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  1. Thank you both. His originally from Yorkshire, when I first meet him his accent was strong but it's a lot more tame then it used to be as his lived south east now for 10 years. We have just booked him on ielts to see if he can score better on the speaking face to face instead of PC test. It's frustrating as he scores so well in the other 3 elements on the PTE and it was his second attempt. Fingers crossed for December!
  2. So frustrating. Husband re-took his PTE, again failed on speaking even after doing loads of practice, watching youtube videos, reading books etc. He scored 80s in all other sections, how can we get his speaking up :-( He keeps scoring in the 50s when his English born, no idea what to do to bring his speaking score up.
  3. bell123321

    Pearson speaking advice

    We are in the exact same shoes my husband did not do well in speaking but fine in the others. I downloaded an app that records voices and recorded him when he was unaware. It appears his very quiet so maybe that was the issue and his speaking isn't as crisp as it may need to be. Sorry I can't help any other way, his got his second test next Monday so fingers crossed for a better result. Good luck. Will follow this thread with interest.
  4. bell123321

    Anyone re-trained to get in to oz?

    Not what you want to hear but I retrained got a degree and was working towards me post education experience. I was literally a few months off the amount of experience I needed to submit for the EOI/visa and they took my job off both skills list. Luckily I enjoyed my job but otherwise I would have been more gutted then I already was. Fast forward 5 years and my husband has re-trained as a chef/cook so hopefully second time lucky. Good luck but whatever you pick ensure your enjoy the job too.
  5. bell123321

    Having two ongoing visa applications

    I don't know the answer hopefully someone who does will comment soon. However I would have thought if you now applied for a tourist visa it would look dodgy as if your not a genuine tourist due to you applying for a WHV so it may get rejected? Fingers crossed you get your grant very soon.
  6. bell123321

    My horrible nightmare migration story.

    I was going to also suggest as Pom queen suggested. Tackle one thing at a time. Start with your health, cut down on drink slowly and do as much as you can for yourself. Then maybe look at volunteer work as this can help with the social aspect even if not paid but looks great on your cv for a paid job later on. Sometimes things are bad and we don't know what to do and can't be bothered anymore, but it takes just one change that can see us through and when your feeling that low it can only improve. Stay positive easier said then done but concentrate slowly on making small changes. Good luck I hope it improves soon!
  7. bell123321

    "Free movement of peoples" between the UK and Oz?

    it happened in the past that's how a quarter of my family moved over as £10 poms . I would love for it to happen I can hope but not sure it will happen but I never say never.
  8. bell123321

    what happens to the e.u now ?

