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    How much does it cost you to fly back to the UK?

    I was thinking on the same lines of you. Buying an open return but with flexible change of dates and if/when buy a single from the Uk to oz. I always knew it was more expensive but never realised how much more!
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    Domestic customers If you are away from home and between flights today, Qantas will arrange accommodation, meals and transfers for you. If you are away from home and beginning your journey today, unfortunately you will need to source your own accommodation we will reimburse you for reasonable out of pocket expenses including accommodation, transfers, meals and incidentals up to a total value of AUD 350 per person per day. A limit of AUD 250 per night for accommodation and AUD 100 for incidentals (meals and phone calls) per person per day applies. International customers Qantas will arrange accommodation, meals and transfers for you. Full details of how to claim your reimbursement, including an online claim form will be available on qantas.com shortly. Please ensure you keep all receipts in order to make your claim.
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    On the Perthnow website it says Fair Work Australia are holding a meeting in Melbourne at 8pm local time to see if they can prospone the strike as there was no warning issued. That is trying to stay positive, I assume they may be some news soon. Joanne are your in laws entilted to be put up in accomadation?
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    Oh no I was not saying it was okay. A previous poster was asking what the strike was about and I was just posting what I had read, Not taking sides either way. I know it is a pain for everyone, but I do not know the entire in's and outs of the situation. I am just surprised at the drastic situation.
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    Qantas said back in August that they were planning on restructuring and outsourcing, which would lead to job cuts.
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    :no: Dislike Here is a link providing advice on what to do if you are due/stuck. http://www.qantas.com.au/travel/airlines/disruptions/global/en
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    They have grounded the entire fleet including international flights Hope it does not effect anyone on here! We have our Perth family over here in England at the moment, if it does not get sorted out soon it will affect their return journey. :frown:
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    WWOOF Australia

    Yeah I understand now :GEEK: It is a little confusing! Hehe! Thank you for clearing it up :jiggy:
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    WWOOF Australia

    Thank you for that very useful information. :biggrin: A question in regards to Regional areas, am I correct in thinking that now Perth is counted as a regional area?
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    BritChick and Pommypauls Travels

    Aww thats really sweet. :wubclub: I am glad everything is working out for the pair of you :biggrin:! Keep enjoying your travels, I have enjoyed looking at the pictures posted!
  11. You might already know but in Sydney you will need to pay for school fee's on a 457.
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    457 Sponsorship

    That is an inspriation. Thank you for the post. What line of work are you in?
  13. Hello everyone! I have browsed on these forums for a while now, but normally do not like to join forums as you can get some nasty people on them. However mostly it appears that you lot are a nice helpful bunch :biggrin: A little about myself, I am 25 married with a 4 year old from West Yorkshire. I work as an administrator supervisor in a retail environment and my husband works in public relations. We have family over in Perth who we went and visited last year and fell in love with the place. We are booked to go back over in January/Feb next year to visit family and a kind of reccie. We are looking at getting a 457 sponsor and have just started sending our resume over to companies. So here is fingers crossed. :cool: I look forward to hopefully share my experience, and gain experience from fellow PomsInOz.
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    Hi! Newbie checking in and saying Hi!

    Thank you MontyClaude! We shall be looking forward to some winter sunshine we did not see much of a summer here this year (apart from a weekend or two in April)
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    I used to love Eastenders, but have gone off it a littlle of late. Also like Holby City and Neighbours (I like Toady and Paul).