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  1. Hi above, The ceremony I have been scheduled starts at 9.30am, need to arrive 30 minutes prior to commencement. See you on that day !! xx
  2. really quick, i got it approved on the same day. departmental ceremonies are held by the immigration department in your city, not local council.
  3. ikgc

    Citizenship !

    Got uni, so need HECS !
  4. ikgc

    Citizenship !

    I am going to an urgent ceremony on 4th Feb. I applied on 14th Nov, did the interview on 29th Nov and it was approved on the same day. Best of luck to you. I can't believe the immigration being so efficient in this regard !!!
  5. Thank you for the post! After a long wait I gave immi a call this morning and found out my request was approved. The ceremony letter is on the way being sent out and I am going to a departmental ceremony on 4th Feb, well before the payment due date for next semester, 14th Feb. Best of luck to you too, I hope you will have a wonderful moment at the ceremony. ps. After checking with the immigration on the phone, the ceremony letter arrived in the mailbox two hours later !!
  6. ikgc

    Citizenship Done

    I said I got uni but I cannot afford to pay upfront. Fees are the same for PRs or citizens, there are eligible for local fees. The only difference is that PRs need to pay the fees upfront without loan. Citizens can defer the payment into the tax system via a loan called HECS and repay that after their income reaches a certain threshold. I had to put in a urgent ceremony form and attach some evidence to prove that I had enrolled into a course and the fees were due. I am not sure about your situation, but you can try. As long as you have a compassionate reason I don't see why they will decline it. Good luck. XX
  7. Hey everyone, how has your ceremony been ? I got mine approved on 29/11/2013. I checked with the immigration and was told I would not be attending the ceremony on 26/01. So I have to apply for urgent ceremony so I can get HECS for the coming semester. I went to immigration today, filled out a form, and attached my fee statements as evidence. Does anyone know how long it takes approximately to get a reply from them? I am in Melbourne btw .... xx
  8. I never expected DIAC was so efficient. Lodged my application yesterday and got an email today telling me the appointment is on 29th Nov :P
  9. I just submitted my citizenship application online and will attach documents soon. Anyone has a rough idea how long it takes for DIAC to send the appointment letter ?!?! I am Melbourne based by the way.
  10. ikgc

    Citizenship Done

    Congratulations. I am on the same boat and applying on 14th Nov. I'm afraid I can't beat the deadline for the next semester. Which city are you in? I am in Melbourne and hope it is as efficient !!
  11. ikgc

    Citizenship !

    Thanks. But I also need citizenship because I am a student and need HESC to support my study. I cannot afford to pay upfront so I need it by the census date.
  12. ikgc

    Citizenship !

    Hi there, I am eligible for citizenship on 14th Nov 2013. Does anyone think I can fit into the citizenship ceremony on 26 January 2014 ? Given it is quite tight and not much time left if taking Christmas and stuff in consideration. I really want to take out citizenship on the national day because there is no second chance in life:arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh::arghh: ( I am in Melbourne)
  13. ikgc

    Citizenship, Brisbane office

    You don't seem to be eligible to citizenship by the look of your timeframe ? You need to have lived in Australia for at least 4 years with at least 12 months being a permanent resident.
  14. ikgc

    Health Check from previous Application

    You just need to scan and attach the previous official receipt onto the system They can retrieve your information from the system. You just need to make sure the results are still valid I did the same and no problem at all.