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  1. Slean Wolfhead

    Such a terrible tragedy!

    It's quite a thing. The Palace of Westminster, Commons and Lords is expected to cost the taxpayer £3.5 bill, (so double that then). If they just burned it down, they could see what they get in donations.
  2. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Fascinating story being unravelled about Robbie Gibb, May's communications director. Gibb was exposed as one of the people trying to split the Tories and one of the reasons there's so much infighting, because the thought is that he's been undermining her at every opportunity and making up his own briefings. He was the person Nick Boles was talking about when he resigned: It turns out that Gibb was perhaps even at the BBC, pushing his personal agenda to pump out lies all along, including that American who said Teresa May was the first person Trump called, and that the UK would be at "the front of the queue" for a USA trade deal. Apparently it was all bollocks, this bloke was never a candidate to be an Ambassador, they all knew it, but put him on the TV anyway just to con the British people and keep up Brexiter's spirits, which in turn prevented them from self-examining their own cocksure beliefs. Another case of pumping out stuff expecting people to swallow any old rubbish. Makes good reading (if worrying because he seems a bit loopy), but i feel for all the people on here who put their faith in the USA taking our side to bail us out of any trouble, noting that the USA have kicked off talks with the EU this week and also threatened the UK very strongly over Ireland. For more information about the slightly sinister Ted Malloch....
  3. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Very true. In my old home town they voted for Brexit. It's low socio-economic, ex-manufacturing, ex-heavy industry and steelworks, and the schools aren't great so a traditional labour-voting town always being ignored by central Government, but they voted in a Tory MP because the boundaries were changed to absorb a pretty affluent suburb and change the voter demographic. It's ironic that the people best suited to voting Labour want Brexit because they reckon they got the thin end of the wedge, but the more affluent who helped bring in a Tory MP want to remain. The Tory MP (who is not a hard Brexiter) is getting protection and hasn't been sighted in pubic for quite some time...she's certainly stopped walking round in public because the place is on it's knees. How to feck up a country eh. The truth is, you can't fix this quickly. A generation have to be moved on, and the next generation have to be smarter, more ambitious, more flexible, more willing to change and see their lives as sitting in one place. We've already moved into a world of migration and constant change, and the ones who didn't move with it are caught out. Time does not go in reverse.
  4. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    with your record of random predictions, people should do the complete opposite of anything you say if they want to get ahead
  5. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I saw an interview with that Brendan Boyle about a month ago and my impression of him was that he was spoiling for a fight, was no friend of the UK, and would ensure that the USA were going to make sure that Ireland were not pushed aside by any UK right factions who were trying to diminish their interests. This looks to me like the Americans got Mogg and the ERG in a room and feckin' pasted them against the wall.
  6. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I think we've finally found your niche
  7. Slean Wolfhead

    Paras shoot at an image of Jeremy Corbyn

    I guess because they aren't part of the deal the British government made as we always said we were not at war and fighting under rules? They must have reason to believe that it wasn't a mistake and was deliberate, or at least they've had to admit that there is a case to answer which is outside the agreement. It's no different to the Brum pub bombings now that the ex-IRA have named the individuals after hearing the families plea. They can now pursue them for damages in a Court, the ones that are left alive. That was 2 years after Bloody Sunday, so you can see what tensions of revenge can bring and innocent people get killed on both sides. The IRA have never accepted that as murder, but we all think differently Even though the Irish felt they were fighting a war, the British Government never accepted that and expected rules of engagement. Maybe they should have. By theor own rules they must have felt this one individual has a case to answer outside of their protection, because maybe they think he was acting differently on purpose and without orders? I guess his trial will examine the evidence and a jury will decide.
  8. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    You drink beer at the temperature it's meant to be drunk at, so you change the recipe to suit the climate. I would drink a Bank's Mild in Australia at room temperature, but the rooms in the UK are a lot colder so it suits! There's a lot of snobbery for something thats 95% water, it's just a drink. As long as it's ice cold in summer, who gives a FF.
  9. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I'd like to see where these wineries are in the UK. You really have to see it to understand Perthbum, and I guess because you're not here you can't know. The micro brewing industry was dead for many years in the UK when mass-produced beer was so cheap and killing the market...have what you like as long as Fosters, Carling, Stella or a blue WKD. Made a big comeback now though which is good to see, as the biggest breweries tried to raise prices after shutting them down. Beer has never been cheap in Australia and they can't do the supermarket deals the UK did, so micro-breweries have competed all along and been able to stay in business. This bloke has one pub in the ACT and a new cannery in a trading estate. He got the contract for Singapore Airlines and a run in Wetherspoons UK as a guest. Great to see for a very small firm. https://www.bentspokebrewing.com.au/
  10. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yeah, like you'd have made a better Chancellor, barrister, health secretary, education secretary. If only the jiob description was googling and being a copy and paste merchant, you could all get good jobs! The best part about his interview is that he can speak the truth and admit his mistakes, which you just cannot bring yourself to do, or face up to the truth. He's got you, Simmo and the other old codgers down to a tee hasn't he Perthbum? Angry people who can see no way out, but somehow think it has to be fixed for you, or you'll spite everybody? It still doesn't mean that you can be trusted with anything, but he admits that there was a huge problem with the UK population that they completely failed to notice. Fix the UK, and you fix it all.
  11. Slean Wolfhead

    Paras shoot at an image of Jeremy Corbyn

    Were you there that day? How would you have reacted? How do you know he's a scapegoat when you don't know what he's done? How do you know what he was sent to do? How do you know what was in his head? This is just you making random subversive arguments again, because you make your mind up without evidence and get most of it wrong. There is nothing wrong with standing by him, he's an innocent man...but what part of the previous days postings about the now 21 year old GFA do you not comprehend? Did you really not understand? Isn't the point of this trial to examine his specific actions? You would assume that the other soldiers who have NOT been charged were ignored because they were not thought to be aiming at the backs of people's heads after an independent examination of the factual evidence. Otherwise they would have all been charged no? Why were they not charged, if you know all these answers? He has not been found guilty, but there is a case for him to answer....this is our legal system and it demeans your standing if you want to pick and choose who should stand in front of it.
  12. Slean Wolfhead

    Before Brexit

    And you can't provide a link to this "mass migration policy" because it's an obvious lie that you made up. On yer bike, you're wasting our time and it's time you buggered off and wasted somebody else's.
  13. Slean Wolfhead

    Before Brexit

    It's the only thing he has to try and pretend that his arguments are not all complete failures. and nationalist bullshine of the worst type of citizen. The migrants would provide a better benefit than him.
  14. Slean Wolfhead

    Before Brexit

    So you cannot provide a link to the "mass migration policy". You don't even know the meaning of the word policy do you?
  15. Slean Wolfhead

    Before Brexit

    <sigh> So I guess by your continued evasion, you cannot provide a link to the "mass migration policy" you complained about in your previous post ? Is that because you made it up on the spot, you little fibber? Do you ever lie in bed at night and wonder to yourself, why do I keep making a fool of myself on the internet ?