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  1. Eddy Smirks

    RE: Gold Coast

    G'day Gareth. Not sure on the school situation, but the suburbs of the northern Gold Coast are pretty family friendly and close to the Broadwater. Try Runaway Bay, Hollywell and Paradise Point. Slightly more affordable are Coomera and Helensvale - this is also where there are train stations on the main Gold Coast- Brisbane train line and are close to the motorway. There's definitely less jobs on the Gold Coast than Brisbane and situating yourself close to good transport links up to Brisbane would help open up more opportunities. Cheers, Eddy
  2. Eddy Smirks

    Renting a place with a pool - is it worth it?

    Hi. To be honest, as nice as a pool can be, be prepared to spend a fair bit of time maintaining it. Coupled with the extra electricity, water and consumables costs for the sake of 12 months I wouldn't bother. Bear in mind pool weather in Brisbane is pretty much over now until November. So in the mean time you'll be paying the premium for having a pool without being able to use it. If it was myself, I'd forego the pool for now, increase the available properties you can choose from and reduce costs. Cheers, Eddy
  3. Eddy Smirks

    permanent after 2 years on 457

    Hi JPH, I believe you can apply for PR at any time on a 457. The two year minimum allows you to avoid the skills assessment. I very much doubt that leaving for a year and returning with the same employer on a new visa would count toward your two years though. A quick search on the DIBP website should give you a more comprehensive answer. Good luck. Eddy
  4. Eddy Smirks

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    G’day folks. The day has finally come. Just been informed my 186 PR has been granted!! Feels like it has taken an eternity. Started the process last June, but with my company’s HR department being generally useless it took until November for them to get the application in and there was another month’s delay when they hadn’t uploaded any docs with it. Kicking myself I waited until the nomination came through but that’s life. Good luck to everyone still waiting!! Freedom!!! Haha!!!
  5. Eddy Smirks

    457 & Redundancy - Complication!

    Ha-ha! What planet are you on!? :err: As to the original question, do a quick Google search on non-compete clauses (or covenants). The clause has to be reasonable and the company has to prove that your actions have had a detrimental effect on their business (trying to poach their clients etc). Highly unlikely to be enforced but it covers them in case you do something that screws them. Good luck on your job search! Eddy
  6. Eddy Smirks

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi Shriniwas, I don’t believe it’s quicker if you have your nomination already approved. There appears to be a couple of us who applied late April after the nomination was approved who are still waiting. In fact, it almost seems like it takes longer to approve if the nomination is already in place. Eddy
  7. Eddy Smirks

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Yes, still says 'application recieved'. Hasn't changed since 30 April. Hopefully it gets approved in the next week or so. I'll be gutted if they ask for more info and I lose another month. Been waiting over a year (June '14) since I first started the process when I enquired with work about getting sponsored. Eddy
  8. Eddy Smirks

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi. I'm almost in the same boat. Nomination approved before visa app on 30 April. It's been a hell of a long wait and still nothing. Eddy
  9. Eddy Smirks

    BA flight to Sydney via singapore

    Update on the last post. Unbelievably just received an email from the Civil Aviation Authority (maybe they read the forum ) who contacted BA on our behalf saying that BA won't pay compensation for the downgrade because it was a code share, just the difference in cost between Premium Economy and Economy. The difference they calculate as $77... Well, if I can get an upgrade on an international flight for $77 I'll fly BA for the rest of my life. W@nkers. Eddy
  10. Eddy Smirks

    BA flight to Sydney via singapore

    My experience from flying premium economy last year with BA has put me off them for life. I flew Brisbane-Singapore-London. First leg to Singapore was actually pretty good but that was a code share with a Qantas plane, the rest of the experience was pretty average. Worst though was that on my return a few weeks later we were informed Qantas no longer flew a premium economy flight from Singapore to Brisbane so we were downgraded to economy. After over a year of correspondence and arbitration by the CAA I'm still waiting for compensation for paying a premium for a seat which I never received - seems like BA can take your money for a premium/business/first class ticket, stick you in economy and walk off with your money. Eddy
  11. Eddy Smirks

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi. I believe you need to get your employer to share this information via their account. It's not something you can just do by entering your nomination TRN. Annoyingly there is absolutely nothing about this on the immi website. I queried this with immi and was told that the employer nomination can include sensitive information which the employer may not wish you to see. It would be good if you could see some basic info about the employer app though. I was told by my employer's HR dept that they had made the application 8 weeks before they really did! Only found this out when they sent me the approval confirmation letter. The wait was driving me insane, believing it had gone in 2 months earlier certainly didn't help. Good luck with your app! Eddy
  12. Eddy Smirks

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    G'day. Does anyone know how to import a nomination into myimmi? I have the TRN number from my employer but when I try to import the application I get an error message saying "This type of application cannot be imported". Can't find anything about this on the web. Any thoughts? To add to the thread, nomination went in on 08 October. As far as I'm aware from my HR department there's been no movement whatsoever. Painful to say the least as I'm waiting for the nomination to be approved before I apply for PR. Cheers, eddy
  13. Eddy Smirks

    Savings Account

    RAMS has a high interest account offering up to 4.11% if you deposit at least $200 and make no withdrawals. Eddy
  14. Eddy Smirks

    Comfortable living wage for Brisbane?

    Hi, As Chortlepuss said, this really depends on your expectations of what is comfortable. If you want to live in a house within 5km of the cbd, take multiple overseas holidays a year, own a new car and eat out three times a week this is going to cost a lot more than someone who doesn't. The 2.2 - 2.5 multiplier is a good starting point for some comparison though with your current salary. Best thing to do is to write down your expectations then trawl the net to find equivalent AUD costs. Personally I think Brisbane is good value. You can live cheaply if you have to without being too far from civilization and there's plenty to do which is free and great access to the Sunny and Gold Coasts. Good luck with your adventure! Eddy
  15. Eddy Smirks

    Tax Return for a Virgin

    Hi Michael, Looks like your sunnies could be a legitimate expense if used for protection purposes (I'm guessing working outside on playground duty for example). https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Income-and-deductions/In-detail/Deductions-for-specific-industries-and-occupations/Teachers-2012-13/?page=8#sunglasses_sunhats_etc Eddy