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    Meet friends Birkdale, Redlands area

    Sounds great! My small white dog I believe to have severe Special Needs as she is ultra anxious, clingy and if I dare say; totally not with it (LOL) There are some lovely dog walking parks so once you arrive in Wello Point in a months time, let me know and we can walk the dogs together? I live next door to you in a spot called Ormiston which is literally a couple of minutes in the car. You will love Wello Point, especially the King Island beach with the dogs (tide pending) Warm regards Kip
  2. kipHarris

    Wellington Point Schools

    Hello! lovely to hear from you. What date do you get here? I will brew us up a pot of coffee! I'm actually a primary school teacher (not sure if I've already said) and I live in the next spot to Wello Point. This is called Ormiston if you want to look it up on goggle maps. Ive lived here with my husband (I am 40 and he is 42) for 7 years and in that time, I've worked at the local schools, both public and private. Whilst I've not worked at Wello Point Stare, this is a great school with a fantastic reputation. I've heard nothing but good things. Ive been slowly working in one school at a time until I find the perfect fit for me (please note I'm also a private tutor and work from home a couple of nights a week) so Cleveland is next on my list and then it is Wellington Point Stare School. The last 18 months Ive been working in Birkdale state and enjoyed that but I always like to focus on one school at a time (as I don't want too much work really) I moved out here for a much better work/life balance. I realise that my answer to your question is a bit long winded but from talking to all teachers, I've never heard a bad word said about the school you are considering. Hope that helps! I realise you are coming out in September; a lovely time of year. Where are you staying at first? Are you planning on working and if so, what do you do? How old are your children? I only ask these questions as I will try to give you some help and kip tips of making it easier for you! Would you like to have a coffee with me? make me a list of questions; from how to find a dentist, dentist, Medicare card and driving license and I will help you all I can. I only wish I'd found this site "before" we left as it would have made all the difference to have a friendly face waiting for me in the other side. I will be that friendly face for you if you like! My email is kip.harris@hotmail.co.uk I struggle a bit with this sight so I find email much easier. I can also attach a photo fir you do you can assess if I'm normal (only have two heads so I don't think I look too out of place) LOL Kip
  3. kipHarris

    Anyone moving to Brisbane in 2014???

    Hey Fliss! Welcome vibes from one Yorkshire lads to another. Well I'm North East from Redcar so next door to Yorkshire. we already live in Brisbane but not sure where you guys are heading. We live Southside in Ormiston. Like you we don't have children but are older than you guys (I'm 40 and Dave is 42) I'm a primary school teacher who has just left teaching to do private tutoring from home. Dave is an Electrician. Great jobs, loads of time off. We enjoy getting out on our motorbikes, caravan, going to theatre, live music and having a laugh over a board game. If you need a friendly face or a BBQ just drop me a private message, We bought land and built our home so we would welcome you for a few friendly hours. You will love it here. Thr offer is there! Take care kip
  4. I totally agree about your comment about the amount of private tuition. This is the reason why I've decided to go down this road and no longer spend stupid hours teaching in schools. When I have left the private girls school I worked at (MBC) I had twenty out of twenty eight parents ask me to tutor their child As time has gone along, I can honestly say that I've never had to advertise for tutoring, its always come to me. I've worked supply at Ormiston College (private) and state schools in Ormiston, Birkdale and Ive had teaching contracts at Birkdale South State School. Little Kip tip here my AliBaba friend; is if you do decide to do your teaching certificate, consider some tutoring on the side. As an English trained teacher, we are highly sort after and the money is great! If you do decide to train for the teaching certificate, it is expensive and I found the teaching wages poor here. You may want to look into costs more and factor that in! I was paid a lot more in England but the expectation to work longer hours, is more prevalent here. Maybe just consider setting up a private tutoring business. You could either work from your own home or travel out to freelance. Your work could be around the children and it would mean you can start straight away. All you need is a blue card (a day's course) Tutoring rates are from ($50-$70 per hour so much more money and less stress, time at work and no politics. The draw back I do agree with is that you are not in society (the workplace) so it is harder to meet people but as you have children of 12 and 14, I'm certain you will meet plenty of friends! Youve already got me on your list and I'm just a waif and stray! Any questions, just ask away and we will do all we can to help you guys. My email is: kip.harris@hotmail.co.uk do you want to meet up for coffee? I'm free on Tuesday after 1pm if you fancy a brew and a natter? we could meet on Raby Bay harbour which is a lovely spot. There is a lovely place called Coffee Secret or Secret Coffee and of you are free, I could make it?
  5. I have to agree with the comments posted above. No matter how friendly and upbeat you are, people who have lived here all their life are really loyal to their childhood friends. If you don't have children like us, then its is deemed almost "strange" and you end up feeling 'billy no mates' my best advice is to set up your life as you want it, sadly starting out with few people you can socialise with and just 'do your own thing' and, over time, people will come along that you can loosely latch on to for awhile. Its really hard but meeting couple friends is not something I've mastered yet but I'm not giving up. After living in glorious sunny Brisbane for 7 years, the only set back is our poor social life. Basically, its me myself and I. My husband and I go through spits and spurts with wanting to find positive, friendly people to share a laugh with but we are not giving up. Other than the tricky social scene (harder when you hit 40) the life out here is pure magic and we wouldn't have changed it for the world. Keep positive and just don't take other people's reactions too personally. Otherwise, you will be off to the mental ward!!!!! best of luck!
  6. All good Allibaba! I love your nickname and think it will stick with me!!!! (LOL) As for teaching, where do I start? We need a coffee on this topic as it is really hard to get in. Though I have two degrees and taught in England, I still had to apply to teach in this state as you quite right, every state needs its own permit. Added to this, you have to sit an interview to have your teaching graded. The heading goes from 1-6 where one is outstanding. Questions during the interview are largely about how the new C2C (classroom to curriculum) is being developed in the classroom. This is a bit like our National Curriculum. I confess, I think you will need to retrain but the education system isn't do hot here. That said, I've worked in both private and public schools and the places around the Redlandshire are good so you've picked a great spot to raise your family! Keep in touch! Kip
  7. Allison its Kip here wondering if we could change that date. We are away in our new caravan with our little white hairy baby:a dog. The following weekend Dave is working weekend nightshift (which he does one in four as a sparkie) so I was wondering how your fixed for Saturday 9th August at 4pm as we still grab a bit of daylight. We like Samsons at Raby Bayand like you, live close in Ormiston. How does that suit you guys? Kate and Jon are also moving out to Redland Bay in early September so we could maybe do a BBQ around our house. We could put a film on for them if you fancy bringing something they would like as we have a media room. We also have a pool but it might be. Touch nippy? We also thought a family game of Pictionary would cause a laugh and break the ice? I will invite Kate and Jon (and her two younger children) if you four are up for it? We don't have children of our own but as a Primary school teacher, I'm adept with children. I've actually just left teaching and now do a couple of nights working as a Private Tutor from my home. Does that give us a few points so we can be accepted as we are currently waifs and stays!!! LOL We have a list of places that you could take the children that I'm sure they would really enjoy. We love nature, animals, caravan bing, motor biking (don't fret we are not in a gang.....not yet anyway!!!) and whilst I love a coffee, natter and reading, Dave lives to play golf and chess. We both enjoy live music, theatre and watching movies. We love a good belly laugh and often find ourselves being rather toggled in a silly board game. That is a bit about us! You can always make a hasty escape or give us a try? We really hope you can make fish and chips on Saturday 9th August? Keep in touch. I enjoy email but am not into face book I'm afraid. A bit of a techno phobe! All very exciting to start new friendships! Regards Kip
  8. Welcome Richard and Zoe and Allison and Kate and Jon! It would be just fantastic to meet up with all you guys and see if we can help you out as we remember all too well those feelings of inept, excited, scared and desperate to find a friendly face. This is your friendly face responding to you all! would you prefer to settle in first or lock a date in the diary! We could meet up at Raby Bay and get some fish and chips? Or if you prefer, we could meet up at Wellington Point Park and enjoying a BBQ? We are both easy breezy and would love to have light fun with positive people! Kip and Dave (lived out here for 7 years now and are 40 and 42 years of age)
  9. kipHarris

