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  1. I'm trying to find a room on a monthly basis at a reasonable rate, I'm a bit of a nomad and dont have an exact location in mind, but somewhere around Sydney to start with. I've tried gumtree but it seems quite sparse, and airbnb is mainly full of lets aimed at holiday makers. In the UK I'd expect to pay around £400 a month for a room bills included, so that would hopefully be my budget max, any websites I should be looking at? I'm not looking for a party house or anything like that, more just a simple lodging with quiet surroundings. Thanks in advance
  2. AdamX

    ex being an arse!!

    I'd take him to court ASAP. the threat and cost of legal action will likely be enough to force his hand, while proving that he cant mess you about. Sure the dad has feelings, but clearly they arent strong enough.
  3. AdamX

    100 reasons not to leave Britain

    come on down, theres plenty of scots down here lol
  4. AdamX

    100 reasons not to leave Britain

    Will be a rather comfortable 22c here today, not a cloud in the sky
  5. AdamX

    100 reasons not to leave Britain

    Northern Lights, Scotland somewhere cold
  6. AdamX

    100 reasons not to leave Britain

    But lets be honest, most of these places are bloody horrible on a typical british rainy day lol. Thats what im telling myself anyway haha
  7. AdamX

    100 reasons not to leave Britain

    Wow, this thread has been food for thought, how little of Blighty I have seen
  8. Hi all I've always been a bit of a bargain hunter when it comes to cars in the UK, and have always found it relatively easy to get a good car for not a lot of money here. For instance I currently have a year 2000 golf gti, with all the toys, which I bought for £900. I've been looking at the used car market on gumtree for instance, in the central coast area, and well, I'm so disappointed. I wont be coming over with much money at all, and my immediate priority wil be trying to find a cheap but reasonablly nice car, so i can get to work straight away. I'd probably have about $2500 to spend on one. Can anyone guide me on this, I really dont want an 80s car! cheers
  9. AdamX

    Email address in Australia

    You dont even need to use pop forwarding, as gmail allow imap, which is much better than using pop
  10. AdamX

    Weather Forum

    Well we do like to talk about the weather us Brits Has been "scorching" here in Brighton. Due to be warm for a little while yet, and it's October. nearly Winter. Cant complain
  11. it's a small op, although it does require going under. I'd be out of hospital the same day. Albeit with some bruising in an uncomfortable place lol.
  12. Thanks again I would *think* that I could, logically. I mean, if i was say, a freelance photographer, working in Australia, this *should* be ok I would think? I simply cant find anything conclusive, which tells me it's ok. But it would be a big set back if i find I cannot once I get there!
  13. Thanks I will try to get this done before I leave, they know that I leave on the 16th, but since I told them back in July, they've already "forgot" to book appointments and delayed things by 3 weeks, so not too confident. The operation isn't life threatening, and I could live with the condition for another year, but I dont intend on coming back to the UK immediately after my WHV expires.
  14. In short, I have my final consultation regarding a small operation I need on the 6th October. It is highly unlikely the NHS will organise this operation within 1 week of that consultation, which leaves me in a difficult position, as my flight to Australia is booked for the 16th October. I cannot fly any later as the visa (WHV) runs out on the 21st October, I will be 32 on the 22nd! Does anyone know, if there's any sort of possibility of me getting this operation in Australia, via the NHS? I can divulge details of the operation, if it matters.
  15. I cannot find any definite statement on if it is allowed to be Self Employed while on a working holiday visa. If anyone can advise, I'd be grateful I'm from the UK, if this helps, and I will be mostly in NSW.