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  1. I have just arrived in WA and am trying to connect my Panasonic dmr ex769 dvd recorder to my television set. I can view dvds and also television programmes but am unable to get the machine to recognise Australian television channels using the auto set up. The recorder says no signal but tv channels play fine as the aeriel is routed via the recorder to the television. Can anyone please help
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    Any help & advice needed

    I also was told to take lots of shampoos etc but when my shippers came to collect my stuff they refused to take anything that was liquid said in the heat in the container it could burst through the bottle.
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    contributory parent visa

    Thanks Linday perhaps I had better get the estate agents round
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    contributory parent visa

    I applied for a cpv in January 2011 and am wondering if anyone knows how long the wait is as I will have to think about putting my house up for sale etc