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  1. Hi all!! My agent lodged my visa on Tuesday of this week and a CO has been assigned already and has asked me to undergo a medical because I will be working with children. Is this a good sign that a CO has been assigned this quick and would they have considered my case already or do they do that once I have done the medical? Thanks Maxine
  2. Hi all, my agent lodged my student visa yesterday and I went onto my Immi account today and remembered that before I got my agent I did start a application for a student visa by myself but found it complicated and didn't want to get anything wrong so opted to leave it and seek help from an agent. I have just logged in and see that my uncompleted application still on the system so I deleted it, my question Is will this effect my new application? I hope not :-(
  3. dingeroo

    Immigration checks?

    Ive been told by my agent that because im from the UK we only need to tick the box to say that I have enough funds because I am assessment level 1. It says this on the forms for the visa too, I just wondered what sort of checks they do on me? x
  4. dingeroo

    Immigration checks?

    I will be going as a student and my partner will be still working here in the uk and paying for my fees, he intends to join me with my daughter a year into my course.
  5. dingeroo

    Immigration checks?

    Hi im just about to apply for a student visa and just wanted to know if Immigration will check and see that im on benefits, will they refuse my visa? Any help would be much appreciated, Maxine
  6. dingeroo

    Student Visa Dependents

    Im going to be studying childcare, we went to a good agent though, concept Australia has anyone heard of them?
  7. dingeroo

    Student Visa Dependents

    He works for British Gas as a Breakdown engineer and couldn't go as plumber because that's more out of house and when he gets tested by vetesses they will see that he doesn't do any out of house work.
  8. dingeroo

    Student Visa Dependents

    We totally understand this and we have been advised by a migrant agent that this is our only route and he did say that hopefully my OH can get an employer to sponsor him in Australia. So fingers crossed this will work its only hope at least.
  9. dingeroo

    Student Visa Dependents

    Thanks for all your replys my OH is very fed up with his job and is really not looking forward to doing another winter in this country. His brother has just been offered a job in Perth and looks like the rest of his family will be joining him so he really doesn't wan to be stuck here. I can see where you are all coming from but this is the only way we can get out of this hole. Maxine
  10. dingeroo

    Student Visa Dependents

    Hi we are back on here after giving the emigrating another go!!!! The only way we can go is if I apply for a student visa , I have already enrolled at Kingston College in Perth, WA. My partner and daughter are going to stay here whilst I study and then join me after about a year, only reason being is partner has a good job here as he works for British Gas. What I would like to know do I apply independently and then ask them to join me when the times right or do I have to add them to my student visa on my first application. Also they ask that we can prove that we have been living together, we have been together for 11 years but have always done things independently, will they accept emails of us going to seminars and going on holiday to Australia and show our Holiday Visas? Thanks again for any help in this matter. Maxine, Kevin and Lucy-Anna
  11. Hello again, in need of some advice once again. My partner has been told the only way he can get to Aussie is if he gets sponsored by an employer, just need to know where to start and if its worth us going over in 2 weeks time to look for work? Anyone who has had to go down this route or knows of how to go about this and where to start, we would be most grateful of some advice. Once again thanks :biggrin:
  12. dingeroo

    Volkswagen fans in oz?

    Hi just wondered if there was any VW fanatics in OZ? We are very much into the VW scene and enjoy going to VW shows here in England, i suppose we could live without if it comes to it but would like to know if anyone goes to them or knows of them? Thanks
  13. dingeroo

    Perth or Melbourne?

    Hello everyone, we have been seriously thinking of moving to Perth lately and my OH works for British Gas and through the research i have done on here it seems it is easier for a Gas Engineer to get a job in Melbourne. We visited Perth in March of this year and we loved every minute of it and we had plenty of adventures, what i am trying to say if we do decide to go to Melbourne what will we expect? I know the weather isnt as good a Perth but we might eventually end up in Perth once we get PR! Any experience with Melbourne would be much appreciated!:unsure:
  14. Hi everyone, just need to clear something up, i have been told that there is a loop hole regarding shipping over our VW Corrado to Oz, if you ship the engine seprate from the shell then it costs alot cheaper, anyone have any experience in knowing the ins and outs and if this is true? Thanks :skeptical:
  15. dingeroo

    Help needed for Gas Engineer

    Thanks for all of you for the replies, its good to know there are people out there that are willing to help others in this daunting task! We are going to try and do this all by ourselves thats why i seem to be on here 24/7 looking for advice. I have found out that he has to get his skills assessed by TRA and go as a Gasfitter as it is cheaper and processed faster, is this right? After we have this done i gather that we have to then start looking for work, we are thinking of taking a month out in Perth and look for work whilst we are there? Is this a good idea? When we went to the Expo that we have found out was a complete con and waste of time, but none the less, we went through the points with someone and we missed out on 5 points and this was on the basis that he passed the IELTS test of 20! She couldnt find anyway of getting those extra 5 points so as you can imagine we are very frustrated, as my OH is a jack of all trades but hasnt got all the paperwork for each one just time served! Sorry for going on but any help would be appreciated! :chatterbox: