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    Zero hours contracts UK

    What Perthbum describes is exactly what happens in my husbands work place. Especially for those who work on the bar. Better in the kitchen as they are very short staffed and can't keep staff due to how they treat them. Lately they have had a water leak and management have said they may have to close the pub for two weeks whilst they sort it out but because everyone is on zero hour contracts no one will get paid during these two weeks and will have to use their holiday entitlement if they have any if they want any payments. Zero hour contracts suit the employer rarely the other way around or at least not the pub chain my OH works at. It's easy to say "get another job" my OH recently went for another job got offered it to find out it was another zero hour contract job so didn't take it as he gets a decent amount of hours at the moment in his current job. He has a work trial this week for a permanent 40 hour contract fingers crossed he gets that. But depending on where you live it's not just as easy as getting another job. There is high demand for 1 job around here generally.
  2. bell123321

    Mould glorious Mould...

    Do you live near water? We have found two properties we have lived in near a stream to be terrible for mould. Our current place is crazy with mould...landlord doesn't care either. What we do apart from keeping windows open and making sure no clothes are damp or put on radiators are: we have brought a de-humidifier which helps a little. We also have mould spray in Britain which is a bleach based product which we spray and leave for 5 minutes and it wipes the mould straight off. Not to long till you can move. If you find any other solutions let me know
  3. bell123321

    Zero hours contracts UK

    Cheers, unfortunately my OH work break the law in loads of aspects, including sick pay and many other things. It is a well known company too. Today's one is a fellow chef was working till 3am last night, his been told he has to come in at 10am this morning. He mentions the 11 hour rest in-between shifts in a 24 hour period he gets told "Thats just a thing"... (Which is the law). Fingers crossed OH has a work trial on Thursday for another job which is a 40 hour contract instead of zero hours. (Though his normally working 60 hours but they don't allow workers to say they are unable to do a shift which is half the point of a zero hour contract being able to give warning that your unavailable). Thanks for the link, I have told OH this before luckily his never been off sick to date (Touch wood) at his current place just other staff who haven't been paid any sick pay.
  4. bell123321

    Zero hours contracts UK

    My oH doesn't get sick pay but does get paid leave. He accumulates it depending on how many hours he works on average from the past 12 weeks.
  5. Ps sorry for spelling mistakes on my mobile phone answering which loves to auto correct etc
  6. My husband has had surgery please pm me with any questions but I've just read out your message and he says the following "he has both part removal and full nail removal for in growing toe nails, having the full removal is a longer recovery time which was a few weeks, you can't wear proper shoes but Sandles will be prefect for the first week of recovery. He says wearing normal shoes after surgery a normal shoe feels like someone is stood on your toes. He said the recovery (my husbands was super bad in growing he would be neat to tears with the pain before surgery), asked if it was worth it he said differently his never had an issue since with his nails the surgery and the pain he went through proior to surgery caused him so much discomfort that he would do it again if he was in the same position. if you have anymore questions I can ask my husband he doesn't mind answering them as his been through the surgery of it partial removal and full remova later on. He has not regretted it.
  7. bell123321

    Zero hours contracts UK

    Incorrect in our personal circumstances. My husband is on a zero hour contract but he does generally get 40-60 hours a week due to lack of staff he works. We are not entitled to any tax credits or any benefits. The company my OH works for does abuse the zero hour contract, they make it work only for them. If an employee says they will be unavailable for a shift say in two weeks time they are according to their contract able to inform them they can not work but OH company says they need to get it covered otherwise they will give them very minimal hours from then on. Completely abuse it. We often have to wait till Sunday evening to find out OH shifts for the following week on the monday and his often starting at 6am so literally no warning. You can tell I really dislike zero hour contracts :laugh:
  8. bell123321

    My travel thread

    I'd rather fly long haul then give birth again any day :laugh:. If your able to travel and enjoy life whilst you do not have commitments why not. Hope you settle soon, I had a friend who came back from Australia from a WHV within a week she had moved to Jersey and then after that job she moved to Norway. She couldn't get rid of the travel bug lol.
  9. bell123321

    Can distant relatives sponsor me?

