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  1. Slean Wolfhead

    Grey Import Cars Australia

    Did not Iron Chef used to post on here offering just this advice and service?
  2. Slean Wolfhead

    Have you bought any bitcoin ?

    I thought you said you only had 1 ? The way you've been banging on i thought you had 50. If i were you i would sell 50% and keep the rest, spread the risk and return, buy a nice steak and bottle of wine.
  3. Slean Wolfhead


    There's a different attitude in Australia to animals. We had cats in the UK but would never keep them here, there is so much to lose in the way of natural diversity that has already disappeared from UK urban life. Our garden has kangaroos, blue-tongues, wombats, kookaburras, honeybills, and as many parrots and lorikeets as you can shake a stick at. My dad back home has house sparrows, pigeons and cats....the small birds have largely vanished, he no longer gets blue tits or goldfinches..all ravaged by cats roaming wild. Around Canberra it's pretty easy to make a cat disappear and the blame gets put on a snake, and every new suburb is a cat containment area. Basically you keep them inside or caged in a cat run...if not they will disappear very quickly. Outside the city they know what native life to protect, including reptiles, but everything else pestlike gets slaughtered including as many non -native feral cats, non-native rabbits, feral pigs, foxes and Indian Miners as they can catch, poison or shoot.
  4. Slean Wolfhead

    British thirst could save Australian wine

    We should send more of the cheap stuff. Aldi are a good supplier, they take petrol tankers of the clearskin stuff and bottle it over there.
  5. Slean Wolfhead

    The Official Weather Thread

    I love the El Nina weather, keeps the heat down, we get enough rain, and the wind gets rids of all the brittle branches and takes the leaves away. First time all the dams and water tanks have been full for 8 years. I think that usually gives Canberra 9 years of guaranteed water without restrictions.
  6. Slean Wolfhead

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  7. Slean Wolfhead

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    LG OLED CX is the top choice for pretty much everything, far better than the QLED's which is also pretty good.
  8. Slean Wolfhead

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

    Not spent a cent on anything except petrol and food in the last 9 months, but just moved house so splashed out on a 75" Sony 9500, mesh Wifi6, Eufycams, firepit, ironbark table, a 65000BTU outdoor wok burner, and a new weber. Got some quite hefty discounts, and it pumps money back into the system.
  9. Slean Wolfhead

    TV programmes you watch almost every day from habit

    Nothing better to do morelike. I bet they spend a fortune on tat as well
  10. Slean Wolfhead

    What Book are you reading??

    The Three Body Problem - Cixin Liu. First of a trilogy, well worth a read and a good slog.
  11. Slean Wolfhead

    What Book are you reading??

    trouble is, you read one, you've read them all. A computer could churn them out, they're incredible simplistic books with an identical formula.
  12. Slean Wolfhead

    Would you go on a cruise now?

    We were talking about this the other day at work.......a petridish of infection, or will they be the safest holidays on earth because of the way the cruise industry will need to be impeccably managed from now on? Some of the cheaper operators that pack you in may not survive, but the better ones may prosper. I would not catch one in Europe or Florida for a very long time, but from Sydney to Fiji , Hong Kong or SIngapore......probably.
  13. Slean Wolfhead

    Free school meals

    Dripping and fat is probably healthier than the carbs they eat today.
  14. Slean Wolfhead

    Free school meals

    Nobody votes for that because it costs money and you'll be aware of the drastic cuts across all of these areas over the last 10 years, increasing the disparity between richer with opportunity, and poorer with lesser opportunity. There is a climate in this country of damning the unfortunate, usually by other people closer to that demographic themselves. It's always been easier to pick a 0.1% example of somebody gaming the system, hopefully a foreigner, splash it in the right wing press, then watch the poorest fight out a racist/class war amongst themselves thus weakening the whole further. There are plenty who lap this stuff up on a daily basis, they live and breathe for the ability to fingerpoint and they rarely help anyone. They need to feel that there is somebody beneath them in a fight to the bottom, and it is a huge behavioural problem for the UK with its already divided society that ordinary people can be encouraged to turn upon themselves ideologically in a fight over pennies when they are ignoring the pounds. The interrelationship is there already; poor families, poor diet, poor health, poor concentration = poor educational attainment = poor productivity = declining societal strength = declining economic strength. I can see where Marcus Rashford is coming from, also coming from a background of hunger, and his maturity on keeping the Government's eye focussed on the actual argument, instead of allowing them to deflect the problem back onto "the people". He has been forthright, respectful, fact-based and not let them off the hook....proving that the country is not full of tosspots. There were plenty of Alan B-Stardesque politicians last week who climbed onto this despicable bandwagon on the understanding they had their Prime Minister's support to go ahead and slam poor parents with this shallow straw man argument, who assumedly will now be apologising having been left high and dry by Johnson's total rejection of their argument? Nah, thought not.
  15. Slean Wolfhead

    UK Care package ideas

    Amazing. He had 5 siblings, so every birthday a bar of American chocolate arrived and they were allowed 1 chunk each. The birthday girl/boy got the rest of the bar. It's part of the problem with the food we eat today and how obese everybody is. He's never taken sugar, mainly because no food had sugar added unless it was a pudding, which they rarely got. As for table sugar, they just could not buy it so never missed it.