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    Palm Beach, Rockingham

    From the album: Benandkelly & Family

  2. Its definately worth buying the regs as the security license test in all about the regs! also Just google AMCA cablers icense WA. Theres a couple of different ways you can do the cabling license.
  3. Hi, sorry i haven't replied sooner. Most companies will not employ you unless you have the AMCA cablers license. You also need a security license
  4. benandkelly

    TRA skills assessment

    Hi all, are there any security technicians on here that have done the TRA skills assessment? i'd like some advise on what i need to do. i have a rough idea but need some clarification if anyone can help Thanks
  5. benandkelly

    PR medicals while pregnant

    Thanks for the info guys, We just wanted to know where we stood. :-)
  6. benandkelly

    PR medicals while pregnant

    Hi all, we have been in Oz nearly a year now and my company hae started the process of getting us pr under rsms. Does anyone have any info on how OH being pregnant would/will affect the medical assessment (pregnant women can't have xrays). Thanks in advance for your help
  7. benandkelly

    nomination approval. How long?

    Does anyone have any idea how long 457 nomination approvals are taking at the moment? My sponsor has been accepted as a business sponsor and now just waiting for DIAC to accept nomination. We have already submitted our e457 application and immi shows processing has commenced. We have uploaded most documents but are waiting on a couple of stat decs and a court search from our solicitor who currently has taken 4 weeks and has only just (in the last week) applied to the courts for a search to be done. Any help much appreciated :smile:
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    Benandkelly & Family

  9. benandkelly

    Would like to meet new Friends Rockingham Area

    I'm sure I recognise you, I think our kids may have started at charthouse the same day (1st feb), and we was in the same group going around the classes.
  10. benandkelly

    Would like to meet new Friends Rockingham Area

    I couldn't find you, too many with the same name lol, I have sent you a pm with my facebook link.
  11. benandkelly

    Would like to meet new Friends Rockingham Area

    That would be lovely. Bet you cant wait to get here, we love it here. Do you have facebook? If so we could add each other on there if you want.
  12. benandkelly

    Would like to meet new Friends Rockingham Area

    Hi all, we moved here in November 2011, and first stayed in Safety bay. We now have a rental in Warnbro, very close to the beach. We are Kelly (me) partner Jody (works in CCTV all over WA), 3 kids aged 13, 12, & 8. The two youngest go to Charthouse primary school (which i think is a fab school) the eldest goes to Warnbro community high (which she loves and is getting on really well). We have also just adopted a mad dog from K9. We would love to meet new people and make new friends in the area too.
  13. Can anyone give advice on which is best to meet the requirments of the 457 visa? Also can anyone recommend any companies please
  14. benandkelly

    Do you have to clear UK debts?

    Think we are going to have to go down the voluntary repossession route tbh. Your right they are don't take any notice of your circumstances at all. I will be doing a bit of travelling with my new job so thats good as I love travelling! I'll be sure to look out for a middle aged backpacker wandering around :wink:
  15. benandkelly

    Do you have to clear UK debts?

    sound exactly the same as my parents! They do sometimes moan at me but they've never asked for anything back. we have had nothing but trouble with our mortgage company for the past 7 years. They are scum tbh. They dont like me cos I dont take their BS. Where you headed in Oz? We're off to Perth but we want to visit pretty much everywhere :biggrin: Good luck and I hope you and yours get there soon buddy
  16. benandkelly

    Do you have to clear UK debts?

    Thanks for the manhug Tony :biggrin: lol :hug::hug: have some back for your great words :wink: We've been living hand to mouth since I had an accident at work in Dec 2010. We've been in a bad situation for years and really struggled to make ends meet to the point where we fell really behind with our council tax and mortgage. Had bailiffs at the door threatening to break into our home and take everything (they cant do that by the way). since I had an accident at work in dec 2010 things got worse! The only reason we're going with 3k is because my parents gave us it! If it wasnt for them we'd be going with a few hundred quid in our pockets and the clothes on our backs. The school of hard knocks certainly does prepare you for life. At the end of the day we have been given a chance to start over so to speak and we know where we made mistakes and theres no way in hell we'll make the same mistakes again! Ben
  17. benandkelly

    Do you have to clear UK debts?

    Have you tried any of the mining companies? They seem to sponsor and they pay very well too. Good luck in getting to Oz. We're heading to Perth on the 8th November. Well we are if Qantas sort themselves out by then!!
  18. benandkelly

    Do you have to clear UK debts?

    Your very welcome. It would be great to go with loads of money but hey, we've never had money and lived hand to mouth for way too long here. I wish you both luck in getting a sponsor. what work does your OH do?
  19. benandkelly

    Do you have to clear UK debts?

    We are a family of 5 and we are going with 3k. we have been very lucky to have a sponsor who is paying for our flights and some accommodation for a few weeks. I cant stand all these people who say 'you need at least 10 or 20k to move to oz'. why do you need any money if you've already got a job to go to?? Also we have a house in the uk that we cannot sell and the mortgage co will not let us rent it. We cant get a RTB mortgage as we dont have 30% + deposit.
  20. I would highly recommend Crown relocations. The only problem we had was with the insurance forms. Due to people not talking to each other. The packers where amazingly quick and ultra efficient. Also I managed to get them down to £4.5k including Aqis and insurance :biggrin:
  21. benandkelly

    Security work

    LinkedIn is a great place to make contacts who will be more than happy to help you
  22. benandkelly

    Crown coming in the morning!!!!

    Do you think you may have posted on the wrong thread there THE DUNSCOMBE FAMILY? :tongue:
  23. Does anyone know what time they'll turn up? Daft question I know but they were booked in a hurry on friday n I didnt think to ask what time they'd be here lol
  24. benandkelly

    457 processing times

    Where abouts is Lesmurdie? I have a feeling that may be where we're going to be staying for a while. Hmmm friend with a furniture shop... Your a very good person to know then :wink: lol My sponsor is paying for our shipping so why not take everything we can :biggrin: