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    <p>Hi Ian</p>

    <p>The central heating or hydronic heating as it is called over here as we know it is a small industry here compared to what you are used to it is mostly gas ducted here. But saying that there is not enough good tecchnical people who understand how to fix the boilers.</p>

    <p>It depends if you want to specialise or if you want to do the whole range of gas appliances.</p>

    <p>You need to get your qualifictions recognised and you can get assessed in the UK now to get a changeover qualification so you can start work straight away. They call it gas registration.</p>

    <p>For a service person the wages normally start at about $55,000.</p>

    <p>It is a bit different here, it can be quite difficult to get a start but once you do you will be fine so do as much research before you come over.</p>

    <p>If you want to do central heating you either install here or service not many people do both so yo will have to decide which one you would want to do.</p>

    <p>Hope this helps</p>

    <p>Regard Jim</p>