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  1. Brexit

    Most biased paper in the UK, makes accusation of bias ? Come on, this is just more rubbish aimed at stupid people.
  2. Brexit The Daily "Diana" Express is a racist Little Englander rag an infamous conservative British tabloid newspaper. Historical[edit] In 1933, when foreign critics of the Nazi regime led a boycott of German goods, the Express ran with the headline: JUDEA DECLARES WAR ON GERMANY! Jews Of All The World Unite In Action. This headline is still widely circulated around white nationalist and anti-Semitic blogs and Bible-thumping websites on the internet as undeniable proof of the Jewish agenda to force Western nations into war for Germany, despite it being little more than run-of-the-mill tabloid sensationalism.[3] The paper claimed a crusading purpose, with a crusader knight as a logo, although according to the BBC its campaigns "did not always have the intended effect. [Its] attack on the Labour party during the 1945 general election with the headline The National Socialists was considered by some to have helped to secure their victory, while cynics said no cause was truly lost until it had been championed by the Express." It also gained a reputation for suppressing undesirable news stories such as the affair between Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, and Churchill's stroke in 1949.[2] In the 1950s, the paper employed prominent British fascist A. K. Chesterton as a "literary adviser" and columnist; Chesterton also ghost-wrote Beaverbrook's autobiography.[4] In the late 1990s, it briefly tried a left-wing position under editor Rosie Boycott[2], but soon reverted to type when in 2000 it was purchased by pornographer and wannabe media tycoon Richard Desmond. Modern[edit] Like the Daily Mail, the Express is typically outspoken against further European immigration, laments the downfall of the traditional nuclear family, and is highly critical of un-conservative, un-British "values." The main news articles often include telephone numbers for its readership to text message their opinions in relation to the article topic. These text-in boxes are typically of questions along the lines of "Should Britain leave the EU?" and "Should we shut down immigration to the UK?" Express Newspapers also publish a red-top tabloid (i.e. even more trashy and sensationalist), the Daily Star. The Express and the Star, along with some other red-top tabloids (The Sun, News of the World), are noted for morbidly milking human interest stories for as much mileage as possible, particularly cases of missing or murdered children. While it could be considered commendable to keep up the publicity for an unsolved child's disappearance, in the Madeleine McCann case of 2007, most headlines revolved around sensationalising accusations brought against the parents. Even in 2009, sensational headlines involving mostly speculative details and accusations continued to head the Express front page. Such coverage of the Madeleine McCann case led to the child's parents suing the Express and the Star for libel over accusations of their involvement in her mysterious disappearance.[5] Sensationalising the most inane and trivial things on the front page probably hit its peak with a Sunday Express report that survivors of the Dunblane massacre were "shaming the memory of their dead friends" by... well, doing what perfectly normal 18 year-olds do, like occasionally swear and drink a bit.[6] During the housing boom of the 1980s the Express ran a readers' competition to "Win a £125,000 mortgage."
  3. Brexit

    you expect these people to read ? These people only want to be told what they want to hear, they're putty. I know which one of these is the wackiest.........
  4. Brexit

    yeah yeah, course.
  5. Brexit

    I thought you weren't replying anymore because it was "shite". You're like a snake oil salesman who doesn't know what his product is made from.
  6. Brexit

    You were asking what they were, i thought you hadn't been keeping up with the news.
  7. Brexit

    The fact that it would be "one of the easiest things in human history " and the UK could walk away for nothing. Unluckily for us all, the people who made these claims are now part of the team who are proving that it is incredibly difficult, very expensive and seemingly beyond them to get anything at all good.
  8. Brexit

    While i can see the point of some of the arguments, for a lot it's unhappiness with their own lot, a lump of spite, and a chance to feel like a winner. It's not difficult to see the obvious theme..not just on this forum but others as well. They''re basically the same person with a different nickname, with the same level of understanding, saying the same things, explaining little. I do think Britain has a lot to answer for, it's a self-created mess that's gone on for a generation and a half...the direct product of self-centered Thatcherism and every man for himself. She said there was no such thing as society, and we've made damn sure it's come true. We now have people thinking they deserve things, but haven't put the same effort in compared to others and just expect that to be ignored. I was speaking to my dad the other day about his childhood, and it was friggin abysmal in the 1940's. They were getting food parcels sent well into the 1950's, and they basically had F all, hand me down clothes, bread and dripping, outside toilets..the lot. You see what people are complaining about today, and you think......maybe a good dose of hardship will teach you about values, sharing, and just how much harder life can be.
  9. Brexit

    I can't understand what's wrong with this woman. How in god's name can we have spent 16 months coming up with the sum total of "it will be streamlined" and the cost will be "as low as possible". Why haven't they worked out exactly what the system is, and how much it will cost, even to a capped figure if they don't know exactly. It's wishy washy rubbish, no wonder the Germans think we're taking the piss if this is the best we can do. Theresa May has vowed to make it as easy as possible for EU citizens to remain in the UK after Brexit ahead of a key summit of European leaders. In a Facebook post, the prime minister insisted the application process for settled status would be "streamlined" and the cost "as low as possible". Campaigners welcomed her message but said it seemed more aimed at persuading the EU to progress Brexit talks. The PM will address EU leaders at a summit in Brussels later. The leaders of the other 27 member states will then consider the overall progress in the talks so far. At a meeting on Friday, at which the UK will not be present, they are expected to conclude officially that "insufficient progress" has been made on the first topics for discussion to move onto the second phase of trade discussions.
  10. Brexit

    and some more
  11. Brexit

    Some backup information
  12. Brexit

    OK, so now that Bunbury61 and Bristolman have decided to retire eloquently and graciously from the fray...back to serious talk! The Brexit bill that had to be debated to keep up with timescales has been postponed for a month, a month that we don't have, because of fears that it would be defeated by our own Parliament, so the Tory revolt is waiting to happen. The EU are already moving to prepare for talks on a free trade deal with the UK, obviously accepting that timescales now cannot be met for successful talks to conclude and are expecting the UK will need to crash out and start again as a new trading partner. In effect they're saying, why waste any more time pretending, let's just forget it and move forwards. This brings the UK to a crossroads: 1. We quickly make concessions and start negotiating in good faith, although that ship may have already sailed. 2. We decide that we have no option but to crash out, we formally accept this asap, giving time to start negotiating deals with other countries and the EU over fresh deals to start from March 2019. 3. The Govt falls, we go for new national elections , clear the politicians out again and take it from there.
  13. Brexit

    I was wondering when the other chuckle brother would turn up. Did you not read my post, I have vested interests so what you lot do affects me, you are my investment.
  14. Brexit

    You would vote out of spite even if it affected your own grandmother, is that what you're saying? Have you considered a career in the Conservative party ? How about looking at the bloody facts when they are presented, there's a novel idea?
  15. Brexit

    and if it votes to go, everybody would accept it. I actually am coming round to the idea that Brexit could be good for everybody, because it would strip away a lot of uselessnees and force a radical self-assessment. The issue is that people are terrified of a 2nd vote because they might get a are they looking out for their country, so are they looking out for themselves ? What do you think Bristolman thinks? Is it about his country, or about him and his personal prejudice, given his comments and unwillingness to debate? Any sane person knows that facts and evidence are based on reality, so if people wish to ignore that, are they the right people to be trusted with anything? Are they acting in good conscience?