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  1. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Maybe he just doesn't rate the quality of your discourse?
  2. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Yes, especially as the UK is very well aware of rules for protecting trade being undercut by countries on your border, as we and the French bloody well wrote them to protect ourselves ! Where there's no threat because it's too expensive for export, say in like er...Canada, the rules are not needed because transport costs make up the gap and make them uncompetitive without a deal in place. Just Johnson getting his excuses ready again, it's all in the paperwork he agreed to......just the same as the border checks were. A mass of extra red tape. Anyway, back to the real world, this is quite an interesting read.
  3. Slean Wolfhead

    Caroline Flack found dead

    Fair game when you live in a society that sees it as fair game to destroy people, and then get blokes like you who feed off this stuff and then say "The press?" . As if that wasn't the whole point of starting the thread with a Sun quote; your record speaks for itself... @simmo. Anyway, I'm done with this thread, it's yours to wallow in.
  4. Slean Wolfhead

    Caroline Flack found dead

    Fair game for a declining society where it's become acceptable to sell the attmepted destruction of people and then use the excuse that she should have seen it coming. She certainly accepted that she was "fair game", which is probably why she killed herself Simmo. Dur.
  5. Slean Wolfhead

    Caroline Flack found dead

    The Sun are deleting stories they've written about her, they apparently posted a spoof Valentine Card about her on the day she died. It's the same, pervasive, implicit nastiness being spread about by people who pretend they don't know what they're doing, when it was well known that she's been on anti-depressants for years and was obviously a bit unbalanced. Like vultures these people.
  6. Slean Wolfhead

    CTF - what's the solution

    Actually not true SImmo...you can say what you like, but almost seem to be embarrassed to admit it. Here you are agreeing, but at the same time asking for proof. You're a very confused man
  7. Slean Wolfhead

    CTF - what's the solution

    They've told you to look at your own posts. They obviously can.
  8. Slean Wolfhead

    CTF - what's the solution

    Have you read them already, that was quick ! What do you think? I think the point here is that ever since you were released from premod, you've tried to provoke people so you can report them. Maybe you carry a chip on your shoulder, I don't know, but you appear to be a bit sick in the head to make that your main purpose in life. 25,000 posts from a bloke who doesn't even live in Australia would suggest there are some deep-seated identity issues you still need to resolve personally. You have the right to say what you like, but 25,000 posts about "blancmange"....seriously? Nobody has reported you because we're adults and would prefer to tear into your viewpoints on here....but then you refuse to debate and post cartoons and smilies instead. You've been silly enough to post articles from Far Right websites, that even instruct you to spam websites and then not get involved in debate. That's why you never post a link to your sources, because everybody could then see which kind of embarrassing site you're getting your instructions from. You're using PomsInOz for your own means and damn the site, it's members and it's owners. You're a troll and a spammer and your only purpose is waste people's time. That's not an "insinuation", it's a unarguable statement based on your posting history. Why do it?
  9. Slean Wolfhead

    CTF - what's the solution

    Considering that nobody knows who you or your son is, and you post under a cartoon name, you can't be that bright to get offended by somebody you don't know and who doesn't know you, suggesting that you were being hypocritical ? You don't need superior intelligence to see that, just a bit of common sense. He might as well be criticising your hamster.
  10. Slean Wolfhead

    CTF - what's the solution

    Good. Your suspension rate is a very fair 10%, but there is another who's knocking at a turbocharged 70% of the total. Some of them have been mystifying.
  11. Slean Wolfhead

    Australia and Climate Change

    We had a miserable damp UK Xmas and missed the 44 degree heat, but came back to a frazzled garden and smoke (ACT). Had the massive hailstorm in the City, then the bushfires, got 3 inches of rain in a day last weekend. Sunny and hot this morning so went out and mowed the lawn which has shot up in 6 days, raked and overseeded all the dead patches......just got inside as a big thunderstorm rolls in to water it all. It's certainly not boring....
  12. Slean Wolfhead

    Life in Canberra

    To be fair, when we came 8 years ago it was extremely quiet.we couldn't find anything open the night we arrived from Sydney except a bottle shop and an Indian resturant. The change since then though has been stunning. I think 70,000 more people, with projections of a gradual increase of another 300,000 before i drop dead. A lot of people who haven't been here since a school trip would be shocked. The big change for me, apart from all the change in the North, is the CIty and the economic change. It was already rich, but there weren't enough people living in the middle and so why would any businesses setup and bother to stay open past 9.30pm? In the next 10 years it will be unrecognisable. I probably can't think of anywhere else in Australia that is going to change as radically. Certainly nowhere in the UK.
  13. Slean Wolfhead

    CTF - what's the solution

    That's nice dear. Would you like me to take you back inside now ?
  14. Slean Wolfhead

    CTF - what's the solution

    That is what pre-mod is for, and has already been mentioned on the previous page, SImmo is responsible for 90% of trolling and it's got far far worse since he argued his way off premod. Now the moderators don't have enough time to moderate because the volume of non-helpful posts is so high. The answer isn't difficult to see.
  15. Slean Wolfhead

    CTF - what's the solution

    It's not that unbelievable given what's insuated on here on a daily basis and allowed to fester.