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  1. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    Lady Raincorn you are an absolute SUPPER STAR thank you so so much, I will look in to this in the morning as ive gtg my head down for a few hrs.. im working tonight xx ang xx
  2. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    :arghh: I want to do it now!! lol as in sitting here twiddling my thumbs... im off to have a look at the link you posted Lady rainicorn thank you hun
  3. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    thank you, that was just what I needed. It was a gut reaction to the cause once I looked in to it I realised its as help fall as all the other bits of paper I have in my CV folder. Thank you for the link I will have a look now. TBH unless I can do some of that 6 yrs while over here (uk) I may have to re think what field to go into. I was looking more at the jobs it could lead to over the ology its self
  4. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    I clocked jessica's sig and have taken that into count ... but I really do need to be working at least part time (for my own sanity) I have decided to use what I am doing in the UK as a full back as my hart is not in it any more... it may be different in a now care job but im really needing a new challenge and at 3o ish cough cough I don't feel im to old for that change. And having no valuable qualifications I had best get back to school :hehe:
  5. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    Hubby is sorting out the visa so that I am eligible to live and work in auz along side him ,)
  6. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    I can show my mother that I have more than the one brain cell lmao
  7. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    I have seen a course run by the company that ive linked to on 1st post .... it covers Child Psychology Criminal Psychology Sports Psychology so should give me enough job fields to look into when I get over im interested in the top 2 but they come in a bundle, but 3 ology's has got to be a plus point xx ang xx
  8. clanmcwood

    The moan in....

    tip: when opening the box for the first time take a close up photograph of how its placed in the box... keep that annoying black twisty tie thingie. then when replacing use the folds an the flex to guide you and tie up tight with the twisty thingie.. and place in box like the photo shows... then if that doesn't work scream at it, then use packing tape to hold lid shut hay presto its back in their one way or another lol xx Ang xx
  9. clanmcwood

    Wanted Down Under 2014 TV show

    as satiated above the show is good if your looking at different areas. But not very informative only basic information. The budget section is unrealistic. compering shopping lists of cause the bill will be bigger you looking at imported food not local brands. No mention of medical care, car related charges ,schooling charges, childcare costs children's after school clubs. oh the list is endless My mother is the one who is agenst our move and uses this show as fact. It has taken 2 years to get her to understand that the shows developers are wearing rose tinted glasses. by not adding all facts makes good TV.
  10. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    also it would be the start level course so i'm shore I would have to do more when I arrive, as long as it gets me on the bottom run its worth it
  11. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    Thank you for the input. I have no qualification that are recognised in Aus ... I want to hit the ground running so to speak. Atm I work nights (one pw as im using up A/L) So I have the choice of a on line course (so I have a head start) or endless hours playing facebook games. As its a total career change I would rather move over with recognised qualification's, then start work. So I can help save money for our house. Then if I have no options go back in to care. has any one had experience with online course providers?
  12. clanmcwood

    Change is good right?

    Ok cryptic title..... I am a support worker, in assisted living, challenging behaviour sector. I have done this job on and off for over 18 yrs. I have lots of in house training. But no NVQ. Also I know what I would need to do to land a job in the same sector when we land in Aus.... here is my dilemma I would like a change and a challenge so am looking to do a 180 on the job front. I will need to start from scratch as my GCSE'S were nothing to shout about. So rather than wasting time in the UK I thought may be doing on line courses that give qualification's in Aus. Has any one had experience in this as I don't like the idea of being scammed and lousing the money I have to put down. so far I have found this company www.onlinecoursesaustralia.edu.au if you could give me any advice that would be brilliant. thank you for reading xx ang xx
  13. jasperyogi i would love to take you up on the f/b offer . sorry ive not been around i started a new job 40hr nights. but more like 50-60pw. So dont know if im coming or going. Paper works grind to a Holt. just trying to climb the brick wall none as "references from last 5 jobs" (hubbys only had the one since leaving school) so now my family (uk) are creating. Treating us like leppers. the kids think its a pipe dream.... and im happy i didn't tell the boss but all in all yay we are still coming. ive gt a job lined up with an agency but am thinking of retraining so am looking in to what i will need when we get their as chucking money at uk education just seems a wast. and still looking at them dream houses for people with more money then scene IE footballers homes and thinking" i dont want that it toooo much to clean" lol
  14. clanmcwood

    Moving to Australia - What would you do?

    here is my story .... i was a "home girl" very close to my parents.... before we marred my husband asked if i would move mover to AUS i said "I dont think i could leave my family, But only time would tell" I needed to live away from them first to see if i could cope with out them. My husband was in the army so over the last 9 years we have moved all over the UK. He them had the chance to leave the army by this time i new that i could leave my family. I could move to AUS. So we made a deal if he left the army we will move to AUS. Just because she has said she will not move now does not mean that she will fell the same in 2, 5 or 10 yeas time... Saying that if my parents were ill i would not fell able to move over. Their may be more reasons for her decisions at this time. But this is a new relationship ship, with a grate deal of challenges... if i was you i would do the long term relationship for a little longer, move over but NOT move into strait away. I would get my own place build a life with her in it but also have other friends.
  15. clanmcwood

    Measles outbreak in UK...down to selfish parents.

    ok here goes i have 2 cousins both from the same parents only 10 months apart both had the mmr on the same day out of the same bottle one now has probles yet his brother does not... both my girls are fully vaxed up as i see you are safe grading them from the possible vile out comes if they contract any illness when not covered. I have healthy children and believe that for this day and age imuniation is the way ford... DO we as a country what to put our children at extended risk like throes poor parents in Africa have to due to the cost? i think the main issue is the drop out rate for the jabs this is getting higher each year and soon will over take those that choose the protection SO in turn will mean that brake outs will lead to more worrying affects and more deaths .we seen to have forgotten what the viruses can really do to our children.. so say your daughter is pregnant and has to sit next to a child with German measles ... is it fair for your grandchild to be born blind or worse.... because you chose not to vaccinate your daughter? xx angela xx