    Short answer No. We have looked at this in the past as we have a lot of second cousins and uncles/aunts over in Australia but none can sponsor due to not being close enough relative.
  10. bell123321

    My travel thread

    That must have been lovely to surprise your mum especially as she wasn't expecting you today :cute: 8 Hours sleep on one a flight is great! Well done! Shame about the second flight.
  11. bell123321

    My travel thread

    Hope the flight wasn't to bad.
  12. bell123321

    Moving from Australia to London

    Hi, I dont know what the qualifying period before you can claim benefits but this website is very useful: http://www.entitledto.co.uk In regards to saving's most councils only allow £6000 in savings to claim any benefits (Though I know of 1 council who allows £16000 but this is rare). I do not know the answer to the medical question.
  13. bell123321

    Going back to the U.K am I entitled to benefits ?

    Try the following website: http://www.entitledto.co.uk Should tell you everything your entitled to claim for etc. Also sorry to hear what your daughter is going through.
  14. bell123321

    My travel thread

    I can imagine it being annoying missing things you want to see. I guess thats the pain with travelling with others but also like you said you managed to see things you would not have otherwise seen. If your staying in a city it could maybe be worth seeing if there are any temping agency for a month or two work? Nothing wrong with not wanting to work remote again as you have done that a couple of times already. Totally your decision if you see work in a location you dont mind being in, I guess you could attempt to save up a little more and possibly see a few more things. Otherwise Thailand on your way home sounds fun too. Wow 9 months already where has the time gone?!
  15. bell123321

    My travel thread

    Sounds like a trip your remember and you have a reason to come back another day to visit the places missed on the trip :-) Do you have any plans now or just playing each day as it comes?
  16. bell123321

    what are you doing right now?

    Of course you aren't, but why stay in a relationship if one person is unhappy? We only have one life no point in spending it regretting we didn't do something that we had control to change. I know the other person very well and have had to deal with the blow out from both of them as I have been caught in the middle. However it is still the best decision she made. It just wasn't meant to be.
  17. bell123321

    what are you doing right now?

    I have a friend who has had to do the same thing very recently. She left then because she cared to much she went back, which was the wrong decision. She has now left again and is finally happy, she was so down about the whole situation but walking away was the best decision she said she could have made even though it was tough as she had been with this person for 8 years but she's now moving on, and is a lot happier. Its tough but you need to be selfish and ensure your happy.
  18. bell123321

    Query on PTE Exam and Validity

    Sure someone else will be better to advise but we were told it was PTE Academic for immigration so my husband is booked onto that one in September. I am not sure on the answers to the other two questions.
  19. bell123321

    Travelling to Sydney from Heathrow via Melbourne

    I heard Emirates will be doing non stop london to Perth soon. It will be a fuel stop, when I flew with Royal Brueni we stopped in Dubai to refuel however it was not mentioned anywhere on my paperwork. We had about an hour tops off the plane on this refuel stop.
  20. Sorry I can't help, my OH is taking it in Holborn in September. We have just brought the PTE Academic testbuilder book from WHSmith (Also available on amazon and waterstones) which seems to be super useful it comes with 3 CD's too to help. My OH is going to use that to practice, may be worth looking into as husband says its a good book so far and has opened up his eyes to the test format etc.
  21. bell123321

    The new tory leader ?

    I'm personally surprised with her choices but actually fairly happy with them. She has the right people to help the uk leave the EU with a balance of other people on other issues.
  22. bell123321

    ACS Assessment System Administrator

    Did you work part time during any of that time?
  23. bell123321

    My travel thread

    As long as you ensured you enjoyed your time here then no point worrying about the what if
  24. bell123321

    My travel thread

    $50 isn't to bad I thought it would be a lot more. Differently another tourist thing to tick off :cute:
  25. bell123321

    My travel thread

    @Ip77 That would be awesome to see the photos! I remember Charlene! I have heard about the pub quiz evening events. It is for sure on my to do list