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  1. Hi everyone, I'm due to go back to Oz possibly this summer for my 2nd year. Just waiting on my decision from immi. Planning on going straight out to Sydney or Brisbane and staying there for a full year. Now when I go out I'd be hoping to get sponsorship but know little about it and if its even possible for me. I'm 25, have a clean record, a degree but don't have great work experience. Mainly warehouse and admin experience. Is it possible to get sponsorship for such general jobs or would I best look elsewhere for it? Is it even possible and would I be wasting my time? Can I do a course to give myself the best possible chance?
  2. Pauly

    Few tips needed, thanks!

    I'll be getting another £500 from work and hopefully another £800 off a tax return.
  3. Pauly

    Few tips needed, thanks!

    Some great advice on here, thanks one and all PositivePixie, don't worry that's just sensible and realistic advice, and having not drunk for aaaaaages with saving and my first night out in Melbourne, death is a real possibility lol. Only joking, but yeah thanks for the help. I haven't bought my insurance yet, I've seen quotes of like £350 etc, arrrrgh no way I can afford that. Another question sorry: Will I be pulled up by customs with £2000 in my bank and no return ticket or should I ask to lend some money, do a bank statement and transfer it back to the persons account?
  4. Pauly

    Worlds most stunning Waterfalls

    Sorry no but the pics on the internet really don't do it credit. Some decent ones here though. http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=pistyll+rhaeadr&f=hp
  5. Pauly

    Apple Bocks Galaxy from being released in Australia

    Price wise its the same here I think. I'm sure the specs are better on the 10.1 though.
  6. Pauly

    Worlds most stunning Waterfalls

    Pistyll rhaeadr waterfalls in Wales is beautiful.
  7. Pauly

    Apple Bocks Galaxy from being released in Australia

    Mine was the 16gb wifi version which was 399, luckily my generous sister went halves with me. The 32gb and 3g versions cost more though. I am very impressed with it though, just got to hope I have wifi access when I am in Oz.
  8. Pauly

    Apple Bocks Galaxy from being released in Australia

    Thanks for replying. I meant will the market and apps work okay with it being a UK version?
  9. Pauly

    Apple Bocks Galaxy from being released in Australia

    I have the Samsung 10.1 bought for skype etc for when I'm in Oz. Will I have any problems using it with this ban in place?
  10. Pauly

    Few tips needed, thanks!

    Hi britchick, your info was very helpful thanks a lot. Nervous and excited rolled into one is how i feel haha
  11. Pauly

    BritChick and Pommypauls Travels

    Looks like you are having fun. I love the outdoors, one reason I think I will like Oz.
  12. Pauly

    best insurance

    Always get insurance, if anything happens you could become massively out of pocket. Better to be safe than sorry. Also get any necessary vaccines from the NHS before you go.
  13. Going to Melbourne via Thailand on the 8th Nov, land in Oz on the 15th. So excited but nervous, meeting my mate in Mel so not as bad as going on my own. Anyway if anyone could answer these Q's i'd be grateful. Which bank account would you open before you go? Do you think £2000 is enough to get me started, with an extra £1000 approx due when I am already there, but that will go mostly to paying my return. What will jobs be like in Melbourne before Xmas? Who is a good health insurance to go with? What should or shouldn't I pack (20kg allowance) Any useful tips? Thank you!
  14. Pauly


    Only just got online but thanks for taking the time to post a reply everyone. I think I'm just going to go without a license and go with the flow. I highly doubt I'll be buying a car when I'm there and will hopefully just get by ok without the need. Probably need a license for a minimum time to rent vehicles anyway so I most probably will not be allowed to do that either. I just want to book my flights really, save and get over there!
  15. Pauly


    Looking at farm work or similar to get my visa extension for the option of a second year, after that I have no preference.