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  1. graham834

    HELP!!! Uk passport expired and due to travel 25th June

    We didn't have to provide passport numbers when booking. We have to log into Virgin Australia's website and add this information before we fly.
  2. graham834

    HELP!!! Uk passport expired and due to travel 25th June

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately Aus Post stopped this service on the 13th January and now all applications have to be done online :-( Current processing time is 8 weeks.
  3. Hi Guys, we are in a bit of a dilemma. We've booked a family holiday to Bali leaving on the 25th June and just realised our daughters uk passport has expired. Having looked online the processing times to renew it are about 8 weeks at the min so wouldn't be back on time. Would she be eligible for an emergency travel document and if so can she use this to get back into Australia - without proof of visa? We have PR. Any advice would be most appreciated..... Feeling very stressed as we have spent a lot of money on this holiday.
  4. graham834

    Gas Bill!!!!

    Sorry it's for 4 weeks!
  5. graham834

    Gas Bill!!!!

    Hey Guys, We have just received our first gas bill which is $154 for weeks!!!! I thought we only had the cooker which used gas but surely this can't be for just gas. We have ducted heating and cooling - could this be gas rather than electric? There is just the 3 of us in the house.
  6. graham834

    Primary schools in Balwyn

    Thanks I will have a look at them :-)
  7. graham834

    Melbourne suburbs advice

    Hi Palmyra, We have just found a suitable rental property in North Balwyn which we move into next week :-) We have a 4 year old daughter who we need to find a school. Do you know of any good schools in the area either public or private? How are you finding the area? Any advice would be much appreciated. Amanda
  8. graham834

    Primary schools in Balwyn

    Hi Guys, We have just found a suitable rental propert in North Balwyn and now need to find a good school for our 4 year old daughter. Does anyone know of any good schools both public and private? We would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Amanda
  9. Hi Guys, We are a family of 3 looking to find a nice suburb in northern Melbourne. My husband is going to be working in North Fitzroy so we have decided northern suburbs will be easiest to commute - but which ones are nice?? We have a 4 year old girl whom we need to find a good school. Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated. We are thinking of maybe Ivanhoe or MacCloud. We have also been looking at Balwyn. Many thanks, Amanda xx
  10. graham834

    Pros and cons of living in Melb

    Hi, Thanks for replying. In terms of budget we are thinking around the $350-400 mark for a 3 bed house but may be able to stretch to $500 if we found a nice place! We would like a 3 bed house with a garden and a 45min commute to CBD would be perfect - which suburb do you live? Our main priority is to find a good school for our daughter. She turned 4 on the 09th March past so I think she will be due to start a kindergarten class when we arrive. If I am correct the term starts in July?? She attends a kindergarten class at a private school in the UK at the moment but we are willing to consider both private and public in Oz. Thank you for very much for your time in replying, we really appreciate your advice. Thanks, Amanda
  11. graham834

    Pros and cons of living in Melb

    Hi Starlight, We are arriving in Melbourne on the 19th June and have a 4 year old little girl. We are really stuck on which suburb to settle. We need to find a nice area with a good school for our daughter but also within a commute to cbd. We would appreciate any advice you can provide. Thanks, Amanda
  12. Hey everyone, We have the shipping company coming on the 2nd April to pack all of our belongings for shipping to Melbourne. I wanted to check with everyone if there are any things in particular that I should buy here in the UK to bring over. I've been thinking of buying some new bedding, a new microwave (as the one I have is really old), cutelry etc etc. Just wondering if it is worth buying anything else really - perhaps there are certain things in Oz that are really expensive?? Welcome your views on this? Thanks, Amanda
  13. graham834

    Medicare - How does it work??

    Hi, Can anyone explain to me how Medicare works - is it similar to the NHS in the UK? I have seen some threads talking about taking our private medical insurance - is this necessary and if so how much does it cost? I have psorsias and see a dermatologist every 3 months here in the UK and I take methatraxate for it also. How will this fare out in OZ when I arrive in June. Do I just need to make an appointment to see a doctor when I arrive who will sort out medication and referral?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Amanda
  14. graham834

    Which suburb in Melbourne??

    Thank you very much your comments its reassuring to hear everything works out! Which suburb did you end up picking? Thanks again, Amanda
  15. graham834

    Which suburb in Melbourne??

    Hi, We are emigrating to Melbourne arriving on the 19th June. My husband has been offered a job in Fitzroy and as yet we havent decided on a suburb to live as we were waiting to see if my OH secured a job. Can anyone recommend any nice suburbs within a commute to Fitzroy?? We would like a nice family suburb with good schools, parks etc. We will be renting for the first 6- 12 months and would like a house which has a big back garden. If anyone can recommend any nice areas for us to consider it would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Amanda