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  1. Your TFN wont be used until you give it to a new employer and commence work. You cant commence work without it so its good to have it organised.
  2. We did all of our stuff like this during a holiday that we had about 6 months before we came. Organised Medicare cards, TFN , Bank accounts, Drivers licence change over as well, but then we had family here so we were able to use there address for that. It just made it easie when we arrived as then we were concentrating on other things.
  3. boomerang

    Adelaide or Gold Coast/Brisbane?

    Love Adelaide and no i dont want to bury myself as one comment suggests of the place. Having lived in both Brisbane and Melbourne I know that Adelaide is a much more "user friendly" place, lots of great eating places , restaurants, cafes, winerys etc A great city which is not too big or overcrowded and some lovely towns dotted around if you prefer towns to suburbs. Very friendly as a general rule. Great beaches right along the coast which again are not busy except for probably Glenelg but thats not a beach that I would choose anyway when there a far better in the selection! The things which you like about the G Coast you would have here ...The humidity dont get much of, the bling bling no none of - thank god - Customer service as a rule I think is very good, Culture im not sure on what level your looking but you will find if if you look for it and the city has the usual art galleries and museum, festivals etc are great here and well recieved. There are lots of nooks and crannies to Adelaide and SA in general if you look you will find its not all obvious but I like that other places sometimes seem like they are trying too hard!
  4. boomerang

    looking @ this area to live.

    I would look at Port Noarlunga or Pt Noarlunga Sth in that area. Not Noarlunga itself. Parts of Moana, Hallet Cove, Sheidow Park and parts of /seaford are good too.
  5. boomerang

    Homesick after 20 days?!?!?!

    Yes try another city before you go maybe somewhere a bit more intimate like Adelaide
  6. I had paid super here in OZ for many years and when I returned to the UK 5 years ago I enquired to the super fund about what I should do. They said that I could have the funds released if I was leaving Australia permanently. I left it as was though because at the time I was unsure what I would eventually do, luckily I didnt relinquish my citizenship and claim my super as I am now back in OZ. You can however do it as long as you are sure you never want to return.
  7. Sorry have been busy find a house so havent been on here for a while....it was actually Sovereign removals, apologies for that and the number is 08 82654561 I had lived in Adelaide preiviously before going back to the UK and then returning to OZ once again after 4 years so it was natural to want to return to familitarity. I was however excited to be going somewhere new when we headed to Brisbane and then on to Melbourne but surprisingly to me anyway nothing really did it for either of us and we just couldnt settle anywhere else! The weather will be lovely by the time you get her spring is so beautiful at that time of the year....I hope your prepared for VERY hot weather here in the summer! Good luck with it all and if I can help in anyway please let me know, ill try and check this more often
  8. boomerang

    Where would you live in Adelaide

    You could try beachside suburbs such as Brighton. Seaclife, Hove, Glengowrie is lovely convienient to Glenelg but not quite in the thick of it but nice schools around and has the beauty of the tramline direct to the city, Further from the beach but still easy access but a lovely leafy suburb feel, with a proper little town is Kingswood, in the town of Mitcham. Clapham also close by - lovely charactar homes in tree lined streets and everything you need at hand - easy access to city with the train station and plenty of buses too. Mitcham is a really lovely area, we are hoping to find some rental accomodation there to suit us until we are in a position to buy. If you want close to the city then Norwood, Kent Town, Unley, Parkside are all lovely and close proximity to the city - you would probably need a larger buget to buy there though.
  9. Hi Wellse, We just moved from Melbourne to Adelaide 3 weeks ago and used a company called Southern Cross Removals. It cost us just over 1,300.00 and an additional 45 per week for storage while we look for a house. They were nice guys very prompt, quick and friendly and have been helpful with matching/beating other competitors. Where are you thinking of of settling? do you have any idea of the different areas etc ? if you need any help feel free to ask.
  10. boomerang

    Australia is rubbish

    I just want to say that I find it amazing that those people that hate it here dont go back after all they havent been sent here under a conviction. Those who hated it here and did go back cant seem to find anything else to do (now that they are so happy to be home) but come back on this site and still whinge about how they didnt like it here! Wow some people must have very small lives or obviously are not as happy to be back as they are trying to convince themselves and others of, otherwise they would be living life and wouldnt have time to constantly check on whats happening in OZ.
  11. I lived in Adelaide for many years before moving back to the UK for four years. We moved back to OZ last October and went to Brisbane for work purposes but it wasnt for us so then took another opportunity to move to Melbourne which as was closer to Adelaide for visits to friends etc seemed like a double opportunity! WE were there for 8 months in total and have now finally moved to Adelaide for another opportunity and feel so good to be back. It was a good experience living in other parts of the country and I enjoyed Melbourne but still did not feel quite at home there, We were in Seaford and enjoyed the Mornington Peninsula and discovered most parts of it but nothing really grabbed me or took my breath away quite like the sites of the southern beaches of Adelaide or the Adelaide hills and southern vales. If you feel a pull to a place and you have been here to experience at least an idea of what its like then it might be a sign that its right for you. Go for it! Its a lot closer that the UK and while you are in the country why not see if another place suits you better, you may never look back!
  12. boomerang

    Things Haven't Gone To Plan.........

    Hi Kelly moo. Dont want to get too personal about my views on your husband, Just want to say that I feel for you and what you are going through and cant believe he would put you all through this process only to do this and now leave you in this position. Im guessing that you are like most that arrive here and have left all your support networks behind so if you ever want to chat PM me, Im in Melbourne to and am more than happy to be a listening post and help you with any questions that you need to research. You will get through and you will learn to be self supporting it comes through anger first and then self determination to proove that they are not needed! Karma will prevail! Kath
  13. Hi Andy, where in Bucks are you?
  14. boomerang


    Im hoping the next one to go is Owl Eyes, she drives me nuts with her look at me glasses and her persistant fake smile. Wouldnit surprise me if the glasses were just frames!
  15. boomerang

    Our newest member

    you lost your toes or your toe nails???