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  1. kenny01

    Super fund and shipping

    could i get the shipping company too? Looks like im being sent back early
  2. Hi, I am a heavy diesel technician with both plant and vehicle experience in the armed forces and mining, I am currently on a 457 a need a new sponsor to stay. Any help would be appreciated, Shane
  3. kenny01

    Diesel Mechanic

    Good evening, I am currently in WA on a 457 with knowledge of the above equipment from mining, can you tell me where in Australia you will need these fitters? Thanks for your time, Shane.
  4. kenny01

    For Sale: Collection of 71 DVD's

    where abouts are you?
  5. Hey guys, just moved into my house in halls head mandurah, on my week off from FIFO and need something to do. My gf and daughter are still in the UK so on my own and very bored! Theres only so much tv i can watch and im at my limit, just wondering if theres things to do here, like my sports, water sports etc just need something to do, cheers guys :biggrin::biggrin:
  6. kenny01


    Your kidding me! Guess that's my flight next week cancelled, as well as the depoit on the room. Dammit, knew I should have taken the ticket with Malaysian airlines....
  7. kenny01

    Leaving in a week, advice?

    Hey guys, I shall be leaving for a new life in Perth in just over a week now, I believe I've got most things sorted, docs, accom, job etc just wondering if there's ANYTHING that you forgot that you wish you'd brought? :wink:
  8. kenny01

    Hoping to get to Perth soon

    It'll be worth it, I'm moving to Perth beginning of november too, can't bloody wait!
  9. kenny01

    diesel fitter in the mines

    Pm's sent...
  10. kenny01

    My cv

    I'm no expert but I thought it was prettydamn good!
  11. kenny01

    diesel fitter in the mines

    I recently got a job as heavy diesel mechanic FIFO Perth, 2 on 1 off on $120,000 a year. Good package too, they paid for visa and flights with accommodation in a hotel for 60 days on arrival. Anyone interested I'll email you the uk company dealing with it, they're desperate for heavy diesel mechs.
  12. Just an update, I have been granted my visa. It took 2 weeks and that was including waiting a week for x ray. So there is hope if you are still serving!!!
  13. Hey sharon, tahnks for your reply. I have given immigration proof of my discharge but they said that the likelyhood is that the CO will not tell me until i am actually a civilian. Not sure why mines any different but apparently it is! So it was just a warning for any others going the same route that they may encounter this problem, so plan for it!
  14. Right! Just an update and a warning for any other forces guys/dolls going down the same route! I have been informed by the immigration company that my 457 application has been lodged ( i have checked the status online) BUT if the case officer wishes to do things by the book he/she does not have to give me a decision on the VISA until my official out date, that being the 12th of December. So i am now searching the internet daily for a job to do in the meantime! Be warned, you may not be able to apply, or be told of a decision on a 457 VISA until you are a civvy!! I hope that this helps a few people in the future as its causing me a HUGE bloomin headache. Cheers guys, Kenny :biggrin:
  15. Kind of, im waiting for an email off of them stating why they have to wait until i leave when others havent, then ill have to go from there. the advantage this way is that the company sponsoring me is paying for the whole process. Monkey, you will be welcome to come down anytime mate!:biggrin: