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    Update on APHRA.... anyone help?

    Hi, I also applied in July and was getting nowhere, had job offer etc, moved over to Sydney in October and once got here going to AHPRA office and dealing with it in person was what seemed to make the difference. I know not possible for everynone, but less easy to ignore you if you are sitting in their office! Nell
  2. nellandged

    Honestly..How did you feel in the last weeks?

    We leave next tuesday, i'm a mixture of really excited and really terrified. Cant stop crying when say bye to people, and a constant dread i've forgotten something important to do before we go. Thank god for my endless lists, i wake up at 5am and add things like 'ring council tax to cancel'. Think just got to keep forcussed on the good things about going, and avoid drinking wine as that makes me especially weepy! Agree with previous post about remembering can keep in touch with people and can always come back!
  3. nellandged

    AHPRA question!

    Hi, after months of uncertainty got an email off APHRA this morning saying once i take in my passport etc to a local office they will recommend registration. Does anyone know if that means for definate and they arent going to ask for more copies of other stuff i havent thought of or stuff already sent twice?? I'm hoping it does as we fly out on tuesday but scared to get too excited in case its just another step (although in the right direction!) Anyone had the same email?? Cheers Nell
  4. Hi, We used Seven Seas, £400 for 10 boxes, a bike and a guitar.....they left a couple of weeks ago, due in Sydney in November....here's hoping they arrive!
  5. Yes! I have ranted about AHPRA on several threads, finding the whole process very frustrating. We fly to Sydney in less than 3 weeks, have citizenship, had previous NSW registration, have job offer.....but cant get any idea about when registration likely, if want more documents etc. The uncertainty very difficult! Good luck all struggling with this! Nell
  6. nellandged

    Shippers coming next week

    Here's hoping! So much to think of when you're moving! Good luck with your move too
  7. nellandged

    Shippers coming next week

    Thats good to hear, we're in Liverpool, its been up for 2 weeks and no interest yet, but going to re take come pics now shipping gone to looks clearer and less cluttered!
  8. nellandged

    Shippers coming next week

    Our shjpping went last saturday and we fly to Sydney on 11th Oct....house seems very empty now. Now trying to clear rest of stuff, and tart place up to rent it out!! Scared silly it wont rent!
  9. nellandged

    sending excess baggage via courier

    Havent done this yet but have looked online to check out a few as we go in four weeks and worrying wont get everything in within the baggage allowance. I know theres a company called excess baggage, and we used seven seas for our shipping and i know they do this too
  10. nellandged

    References for renting

    Great, thanks for advice, really helps, will start putting some packs together of all info before go!
  11. nellandged

    References for renting

    Hi all, hoping for a bit of advice! We move over to Sydney in 4 weeks and have some holiday accommodation booked before hopefully renting something long term. Looking through the posts on here people seem to recommend having references ready for when go to viewings and was wondering who its best to have them from? Obviously if you'd rented before whoever you rented off woould be ideal, but we havent rented before, we've got a mortgage here and will be renting that out when we leave. So was thinking is it best to have general character references from an employer etc or try to get something more financial from bank or building society? Any help much appreciated! Nell
  12. nellandged

    De Facto Partner Visa

    We just sent uncertified copies of most things like bills, cards etc, but certified copies of official docs like passports etc
  13. nellandged

    6 weeks to go and stressed

    Hi all, we fly out to Sydney in just over 4 weeks, shipping boxes leave on saturday! Have endless lists, and feeling very panicky aobut lots of things, but very excited too. We have accommodation arranged for first 2 weeks, no jobs and as yet no tennant for the house here which we cant sell so are renting hoping will pay mortgage! My other half very calm just thinks it will all work out!! I'm hoping by Christmas we'll have a home, jobs, be settled and all this will be a distant memory!! Nell
  14. nellandged

    Seven Seas = good/bad

    Theres a bit of info on the website and when i phoned the company to order the shipping they told me to check the bike spotlessly clean, remove pedals and loosen handle bars.....after it goes on saturday will let you know if went ok!