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  1. If you have strong emotional attachment to your cats (mine is my baby!), it is worth taking them. Whether it is safe or even legal to let them out depends entirely where you live. You could keep them indoors or set up an outdoor enclosure. We are lucky to live in a cat friendly cul de sac, so our boy gets supervised outdoor playtime, he mainly stays in our yard or goes to the neighbours house to play with their cats.


    This is just my opinion but cost wouldn't be a consideration, our cat is family and we'd never leave him behind. But then I'd rather starve than let him go hungry lol!

  2. It's walking to the bus stop on workday mornings that kills me, so humid at 6am, I have a 12 minute walk which is great in mild weather but torture recently! If I'm lucky, the man next door leaves around the same time and I get a lift, but no such luck yesterday, boohoo!


    Non work days are great, today I've just hung out in the pool. Feel sorry for the cat though, stuck in his fur coat!

  3. Finishing work Wednesday, and I'll get some time to spend with hubby who's coming home from the mines. I'd finish sooner but not enough leave, bah. No plans other than food, drink, pool, hanging out with the cat and probably go for drinks with friends a few times. Oh, and we're going to a friends' house for NYE too.


    We've spent a couple of Christmases in Hawaii, which was fab, but with hubby doing FIFO, and now owning our own house, home seems the best option now!

  4. Warm, well preferably hot! I hope i never experience snow again, the last winter in Paisley was awful, started my birthday in Jan by slipping on ice and falling on my arse. Sod that, I've never been injured by hot weather!


    Christmas now is food prep and a swim before hubby wakes up, then pressies, then cooking, then late lunch. After a big bowl of trifle and lashings of fizzy wine, change back into togs, get the Christmas music on and relax in pool. Stay there til after dark, helping oneself to beers from the cooler. Bloody ace!

  5. Plenty of work around for those with PhD in public health in QLD! Loads of research going on. I have somehow made my way into the upper ranks of health data linkage/analysis with a lowly BA honours degree, but most in the field are Masters/PhD. Public/population health gives you a nice, broad field.

  6. Firstly, it's great to hear your wife is cancer free!


    Is your sponsored occupation one that requires a medical? Unless things have changed (as they frequently do), non-medical or teaching occupations didn't require a medical when we applied, we just needed a medical for PR.


    I have a history of thyroid cancer, although it was successfully treated years ago. Oddly, that wasn't the sticking point in my medical - the panel doctor didn't bat an eyelid. I had a fibrosis on one lung that he suspected was TB! Further scrutiny from a specialist cleared me.


    Hopefully the recency of your wife's diagnosis won't be an issue. Cancer generally isn't. That is, if you do need medicals!

  7. Today:




    Was a nice sunny day today hence the consistency. Best days in high summer we'll get over 30kwh. Just checked and the max ever was 33.8kwh for a day


    Fantastic! Hope it won't be too long til Energex gets us connected!


    I think avg daily consumption at our last place was about 18kw/day. But we were a bit conservative using the aircon. I'd love to run aircon in daylight hours within reason, just using solar, to avoid build-up of heat and then run fans after dark.


    Next up, maybe replace old, noisy hot water system with solar!

  8. Just had solar fitted today! 5kw system, awaiting Energex connection. We haven't had a bill yet, excepfor the first couple of weeks when the pool pump was off, but will be interesting to see how our first full quarter without solar will compare to the following quarter with solar! I expect the bill will be pretty high as I ran the heater a fair bit for a few weeks after it was installed.

  9. One last thing - if you rent a house with its own pool, make sure there's not much greenery growing by the pool. We had loads of bamboo that provided good shade, along with an unbelievable volume of leaves and crappy little twigs. Took ages to fish it all out, it never looked clean! Got very little nearby now, about 5 leaves have blown in since we moved in 10 weeks ago!

  10. Quite often, houses with pools have maintenance included in the rent. Our last place did, and we were supposed to pay for chemicals, but all chemicals used in maintenance were billed to the landlord so we never bought any! Can't estimate how much electricity cost as we had some solar panels, and the pump was on a special tariff. Can't have been extortionate as quarterly bill rarely went over $300, and we ran air con and two big fridge freezers as well. We used a pool cover and rarely needed to top up water, and tended to use the water tank if we did top up.

  11. ING Direct has a great savings account, Savings Maximiser. All flexible with withdrawals etc. Basic interest is 1.75% but there is also bonus interest total 2.75% on the first $100,000.


    We've banked with ING a few months and it's working well for us. They do a referral scheme from time to time so let me know if you're interested and we could both get 75 bucks!

  12. Feeling very stupid for wording my message the way I did. Won't be troubling you again with my daft comments.


    Wasn't your comment that was daft!


    There should be no tolerance - removal of licence for first offence. I worry about these Bluetooth things too, a lot of taxi drivers gab away on them, it's one of the many reasons I prefer Uber, their drivers always seem to concentrate more.


    There are loads of reasons I never learned to drive, and fear of being in charge of something that can cause devastation is a major one. I sometimes have anxiety attacks just being a passenger.

  13. It's just the first time buyers stamp duty concession that excludes anyone who ever owned a house anywhere in the world. We recently bought an established house and got no concessions for being first time buyers, though we got an owner-occupier discount on stamp duty which was still extortionate!