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  1. MissBehaving

    moving to geraldton this august

    Hutchhouse --- I have heard good reports from a friend of mine about Waggrakine Primary School. We are in the process of re-locating and have been toying with the idea of putting our daughter into a private school - she is in year 4. However, after reading what you have just written, perhaps Waggrakine is worth a look. My daughter was in the top 3 of her class in the UK - the current school she is in is so large that I think she has been 'left to her own devices' and whilst she still came home with A's and B's on her report last term, I felt that she could have done better. Thanks for your post - it certainly has given me some food for thought.
  2. MissBehaving

    Advice on Mackay

    I haven't posted on PIO for ages - probably not since we moved to Mackay from the UK. We have found Mackay to be a challenging place to live. We are not linked to the mines so do not have the 'mining wages' that everyone seems to talk about. My OH is the one whose job brought us here and I work for a local retail shop on a casual basis. The challenges we have found are the same ones most people encounter: When we first moved here it took us over 25 applications to finally get a rental. You dont have an option of 'choosing' which house you want like you do in the UK - basically, you apply for every house available and feel like you are winning the lottery when you finally get accepted for one. The house we live in has been built for rental purposes only --- its an investment property for the owners and as such is built quickly and with not much attention to the 'finer details' that one would expect from a new house. Wages do not go as far as you expect them to - we pay over 60% per week in rent so disposable income on a basic week isn't great! Yes, there is the option of overtime, but working 24/7 isn't what we moved to Australia for. Being on a 457 visa things like visiting the doctors in an emergency is an eye opener. $80 just to be seen and then a charge for all treatments thereafter. I will never knock the NHS again! ON A POSITIVE NOTE: We have the most amazing beaches here with warm water that doesn't give you goosebumps when you get into it. Schools - I haven't encountered a problem with the one my daughter goes to and she felt at home straight away. People are friendly although we do find it hard to make friends with Australians which is a shame! ... Shops - whilst we dont have a Marks and Spencers / BHS / Tesco or Sainsburys - we do not struggle. There is a lovely shopping centre (Canelands) in town and a smaller one (Mount Pleasant) on the outskirts. And one for Bobj --- We haven't caught a fish that we can keep and eat yet!!!!!!!! :ssign2:... Despite fishing nearly every weekend!!!! Mackay is what you make it - if you come with an open mind and understand that you may have issues with housing or have to tighten your belt financially you may be happy here. We are never bored (unless it rains non-stop for days) and we make full use of the beaches and sun that brought us here in the first place.
  3. MissBehaving

    Geraldton...What's it like?

    I can relate to the comment about not getting nice towels in Geraldton. We live in Mackay and are in the same position. Whilst we already have a Big W and K Mart nothing beats a Marks and Spencers towel from the UK. I am waiting for my parents to come out with my new sets .....
  4. MissBehaving


    Hi Becky and Ian There is a group on facebook called whos moved or moving to Mackay. This is made up of a group of people who as the name suggests are already there or in the process of making the move. We are not there yet, Gary leaves next month and my daughter (aged 8) and I follow at the end of October. My name is Joanne Brown so if you click on me I will add you to the group. See you soon
  5. MissBehaving

    New bedroom Linen

    Hi all Quick question --- I have bought new bedroom linen for the family and someone told me that I have to take it out of the packets and wash it before it gets packed and shipped over. Is that really the case or am I okay to leave it as it is until we get to Oz? Thanks MB
  6. MissBehaving

    New bedroom Linen

    Yip yip - just went and bought egyptian cotton stuff ... I luuuuuuuuurve my bed linen
  7. MissBehaving

    New bedroom Linen

    Nah, not really. Was just trying to save myself one more job! :spinny:
  8. Hi KarlnChris I was also shocked when I got my quotes after reading this thread, but, it does depend on where you are going to in Oz. We are moving to Mackay Queensland from kent, and are using a shared container as we have 746 cubic feet. The cheapest quote is £3730. I understand that the cost is higher than average because there is 11hours road transport involved from Brisbane to Mackay. Where are you moving to? Who have you asked for quotes? Hope this helps. MB
  9. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Sooooooooooooon... Soooooooooooooooooooon!!!! .... Offer on the house now - Gary is booked! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!!:jiggy:
  10. MissBehaving

    UK Tax Refund

    Hi Guys A few of the removal companies have mentioned that OH and I are able to get a tax refund from HM Revenue and Customs as we are moving to Oz half way through the tax year. I can't seem to find anything (but it is early and I had a late night last night :SLEEP:) on here. Does anyone know if it is true and how we go about it? I presume that we can only do it once we leave the country?
  11. MissBehaving

    Yippity Do Da ... :)

    Visa's have been approved - Yippity Yay!!! :v_SPIN:
  12. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Yay... our visa's came through yesterday so that means OH can move over mid August! Just need to sell my house now....
  13. MissBehaving

    When to put house up for sale??

    We put our house on the market about 8 weeks ago now. Had one offer lower than our asking price - which we eventually accepted, only to be told yesterday that he is not sure he wants to go ahead with the purchase. Our visa's havent been granted yet - but it would be nice if we were in a 'positive' and 'ready to move' position for peace of mind.
  14. MissBehaving

    Taking medical records

    Glad I came accross this thread. We are going out on a 457 Visa and we are all heathly. My daughter wears glasses - so I will get a up to date perscription for her. A friend said that they had been told by their GP that they had to pay £50 per person for their medical records. I dont think we will be bothering with that - if that is the case.
  15. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Welcome Scrumper - I was in the same position as you... I couldn't say anything for a while but have told my company. OH hasnt told his company yet though Hi Trevor - welcome to Debbie's other half. Welcome to anyone else I missed
  16. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Oh has a job lined up there so we are going over on a 457. Yeah I am on FB... will add you now..
  17. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Yippity We are from Ashford Small world hey .....:wub:
  18. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Hey Paul --- are you from Ashford also?
  19. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Just wondered cos my contract comes to an end here in August and I want to get a smart phone. Wondering if it is worth buying it outright here or waiting to get to Oz and get one on contract! Question: How long do you have to be there to get any sort of credit history?
  20. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Hey Slainte - is the Met Hotel nice enough for a family to stay in or is it one of these 'drinking holes' that my dad would have stayed in when he was our age and emigrating to South Africa?
  21. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Hey Lala... Have you emailed them directly and asked if they will do you a better deal? I work in the hotel industry and normally if someone is staying longer than 2 weeks we negotiate on the rate. Sorry if you have already done this - but just thought of it now. Jo
  22. Some people will know that we are in the process of trying to sell our house and get over to Oz by October at the latest. We put our house on the market five weeks ago and we have had several viewings (after changing the pricing strategy for selling our house to an offers over situation). On Tuesday night we had a viewing and the first thing that the guy said to my OH is 'Oh, I hear you are emigrating, what's your timeline'. When OH said that it depends on what offers we get on the house he seemed to kinda lose interest and within minutes he had left. Wednesday morning came and I got a phone call from the Estate agent saying that he had made an offer £7000 less than we were hoping for. (Our neighbour sold a few months back and got what we are estimating ours will go for). We turned it down hoping that this would force his hand to increase his offer slightly and meet us halfway - which on Wednesday he wasnt prepared to do. So that was that - or so I thought. :no: This morning I get a phone call from the Estate Agents (not my regular contact) who told me that 'I was silly not to accept this guys offer and that we would shoot ourselves in the foot if we didnt take it and he saw something else that he preferred and put an offer in there.' Apparently he called their offices this morning asking them to get us to reconsider. Houses in the area are all priced in the same price range and we have the added advantage of having a stunning Amdega conservatory added to ours. I really felt that I was being 'bullied' by this guy and told that the buyer was totally in the right to offer what he was offering and that we shouldnt expect anymore. When I asked if we could get the guy to meet us half way the EA said that we would scare him off. He also said that we could accept the deal in principal but continue to market the house. My question is: whose side should the estate agent be on? The buyer or the seller? :confused:
  23. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Morning / evening all I love popping in here and we have new faces - I am so glad I stumbled accross this website. Anyone want to add me to their facebook you may - Joanne Brown - picture of my daughter (Blonde hair blue dress) is my profile picture. OH hasnt told his work yet - so I am still pretty hush hush on FB
  24. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Hi Slainte Did you manage to get a mobile phone sorted out? Jo
  25. MissBehaving

    Whos going to Mackay

    Nice to hear that you have arrived safe and sound Slainte.... Keep us updated with your progress... Very jealous that (1) you have met Angela already and (2) she made you a curry!!!!!