    Wellington Point Schools

    Say no more my friend, the bar is open so something stronger it is! You are moving to a cracking spot, rather swish if I say myself. Moving the kids in term four is a good idea as they can make some friends over the long summer break. Moving is hard, stressful and unfamiliar! Weve just into our stride and its been 7 years! At least you know a friendly face will be waiting (that's me) Keep in touch! Kip
  10. kipHarris

    Wellington Point Schools

    I've heard nothing but good things about Welly Point Stare School. I only live 5 minutes away do can certainly vouch for that! Start of the school year is third or fourth week in January? Hope that helps you! When you arrive, drop me a note and there will be a coffee with your name on it!
  11. kipHarris

    Meet friends Birkdale, Redlands area

    Ok ladies....it sounds like we are all in the same situation. Shall we go for that curry? Birkdale seems to be the placed suggested. My hubby loves a creamy curry! Shall we suggest a date? Saturday 19th July? Does that sound like a plan? I don't mind what time. Can anyone help me out? Then we can get numbers and book a table.
  12. kipHarris

    Meet friends Birkdale, Redlands area

    Hello Jo we come next door to Yorkshire; North East (Redcar) Lived out here 7 years and built our home here in Ormiston. Love it! We have been married 18 years and I've just given up teaching a couple of months ago for a simpler life. I do a couple of hours as a private tutor working from home and I still have that burning passion to make a difference to children though my background is in life coaching and helping children develop self esteem. Working just a couple of hours enables us to enjoy lots of time together. We both have a motorbike which we enjoy weekly and recently purchased a caravan for monthly ventures! Dave is 43 in October and works a walk from home. He is an electrician and loves a game of golf and chess. I prefer coffee, playing board games and being amongst positive people. As Dave works shifts, we have loads of time to have fun and are not restricted to weekends. Suggest a couple of dates that you and your hubby can make it and let's see if we can get together for a natter! All folk from Yorkshire are genuine, friendly and very loyal so we look forward to hearing from you' kind regards Kip
  13. To all above! We are a couple in our early 40's living in Ormiston and love a giggle, board game, coffee, movie and just relaxing amongst good company. If you fancy a couple of hours with us, give us a bell!
  14. Sorry, had no idea! I'm a bit of a techno phone so what is a mod and how do I go about erasing email? I naively thought it was the easiest way for someone to contact me! Can you help me?
  15. kipHarris

    Wellington Point Schools

    Hello to all above! I've been a school teacher and worked at Birkdale state, Birkdale South and Ormiston state. I can certainly suggest Birkdale south State school. I left teaching a couple of months ago but have worked there over a year and from Prep to Year 7 I was involved in all teaching classes and felt it was a wonderful place to educate any child. I don't have children myself so I'm in that odd group but would love a coffee with you ladies if you fancy a brew and a natter