    Sooner the better to trigger article 50 instead of being in limbo.
  9. Thanks Bobbie, more revision required (He has books and CD's he has been using). Just a little surprised he scored so low. He will try again when he can get availability/more revision in.
  10. Got results bummer OH has to re-do it again. Just missed out on 10 points. However his spelling was only 23 which I am very surprised at as he did A-Level English. Oh well, some more revision then try again.
  11. Hi all, I am a little inpatient so just wondered for others. When we log into the PTE website it says taken- scores reportable, but when we click view score a pop up message says we have to wait for the email to come. Anyone know how long this takes? (On day 6 so very nervous/but wanting to see OH results).
  12. congratulations! Very pleased for you. OH did his on the 20th but still waiting for his results still nervously waiting.
  13. Day 4 of nervously awaiting on OH PTE result....
  14. Thank you for the reply, I thought that was the case. Fingers crossed
  15. I have been worried since January he was going to do this but this is the first time I have been made redundant. Some positive news I have a job interview next week (Only shelf stacking over night but need something to pay the bills) Hopefully will get either administration or supervisory role in the future but happy for anything at the moment. Also OH took his PTE exam today so fingers crossed for a good result.
  16. Hey sorry if this question has been asked before I think I know the answer but want to confirm. My husband did his PTE Academic today. To get 20 points for immigration does he need to score over 79 in each four areas or has the overall result got to be over 79. Thank you!
  17. Thank you, he was trying to make out he was doing me a favour as he said he will pay me my wages and put the weeks pay and weeks holiday through as redundancy so i do not get taxed on it. He doesn't realise that this months pay is already accounted for rent and bills etc. I have applied for a couple of jobs today. Also applied for a form to help with dentist and prescription costs, got myself a 0 interest free credit card 2 years and balance transfer to transfer the amount I owe on a credit card so at least I am not being hit to much on interest. I dont owe to much but when I have no income it could become an issue so thought i'd apply now. I have grabbed myself a housing benefit form but I really dislike claiming benefits. If I manage to get the part time job then I would only be entitled to £3 a month. They seem to think rents are available for £150 per week but currently live in the south East and I haven't seen any flats/houses at that price :laugh:. The OH has a work trial for a chef job but he will probably have to turn it down unless he can negotiate on salary as its offering less then his current job as a cook. Looking positive I am sure we will figure something out. I just feel like I was stuck in the middle of a difficult situation and I am the one suffering for it. But on the bright side its lovely and sunny outside so I shall go for a walk later and cheer myself up.
  18. I would recommend two hours weekly, if you have any friends or family you could ask to be put on their insurance. I got an extra lesson a week by paying £30 for a year to be put on a friends car insurance. I had a friend do one of those week intense courses and she said it was the worse decision ever driving 8 hours a day for a week. I was thinking of doing an intense course but she put me off :laugh:. You could book your theory test, I booked mine before i even stepped foot in the drivers side of a car. It then forced me to learn to drive as I had two years before the theory expired. All the best! Practice and your get there :cute:
  19. I considered learning an automatic but in the UK most cars are manuals there aren't as many automatics. The other issue is if you get an automatic license in the UK your not allowed to drive any manuals. So I decided I would take longer and learn in a manual that way I can pick what car I drive it doesn't matter if its an automatic or a manual.
  20. I would doubt that it would count. Only way to know for sure is to contact a migration agency or ask immigration?
  21. I am not sure if I am the only person being made redundant for sure it is a fairly small business and I work from home. Yeah he needs help his not dealing with the breakup. He threatened me that if I ever spoke to my friends new boyfriend he would sack me. I have this in emails and texts he threatened this a few times. I just can't afford to take it to court. Just gotta hope I find something quickly.
  22. Feel better writing that down
  23. IKNOWC - found out last night I'm being made redundant. I have worked with my current company 3.5 years but only 1.5 full time. It was a fabalous job as I worked from home so had zero childcare costs. Im being made redundant because my boss split up with his girlfriend a couple of months ago. Im very close friends with his girlfriend. After they broke he kept calling out of work hours asking me about her. He even pretended he was going to hurt himself so I rushed to his aid on a weekend. He set up fake Facebook accounts got new SIM cards and messaged himself pretending to be someone taunting him about losing his long term girlfriend (8 years). His ex caught him out that it was him though he doesn't know for sure that I know. I had to ask him to keep things professional last month as it was upsetting my husband the amount of time I was spending with him which is fair enough. But because of that his finally letting me go with 1 weeks notice and paid holiday. I'm screwed unless I find a job that pays at least 3k more then my current job as childcare costs around here is going to be close to 6k a year. If I go part time and work during school hours I will be £200 short a month so will need to live off £20 a week food shopping to survive. All the kids clubs are fully booked for a year and there are only 4 childminders in this town that pick up from my daughters school. I have yet had the chance to enquire on their availability. His also taking the PC and printer so I need to purchase a new one (I have my dad who has kindly offered to buy my a laptop to help for job hunting). I have looked at taking him to court for unfair dismissal as I have proof of him saying various things. But I can't afford the initial court costs. I have no idea what to do. I have enough cash to see me through till December but if I don't have a high paid full time job by then I don't know what I'm gonna do. guess live off beans and toast. Think Christmas and Oh and daughter birthdays will be cancelled. So stressed :-(
  24. good luck put your mind to it and practice clutch and gears in the living room (yes I'm sad). I got driving lessons two Christmas ago. I started mid January two hour lessons a week had a 3 week holiday in April and passed first week in May. You can do it!!