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  1. woody465

    Sydney Social

    I will be there as well............great to meet you all on Saturday! Sarah
  2. woody465

    457 Visa - status check

    Ha ha no I'm not you! I never expected it to come through this quickly, can finally hand my notice in! Where are you off to? So much to organise now!
  3. woody465

    457 Visa - status check

    Thanks.....seems I didn't need to worry. I l have logged on this morning to see: 17/08/11 - Application approved.........Sydney here we come!
  4. Hi, My husband and I applied for a 457 visa two weeks ago. I just wondered if anyone can advise if you status online gets updated as the visa progresses along or whether its only updated at the end when its approved? The agent advised us there was no point looking with the TRN number because it won't change until its all been approved but I had read conflicting things on here. At the moment it says: 03/08/2011 Application received - processing commenced. 03/08/2011 Application fee receieved. Thanks
  5. woody465

    Set up costs

    Thanks had totally forgotten we won't have any furniture for ages!
  6. woody465

    Set up costs

    Hi Everyone, My husband and I are hopefully moving to Sydney in October this year (our 457 visa application was lodged last week), I am just trying to pull together the list of 'set up' costs we will have when we first arrive so we can anticipate how much money to transfer. We are going to book short term accomodation for 3 weeks before we arrive so I am not including that in my set up and we will not be purchasing a car initally So far I have: Rental Bond 1 month rent upfront Food ( Month before any pay) Public Transport Utility set up (unsure how this works but I have seen other people mention it) Mobile phones Is there anything fundamental that I am missing? I wasn't sure if there was anything else connected to renting or if you need to pay more than a month upfront? Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!
  7. woody465

    Landlords insurance - UK

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a company to use for landlord insurance for UK property rental please? All the ones I have looked at say you must be a 'permanent UK resident' in the terms and conditions. Thanks
  8. woody465

    457 Visa - Permanent Job

    Thank you!
  9. Hi, my husband has been offered a job in Sydney and is in the process of getting a 457 visa. I know that I am entitled to work on the visa but wondered if I can apply for Permanent jobs or whether it is limited to just Temporary and Contract positions?
  10. woody465

    IETLS Test

    Hi, My Husband and I are looking into migrating to Austrailia. I have been advised before we look into the which visa is most appropriate I need to complete the IETLS academic test. I am a CIMA qualified accountant and my Husband is an IT project manager so apparently our best chance is to apply using my qualification. However in order for this to be recognised I will need to pass the IETLS tests. I have been advised that I will need to achieve an 8 on the tests. I was just wondering if people that have completed them could tell me if this will be difficult? I did a practice test last night and seemed to get on ok with everything except the reading. Also wondered if it was neccessary to do a lot of preparation for them? Thanks Woody465