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  1. Arilla

    Assurance of Support

    Hi Having finally got past meds etc I have hit a glitch with the AoS as although my assurer had been working when I first applied she has now gone back to uni and although she has assets she doesnt have the income for this and last year and it looks like the fact that I could more than support myself doesnt come into the equation either. Although we will be asking friends in Oz we are also looking into the possiblity of starting a company to act as the assurer. I have my own company here and it looks like the process is similar - although more expensive - in Australia but the regs say that you need the ABN and bank account details. When I set up my company here it took about 6 weeks between applying for the account and it being opened ie invoices could be paid into it. So as the letter states that there is a 28 day limit there may not be time to get it setup and I assume saying 'we are waiting for the account to be set up' wouldn't really be a good reason for a delay and would make it pretty clear that its being setup mainly to lodge the bond. Would anyone know whether they just need the details to pay in the interest and refund it at the end of the two years or if they need the money to be transferd from the company account? How long it takes to setup a company and open a company bank account? I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has gone down this route (or any other routes really) and what their experience has been. Many thanks in advance. Arilla
  2. Hi Louii I haven't heard any refs to the 200/20 figures apart from your post. Did you get this info from your CO? I think that as the carers visa has the highest priority in the visa class that they are clearing those first, then working through the LRR up to this year over the next fourish years. As I have a queue date mid 2010 I'm hoping it will be some time next year before my app is up for concideration. I asked my CO about the medical having to be redone as they were a few hundred quid and got a 'as required' responce which i took to mean 'I can't say at this point' so again as you may be closer it would be good to hear if you have to redo when your turn comes. Cheers Arilla
  3. Hi Louii Hope the links helped. As you applied in Jan 2010 you may have a queue date within the pre April 7th group, if so you may be quite close - I'm in the next group. There aren't many LRR's on the forum so it would be great if you could post when you hear - give the rest of us a bit more hope :-) Cheers Arilla
  4. Hi Yes sadly any LRR is in the same boat. The first link covers most of the events for this year - its quite long and dont panic at the beginning posts where it talks about 6 years, read the whole thing. There are useful links in it to the immigration site that give 2012 figures etc but I've included a second link gives the wait depending on your queue date - they haven't updated the first bit of the page to reflect the 2011-2012 figures (1250 rather than 750) but I suspect the waits wont change from those that are listed. At least you applied last year, any poor soul appling this year will have to wait 10 years. anyway hope this helps. http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/93110-other-family-visas-cutbacks-delays.html http://www.immi.gov.au/migrants/family/other-family-visa-queue.htm Cheers Arilla
  5. Arilla

    Other Family visas: Cutbacks and Delays

    Hi all LRR Like you I have been checking the website endlessly to see if they have updated the figures to reflect the 2011-2012 quota and whether it will have any effect on the waiting times. I have also been wondering whether anyone who uses this forum has had their LRR visa granted since they made the changes? Cheers Arilla
  6. Arilla

    LRR & Medicals/Police Checks

    Hi All My first posting but have been following for a few months and its a great forum with lots of useful information. I applied for my LLR visa last year from offshore and have queue date which would put me in the 1.5 to 2.5 years bracket (based on the table http://www.immi.gov.au/migrants/family/other-family-visa-queue.htm ). Not great but better than the 6 years that it looked like it could be. However I have already done the medicals and the police check (at the request of the CO) before it all went pear shaped around July. So my question is what do you think the likelyhood is of having to do them again - not bothered redoing but at a few houndred quid a time it's not a cheap process. I have asked if there would be a refund but the responce was (understandably) guarded as it said '...as appropriate...'. Also does anyone know if there will be a queue like the parent visa that tells you how many people are ahead of you? And if I can stretch to one more - when will the immi site be updated to reflect 2011-2012 figures and priorities. Thanks in advance for any replies Arilla