastic place to own a boat!
  4. runslikeafish

    Why Tasmania?

    I agree with everything Skani has said. Tassie ticks all our boxes for sure. We live just outside Hobart and are extremely happy here. Good luck with it!
  5. runslikeafish


    Glad you liked it! Some of the views sure are spectacular - although you kind of get used to that in Tassie!
  6. runslikeafish

    High Schools around Hobart

    I know exactly how you feel! Enjoy it!
  7. runslikeafish


    To be honest I would agree with your last paragraph. Book some initial (ideally central) accommodation for the first month and have a good look around during that time to decide where to move to. If you're renting initially before buying you can always move again relatively easily if it comes to it.
  8. runslikeafish


    There's no escaping that Cygnet is pretty far from Hobart. I know people that commute from near Cygnet and they're fine with it but if you're planning on working in Hobart I wouldn't move there. That said; if I wasn't working in Hobart then it'd be a great place to live. Although my wife would disagree - too far out for her. One of the (many!) great things about Tassie is that you can live smack bang in the centre of Hobart and be in the bush within 10-15 minutes. I probably know 20 people who have chickens (chooks ) and most of those live in the suburbs. I suppose my point is you can have "the good life lite" without living in Cygnet. Also if it's wilderness or country views you're after you won't have to go far to get them wherever you are. Good luck
  9. runslikeafish

    High Schools around Hobart

    Unless I'm mistaken (entirely possible!) Princess Mary of Denmark went to Taroona High School as well! And if you don't know who she is, you will pretty soon after living in Tassie! The schools in Sandy Bay are of a pretty high standard too I hear (Sandy Bay is the next suburb along from Taroona towards the city). I've also heard pretty good things about Kingston high school. Good luck - enjoy your nervousness! You'll look back on these days when you're settled in Tassie.
  10. runslikeafish


    Hi Tastastic. Bellerive is really nice. As you say, a few nice cafes, great beach and quite a few shops in the immediate vicinity. There's a good mix of old and new properties and frequently some stunning views of the river, the western shore, city and Mount Wellington. I wouldn't say the traffic is that bad over the bridge, even at peak time. It's certainly comparable to the traffic from Kingston. Depending on where in Bellerive you'd be very unlucky if it took you longer than 15 mins even in peak hour. Outside of peak hour would be around 7 mins probably (just guesses but we're in Bellerive a lot so they won't be far out). Howrah and Tranmere typically have newer houses but are a little bit further out. Again nothing approaching a typical UK commute but add another 5 mins on to the times above. Also, particularly in Tranmere there's not an awful lot you can walk to which isn't a problem in most of Bellerive. All 3 suburbs are certainly among the better of Hobart's suburbs though and I would happily live in any of them. In my (anecdotal) experience I'd say the weather is better on the eastern shore (I live in Sandy Bay on the western shore) and it's undeniable that they get more sunlight. That's sometimes a double edged sword as you may find that your lounge or kitchen or whatever gets very hot in summer with a lot of direct sunlight flooding in. I've got a post on my website that describes a walk around Bellerive with a few pictures that you might like. You're not allowed to put links to individual pages in the forum but if you go to my site (link in the signature) and search for Bellerive you should find it. Good luck - such an exciting time for you!
  11. runslikeafish

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    I fell foul of that one to much hilarity in the office. "How's the sprog?" wasn't quite the question I thought it was!
  12. runslikeafish

    Where to eat?

    There are lots of paleo people in Hobart. Lots! I know Hobart isn't the Huon Valley but it's only 30 mins away... Have a look at this list http://primalgirk.wordpress.com/2013/04/17/eating-out-in-hobart/ These guys have a cafe http://www.augustocafe.com.au/ and an order service https://www.facebook.com/OnTheGoPaleoMeals You may see me here - it's great! Some good ideas here http://www.meetup.com/Paleo-Hobart/ If you're on facebook try posting a question to on the go paleo meals and I bet you get a very good response for other paleo eateries! Enjoy your stay!
  13. runslikeafish

    rental property

    It might be worth giving Jo a shout at http://www.settledin.com.au/. They have a home inspection service (among many others) so they can probably help. I'm not sure what the cost is but it's worth checking out. If you do get in touch with them, tell them Tim recommended them Good luck!
  14. runslikeafish


    That's a good point!
  15. runslikeafish


    ...and another of Cygnet https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/1488295_328099223995085_323769596_n.jpg The Amazing Tasmania page has some awesome photos!