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  1. Bad news now is better than waiting a few months to hear it from Oz! :smile: It's much appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hi John, thanks for the reply! http://www.ag.gov.au/www/agd/rwpattach.nsf/VAP/(CFD7369FCAE9B8F32F341DBE097801FF)~StatutoryDeclaration200602.pdf/$file/StatutoryDeclaration200602.pdf Does that form look right to you? It's annoying we need to get it witnessed by a JP! I wish we'd have paid more attention to this sooner, like when we were visiting the JP last time! Ugh. Thanks though.
  3. Hello again! We're still fighting with our AHPRA registration for my girlfriend, nearly there though I think. We were just going over the criteria for registration when we noticed something a bit worrying (as we were hoping to post it tomorrow morning!). :sad: We've done none of these! Could anyone tell us what these actually need? My girlfriend has a current CRB we could send, would that cover the first one? What do we need for the disciplinary and health ones? She doesn't have any outstanding issues health or disciplinary, but how do we tell them that? Many thanks! James
  4. hypnodyno

    AHPRA registration form question

    Hi everyone, thanks for the replies. I think we're going to go with Registered Nurse (Adult) for the profession, and Full or something for the category. I'm sure they'll be able to work it out anyway, they'll be getting all the documents from the NMC anyway.
  5. Hello everyone! My girlfriend and I are currently sat around filling out her AHPRA registration form over breakfast, we're getting very stressed... :confused: I think we've managed to get through it all with the exception of one question. Hopefully someone here who's completed the reigstation themselves could help clear this up. State/territory/country is obviously England, but we're not sure what to put for Category and Profession. She's a registered adult nurse, so I thought that would be the category; her day job is as a practice nurse, so I reckon that'd be the profession. Am I far off? What did you put when you registered? The other one is the Period of registration. Start date is fine, but we're not sure what to put for the end date; should we leave that blank because she's still registered, or fill in the renewal/expiry date? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  6. hypnodyno

    Cleaning the beachside BBQs

    I'm very surprised to hear it's people cleaning them themselves. Can you tell I'm from England? :laugh: The ones I paid attention to didn't seem to have anything to clean them with. Doesn't that make it a bit more difficult to do impromptu BBQs if you have to remember to carry cleaning brushes etc around with you?
  7. hypnodyno

    Cleaning the beachside BBQs

    Hey everyone, Bit of a random question! I've been to Australia a couple of times now, but never really got a proper answer to this question: The beachside BBQs that many cities/towns provide, who's responsible for cleaning them? Is there an unwritten rule that you should leave them as you found them or what? I ask because every one I've seen has been *pristine*, and I can't believe it's BBQers that leave them like that! :smile:
  8. hypnodyno

    AHPRA and IELTS confusion

    Thank you for the replies tandcmum and Claire! Much appreciated! It sounds like I need to do some more reading on the IELTS. I was lead to believe that to register as a Nurse you need to have a 7 from IELTS, but you're only given a 6 by being a UK citizen so you have to take the test! I hope I'm wrong, as it would be great to not have to do it. Is it because you're educated in the UK that you don't have to do it? We're hoping to go over on a sponsored visa, either company or state (whichever will have us!). We're aiming for NSW, probably Sydney. I'll find the AHPRA address for NSW and we can post things there, thanks! We're definitely going to polish the CV and get it sent to some jobs, it'd be great to get the ball rolling now without having to go through all the paperwork right now. Thanks for the replies :smile:
  9. Hi everyone, My girlfriend and I are slowly starting our emigration process. She's a registered adult nurse, and we've got a few questions about her AHPRA registration that we're unsure about. Any help/clarification anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. :unsure: 1) We've concluded that the first thing she needs to do is complete her IELTS. What we're unsure about is whether we can do that now, before starting the AHPRA process. Where do we get the results of the IELTS sent to if we haven't yet started the AHPRA registration? Can we contact the IELTS later in the year and ask them to forward on her results or can they only be sent at time of completion? Thanks. 2) I believe we need to send proof from the NMC of her registration, and her university transcript. I'm under the impression these documents need to be sent directly to AHPRA. This has left us a little confused, as the AHPRA registration form says we need to send all information together. How can we send everything together if the NMC has to send direct to AHPRA? And how can we tell the NMC where to send the documents, if we haven't sent anything to AHPRA yet? 3) Our intention is to get IELTS proof, then get AHPRA registered, and then start applying for jobs in Oz in the hope of getting sponsorship (state/regional or company). Are we going about things the right way? It's all a bit overwhelming reading all the discussions, websites, and information out there. Sorry if these are stupid questions! Thanks for your time. :smile:
  10. hypnodyno

    Partner's status on PR visa

    Thank you for the replies. It sounds like I'm not the only IT guy without any qualifications! I think proving de-facto might be difficult for us, as we don't have much in the way of shared accounts etc... I'll definitely check the immi site to see for sure though. I think this is probably the best way for us to do it, as it takes a lot of the pressure of me having to find work immediately, and stay in it consistently. Thanks for the answers
  11. hypnodyno

    Partner's status on PR visa

    Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for a little while now, and I've just about plucked up the courage to ask some questions! This is a fantastic community, and you've all already helped me a lot. Thanks. :smile: I don't want to bore you with too many details, but myself and my long term girlfriend are hoping to move to Australia in the coming years. Originally it was a "5 year plan", but after a second long holiday there we've started seriously thinking about bringing it forward a few years. Absolutely love it there. My situation is complicated, I'm an IT contractor in the UK who has no qualifications but I'm doing pretty well regardless. I'd rather not stop contracting, as I like the money and freedom, but I realise it complicates matters when it comes to visas. That's not what I'd like help with though (although I might depending on the answer to my actual question...). We believe that my girlfriend (of about 10 years) will hopefully be able to get herself on a permanent residency visa (sponsored). She's an Occupational Health Nurse and seems to tick most of the boxes for getting sponsorship. So, my question is, do I need to worry about visas if her visa would include me as her partner? From what I've read, a PR visa covers a partner for PR too (inc. work). If that's the case, I assume I would be able to contract without worry about a WHV visa expiring, the "no more than 4 weeks unemployed or you're out" rule of the 457, or even finding sponsorship for the 457. Am I way off the mark here? I've read that proving a de-facto partnership can be difficult. We're definitely up for doing a quick-and-dirty registry office marriage if that would help things. Thanks for your time everyone.