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  1. We were the same as you, paid $60 for a pool man to come out and go through everything with my husband, testing, maintenance etc, we now know what to do, we take a sample to our local pool shop and then but salt etc from bunnings as cheaper. If the pool needs anything other than general maintenance we get the owners to sort it out. It's worth paying to get a good knowledge as said above a green pool is a nightmare, pump now on 8 hrs a day as summer mode, but we run 4 hrs of it at night as cheap electricity, sooooooooooo worth it as children and husband now in it every day
  2. Ormiston state is the best but has catchment area, wellington point, cleveland and thornlands good. If you want to pay then Sheldon is the best, Vicky point isn't known for its schools, mount cotton?
  3. Welcome, an exciting time for you. I have a boy 9 and girl 6 and am in wellington point, can def meet up if you want to, so know how you feel, so can hopefully give you some tips. sam
  4. I'm a midwife, private sector is the way to go, contact the mater and greenslopes hospitals, I'm at greenslopes, they are recruiting still as its a brand new unit only opened feb. I love it there.
  5. I would look for work for you, I'm bayside which is lovely as it is easy access for gold and Sunshine Coast, I'm a midwife, work is pretty easy to get for us, but your skills may not be recognised here which is a pain. My husband was a brickie in the UK, doing renovations, skills not rec here so has changed direction.
  6. I'm a nurse and midwife, with a diploma and degree, still needed my IELTS, got me my points I needed. I used a migration agent as we are a family of 4 and didn't have the time to do it myself, if you have the time do it yourself. You do need transcripts from nursing course which is easy to get and lots of other paperwork. good luck, it's worth the hassle.
  7. Annette, pm me, I'll meet up with you, have a son and daughter who turns 6 next week.
  8. I'm in wellington point, been here just over a year now. Have made great friends through, neighbours and work. Any info needed feel free to ask or if you want a coffee and a chat pm me, know some great coffee places locally. Also, some nice mums from school.
  9. We did no reccie, had never even been to oz until the day we landed here permanent. Couldn't afford it for 4 of us. No regrets, love it x
  10. Yes definitely, they are expensive over here, bring everything, if you use it bring it.
  11. I live in wellington point, when we arrived we stayed in redland bay at a place called redlands retreat, I found it through this website. Whilst its about 20 mins from wellington point it was all we could find. It's 3 bedroomed, basic but clean, has everything you need and a good base. Not to expensive, there is otherwise not many options in the area. I would say it is fine for what you want it for, next to the bush so good experience of wildlife. If you need any further info feel free to pm me and send me your email, am always willing to help, I've been here 14 months now.
  12. Just go with the few cheapest, haggle between them as you'll get it down further. Your gut instinct will also come into it, we went with dorree bonner and they were fantastic, would recommend them. Pick fords were cheaper so dorree came down a bit, nt quite as cheap as pick fords but we had a good feeling about dorree, it went brill.
  13. Try greenslopes or mater hospital, they sponsor and some wards do long days x
  14. Anyone that comes to stay has to bring me English chocolate, just declare and it's fine, I miss it x
  15. Hi sam, didn't look at welly point school as viewed ormiston first and just loved it, had the gut instinct that we wanted that one. You may e in the catchment area for ormiston in certain areas of wellington point, I would email the schools and find out there catchment areas, ormiston doesn't have many rentals compared with wellington point and cleveland. Hope the move is going well, don't envy you, it was stressful. Feel free to ask any further questions.