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    Dentist applying for 189. should I use an agent?

    Hi Cazwilkins, I'm not sure how far you in with the application. My wife is a dentist and we went through the process last year. Make sure you do a skill assessment. Our agent (we used just for one session) told us we didn't need to apply for the skill assessment. In the end we ended up paying twice.
  2. donaldouk

    UK Passport Renewal Update

    Same here, I was well surprised that my passport arrived today, only took 3 weeks.
  3. donaldouk

    Playstation 4

    Tbh there's not that much out there for both. IMO. On xbox one Ryse was fun, titabfall is good, killer instinct also good. But the best game has to be plant v zombies. Few exclusives coming up that looks good. Overkill, halo, quantum break. Ps4 is also good but definitely over hyped. Knack, the last of us and infamous all good. If I had to choose I would say xbox, as the interface seem a lot more organised. Kinect also has cool features like sign you in When you walk in the room, and open Skype without a touch of a button.
  4. donaldouk

    Playstation 4

    It should be fine. The power is the same just the plug need converting. I used to buy ps4 games from uk as it can be cheaper as Bromney mentioned, they all works fine no prob. (Knack, kill zone) although i found dick smith are doing great deals lately. Like, the last of us for $50 and I just ordered destiny for the same price. The only prob that I found on ps4 is that you can't change psn region, you still be buying stuff on uk £. At current exchange rate that's not the cheapest option. Unless you setup another account. Xb1 is fine though weird.
  5. donaldouk

    How old were you when you emigrated?

    31 moved with my wife 26. I was travelling around oz when I was 24 with my mates. Loved it. Returned to 2 years ago to a coastal town in vic, 1st year did loads of touristy stuff, loved it, then now feel settled and enjoying it. :wink:
  6. donaldouk

    Claiming Superannuation back as a permanent resident

    Well now we will be self employed (associate), so we might have to self manage it. Just have to wait for the company to reply. They just mentioned something about superannuation entitlement on resignation. Didn't say whether it's for leaving oz, or didn't visa.
  7. donaldouk

    Claiming Superannuation back as a permanent resident

    What about the transition period from visa 457 to PR. we just got granted last friday and handed in the notice today. Would be nice to get the money back and start again.
  8. Hi Peeps, My wife and I just got our PR. We were on visa 457. I was wondering will we have the option to take our super and start from scratch? :wideeyed: I know if you leave Aus you can claim it back. Cheers
  9. donaldouk

    189 May 2014 lodge gang

    Hi all, I have just received my Grant email this morning. Booyah!! Over the moon. I wish everyone luck on the visa. I guess I have uploaded all the docs and medical done 4-5 months ago for my previous app. Good luck everybody.
  10. donaldouk

    World cup is approaching.....

    Haha....who do you support tonyman? Have you you tried the quiz? Can't wait for the World Cup. My Netherlands purple away Jersey arrived last week. Just in time. feeling young again, all I need now is my mates over here and we pop over to the pub for a game. Haha
  11. donaldouk

    World cup is approaching.....

    Morning all (Australia time), World cup is round the corner and I have made a trivia on the Android, check it out.... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.donaldouk.worldcupiquiz Thanks Netherlands Fan P.s if its against the forum rules to start this thread someone please let me know.
  12. donaldouk

    189 May 2014 lodge gang

  13. donaldouk

    189 May 2014 lodge gang

    Hi all just want to join this page, My situation, I already applied once in Oct 2013, we were missed informed by our agent that we do not need a australia dental council cert, and APHRA is enough for my wife. been in Oz for 2 years now on visa 457. After we paid all the fees and medical, itelts, and police clearance. The application was was rejected as expected. :mad: we tried to get a refund on the ground of misinformed by a register agent, but no luck. at the same time we applied for the ADC and that took 6 months from getting certified reference from UK (original not scanned image), then waiting for them to process. I thought APHRA was bad. Anyway rant over, we had a new EOI last week and submitted 12th May. Hopefully this time go straight through. I wonder if we get allocated quicker because its all there. :wink: Good luck everybody!
  14. donaldouk

    Is this the cheapest way back to uk?

    Thanks I will check on that.
  15. donaldouk

    Is this the cheapest way back to uk?

    It's the normal 9hr to hk. Then 16hrs fom Qatar. I will be staying in hk for few days each way. Make the most of it.