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    My travel thread

    I was actually devastated when his character died in neighbours :wub: I would love to make the person who plays Paul. Stingray is awesome too! If you don't mind me asking how much was the tour? I was gonna swing over to Melbourne last time I was in Sydney last year but we had a huge storm and was stuck indoors for 5 days due to flooding. Will have to visit the set on my next trip over unless we manage to move before then. But still it is on my to do list. You kind of think the street has around 10 or so houses is that right or a lot less? Sorry being a complete geek here. Did you get to see the Harold's store?
  2. bell123321

    My travel thread

    Wow those photos are awesome and OMG you meet stingray!!!! (Sorry Neighbours geek here). Thank you for sharing the photos they are awesome!
  3. bell123321

    My travel thread

    Wow that's super exciting! I've always wanted to do that just haven't been to Melbourne yet! If your allowed take plenty of photos would love to see a few! Have fun that sounds awesome!
  4. bell123321

    Sposal visa 820/801 with expecting child

    Depends which state you are residing in. The only issue I want to raise is if you haven't changed visa's once the baby is born I am sure a working holiday visa says no dependents can be in the country at the same time as you, so I am not sure how that would effect you. If you are in a state that lets you register your relationship do that, but maybe consulting a migration expert may be a good idea in this tricky situation.
  5. bell123321

    Does 2 years in NZ = permanent residence in OZ ????

    Have you thought of doing the PTE test instead of IELTS?
  6. bell123321

    Britexit I told you so & i knew it!

    I think Boris is a great people person, he gets stuck in and not scared to make him self look silly in aid of a good cause. Not sure if I want him as Prime Minister or not, but to me his a great people person which beats a lot of the prime ministers.
  7. bell123321

    eu referendum update

    Because you know who is coming and going and who is helping the economy. Its better then uncontrolled where you have no idea how many schools, hospitals, houses you need to build. If its controlled you can grow the economy at the right speed to accommodate.
  8. bell123321

    My travel thread

    Wow amazing photos! Did you go on the neighbours set tour? If so I am very jel right now always wanted to go there hehe :wink:
  9. Hi not sure if anybody can advise have been looking on google but want to see if what I have read from other forum users on different forums is correct or not. In short: Husband's Qualifications: UK Honours degree Bachelors of science 2:2 Diploma of higher education Undergraduate certificate in business Level 2 diploma in culinary skills Occupation: Cook (Looking at State sponsorship) Experience: Currently 2 years 3 years next year. Age: 30 IELTS: Aiming for 20 points My question is can my husband use his Honours degree to claim the 15 points for qualification even though his current job is not related to his degree? Second question if not does anybody know if a Level 2 Diploma in culinary skills is equivalent to the 10 points for qualification for immigration. Sorry if this has been asked 100 times already. Any insights welcomed. Thank you!
  10. bell123321

    Entering Aus

    If its a spouse visa your ultimately wanting to apply for just do it in the UK save yourself the constant worry. If the OH needs to go out for work first then love can wait and your finally be rejoined at least it will give the OH a chance to hunt out places to live and areas etc. The worse case if you plan on doing what you suggest is they suspect something at the boarder give you a 3 year ban to Australia and I am not sure if this will effect any later visa's as sometimes you have to declare if you have ever been banned from a country.
  11. Sorry to hear that My auntie who lives on a farm is forever chasing off foxes horrible to hear.
  12. bell123321

    voting in

    I have had a very similar conversation with my dad funnily enough, how he was so angry in the 70s of not even having a choice of joining the EU and how it would effect manufacturing businesses etc.
  13. bell123321

    My travel thread

    Did you manage to find farm work? Good luck in your next advanture.
  14. bell123321

    Living in Redfern

    I only visited Redfern once as my friend had to work half a shift whilst I hanged around Redfern for a list to the airport, so take my comments with a pinch of salt as I don't know the area. Personally I thought it felt a little rough or at least the part I was dropped off in.
  15. bell123321

    another e.u referendum question

    In today's circumstances I would not vote to join the EU. I can kind of understand back in the 70s why they did but if they hadn't no I would not join the EU in today's circumstances as I'm not sure how it would benefit us by joining. advettisement: Join the EU in return of your membership your pay £350 million a month and see less then half back. Bail out struggling countries such as 600 million loan to Greece. Be unable to trade globally without the permission of Brussells. No high power electrical items will be allowed to be sold in the UK. Also you will be given quotas to accept x amount of immigrants and have to allow other EU citizens to live in your country. Fancy signing up? No
  16. bell123321

    Skills Assessment Requirements for Chef

    My husband looked into this and I think you need in total around 6 years experience as a chef. http://www.visabureau.com/australia/chef-jobs.aspx
  17. bell123321

    eu referendum update

    If it was the other way around and UK was out of EU and asked to join would we join? Highly doubt it.
  18. bell123321

    EURO 2016. Why so negative.

    Because there are no West Ham players :tongue:. Personally I think we need 4-8 years to train youngsters to play together and then we will stand a chance. Also get rid of Rooney,
  19. bell123321

    What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    My OH has registered to book for his English exams to try and get the extra 20 points. If he does another year work experience we will have the point difference we need but his going to try and score high in the tests. Can not believe its been 5 years of trying now. Previously I was an office manager and when I finally gained the right amount of experience they took my job off the lists. Now its the husbands try. If at first you don't succeed try, try again.
  20. I am not sure if your allowed to move to Brisbane with accepting NSW state sponsorship, (Different state) however morally its unfair as it could limit others who generally want to move to NSW in that occupation. I am sure others will give you answers, I just get nerked people abusing the system.
  21. bell123321

    My travel thread

    Have fun I really wanted to visit there last time I was over but did not get a chance. Take photos! (If you can)
  22. bell123321

    My travel thread

    Well done on the job! Life is an emotional rollercoaster. Hopefully your feel better after a week in the new job. Hope your okay.
  23. bell123321

    Hospital appointments.

    :laugh: Haha thats true, I do for the time being unless they decide it needs chopping off when I see the Consultant next week lol I also agree credit where credit is due and I am glad people have had good experiences.
  24. bell123321

    Hospital appointments.

    I wish I was that lucky! We do not have any walk in centres and only have gp or a&e. When I had a stomach ulcer was told I had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment. I ended up going to a&e I was in that much pain. Called last week for a non emergency appointment again 3 weeks. My father who is in a completely different location always has to wait 2-3 weeks. On his most recent appointment the evening before his appointment he got a call telling him they had to cancel his appointment could he re-arrange for 2 weeks later. He ended up telling them not to bother and he will put up with the constant pain as he has such difficulty getting appointments. The he only positive experience lately I have had is I only had to wait 5 months for my knee op recently which I thought was impressive for the nhs. However after the op they couldn't tell me if it was a success or not as consultant went home at 4pm and I would have to wait 8 weeks later on my follow up appointment lol. I am glad you have had such a good experience but myself, family and friends do not. (Wish we did)
  25. bell123321

    UK Internet - best deals

    We do have the landline too but I managed to get the unlimited broadband for free. Who is your landline provider because when I looked a couple of months ago everyone was £17 a month. (Unless paid a year in advance) Edit: Just seen who you provider is above. I have never heard of them so personally wouldn't go with them. (Nothing against you but reviews are low)