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  1. Brexit

    I don't there's anything more to be gained by continuing this further, but it was important to try and extract some of these viewpoints to explain why what's going to happen, will happen. It will all come out in the wash as they say. All the best
  2. Brexit

    variously regarded as shocking, and these are all very easy to find from reputable sources. With the increase in component and import costs due to the weak £, this is likely to widen next quarter even allowing for cheaper export prices. What is your excuse for not knowing this?
  3. Brexit

    You change your opinion with evidence, facts trump ideology everytime because they are real. In the absence of opinion changing with emerging facts and negative outcomes becoming increasingly obvious, the conclusion has to be that it's an act of wilful self-destruction due to bitterness. That doesn't to me, appear constructive. We have a huge amount of negative people on here who seem to equate destruction and a laissez faire attitude as being constructive. That is a huge misjudgement. 3 key Brexit promises that swung the referendum. 1. 350 million to the NHS. Dropped within an hour of the result. 2. Less immigration. Very unlikely, it may even rise but from the 3rd world if we are to catch up on productivity whilst reducing costs 3. Millions more immigrants from the EU when Turkey join. Turkey were, and are nowhere near joining the EU. What you weren't told is becoming apparent...there are huge costs to pay to pay to withdraw, and we haven;t got a plan after a year. We're not capable of doing this without severely damaging the country and at best, it seems like this is going to be a reckless crash out unless we start giving up ground on our demands. Why would that not change rational minds? Because they're irrational and in search of martyrdom for something that doesn't exist.
  4. Brexit

    Not exactly, there is pretty much nothing from the Brexit side at all so what is there to evaluate? Despite requests, nobody on here is able to post more than a sentence, if they can manage that much. It is extremely shallow stuff. As the news gets worse, the outcome becomes clearer and the promises drop by the wayside, you would expect opinions to change with reality but they aren't. This is why Cable is quoting martyrdom...selfish people are setting the agenda because they will not be affected by changes after they have gone, they actually don't care about their country because they know they will not be around to feel the effects. It's sort of a last two finger salute before they pop off into oblivion, and damn the consequences.
  5. Brexit

    And i also said that anybody should be able to give advice, but they shouldn't be allowed to vote because they will not be the ones to suffer the outcome. Why should the disconnected have any direct control over the future, when they are not going to be part of it and are obviously more interested in point scoring over the EU? Pretty much every argument has been smashed and still they bleat on, recklessly putting their fingers in the ears and their hands over their eyes. This is the selfish attitude that has brought the UK to it's knees, and now the same people expect to set the agenda for a future they do not understand? Maybe these isolationist attitudes are the reason that the country has not integrated and is comparatively unproductive? It's obscene, especially when clear evidence is emerging that the outcome is going to be pretty catastrophic. What sort of people would do that to their own country? The ones we should be seeing the back of asap in my opinion, or at least shepherding out of the way so they can do no more harm. Vince Cable gets it spot on in my opinion, there are people on here who just wish to be martyrs and have already lost touch, the evidence being in the poor and lazy content of their minimal contributions.
  6. Brexit

    Yeah, these mistruths that you quote were debunked last week as you are well aware, unless your memory seems to be be failing because you've forgotten clear facts multiple times, sometimes even on the same day. I make no other comment and i won't be helping you use the quote system this time. OK, so the other guy Donald Clarke is a media journalist so shouldn't be listened to, but with the very next breath you debunk Vince Cable, one of the most educated and qualified people in the UK with regard to economics with a 50 yr practical career working for the biggest companies and multiple Governments, and the current leader of a political party. Tell me, are you a fanatic, or a reckless zealot ? Don't you consider yourself dangerous if your views are just based on a whim that can't be substantiated?
  7. Brexit

    This is unusual for the Daily Heil, are they undergoing a conversion :l Not martyrs, MASOCHISTS: Lib Dem leader SIR VINCE CABLE launches a ferocious attack on desperate Brexit fanatics whose zealotry is igniting a new McCarthyism "But there has been a subtle change. The Remain argument about economic damage is now largely accepted. Mounting evidence of a slowing economy and rising inflation give substance to earlier warnings. The issue has become one of how to minimise or postpone the damage. And instead of countering the arguments, more and more Brexiteers are embracing economic pain as a price worth paying for 'taking back control': almost as a badge of honour." This attitude has reached worrying proportions. Press stories refer to 'martyrs for Brexit' based on a YouGov survey suggesting 61 per cent of the public would accept 'significant damage to the economy' from Brexit and 39 per cent 'don't mind losing their job'. These figures seem wildly implausible. I don't encounter people running around saying 'please make me poorer' or 'please sack me'. These figures are also difficult to reconcile with polling which shows 66 per cent of voters wanting to remain inside the single market. But let us assume for the moment that the numbers are accurate. To describe such masochism as 'martyrdom' is dangerous. We haven't yet heard about 'Brexit jihadis' but there is an undercurrent of violence in the language which is troubling. We have already had the most fervent of Brexiteers, such as Nigel Farage, warning of civil unrest if the 'will of the people' is frustrated. Another concern is that the self-declared martyrs may be planning to sacrifice other people rather than themselves. It is striking that the martyrs appear predominantly elderly (indeed the YouGov poll confirmed that fact). This is unsurprising since 64 per cent of over-65s voted Brexit in the referendum and 71 per cent of under-25s voted Remain. In the campaign, I was struck by the heavily Remain sentiment in colleges and schools and the heavily Brexit mood of church-hall meetings packed with retired people. The martyrdom of the old comes cheap, since few have jobs to lose. And even if the country were to become poorer, their living standards are largely protected by the 'triple lock' on the state pension and many can rely on occupational, final salary, pensions which are closed to younger people. When I joined the Coalition Cabinet in 2010, we took pride in the 'triple lock' to banish the scourge of pensioner poverty. But one of its unintended consequences has been a growing rift between generations. Pensioners have suffered relatively little from the aftermath of the financial crisis – unless they were slow to shift savings from banks to shares or property. The burden of austerity has been carried by the working population. Young people suffer the additional disadvantage of prohibitive housing costs, growing job insecurity and limited career progression. The old have comprehensively shafted the young. And the old have had the last word about Brexit, imposing a world view coloured by nostalgia for an imperial past on a younger generation much more comfortable with modern Europe. Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  8. Brexit

    there are two kinds of Brexit voters. The stupid, and the ones who can see through the EU to some sort of calculated future. We have neither in negotiations on behalf of the country. Whatever Campbell is, he seems to be working on behalf of the stupid to save them from a good hiding, either from the EU or from the UK-hijacked hard Brexit for the rich.
  9. Brexit

    You sound like you've been lobotomized already if that's all you can see. How much money would this be worth, take a conservative guess?
  10. Brexit RBS, nationalised bank bailed out by the UK taxpayer, chooses Amsterdam as it's post-Brexit headquarters, assumedly because a hard Brexit means no passporting rights and an increase in business for the EU and less for the UK. Nice to see us putting our money where our mouth is....not !
  11. Brexit

    They have no option or they will lose power, and they dare not go into another election because they will lose. She's an Aunt Sally being propped up.
  12. Brexit

    I actually feel a little sorry for her, though not for her actions and her evil, blase politics when Home Secretary. That will be her epitaph along with this election. She has backed herself into a corner where i reckon she has been told that resignation will not be accepted until the Tory party is ready for her to go, because they have even worse alternatives and know it. She has no future, but they will force her to stay her with a metaphorical gun held to her head in order to stay in power themselves. Then they will chop her head off. Murdoch's nickname for her is "Toast". Sorry state of affairs for a great nation, but not a surprise.
  13. Brexit

    Completely wrong about the way your own country works and has done for generations. You vote for the party and policies, If you think you vote for the PM you're getting mixed up with a Presidency and that isn't how the (unwrtten) British constitution works, but ignorance of that has contributed to a lot of regressive actions over the last 18 months. The Prime Minister is a job and you can resign and continue as an MP, which is the job the people actually vote you into. If an MP feels they can no longer contribute or further their career (and lets face it, coming down from PM doesn't leave anywhere else to go), you're entitled to resign and ask for somebody else to be elected, then go and do whatever the hell you like with your own life. It's laughable that you want some fantastical idea of what independence actually means, but then expect people to be beholden to jobs they reject because they have other choices. In Cameron's case, he went from a £149,000 annual pay packet to earning £120,000 for a 1 hour speech two months later. You can't blame him for wanting to disassociate himself from the Brexit fiasco, this is the free market and it's every person for themselves from now on. You reject his arguments, he can likewise reject you. The sign of a free and independent nation. You carry the can for your own actions, and make your own rewards.
  14. Brexit

    Much as i have no time for the clammy PR man, he didn't campaign for Brexit and only made plans to stay, then resigned when the battle was lost. Pretty standard political and professional behaviour in any workplace if you fail. That is his accountability, the end of his career. He has no obligation to do any more when his arguments were rejected, and the accountability is rightly put onto the shoulders of those who wanted this. The responsibility will fall to everybody, and this is where the divide will happen with the more capable being better placed to make a go of Brexit. Cameron did warn of dire consequences and it was nicknamed "Project Fear" by the frothing press remember, and the views were disparaged by those who said it would be "easy". The people leading and campaigning for Brexit were the ones that gained votes for saying that it would be "easy". And those in the future who will pretend that they did not vote for Brexit, when they did. These are your non-accountables who will melt away into nothing, but at least this thread is holding people to account for their comments by recording their arguments and plans against what is actually happening in real-time.
  15. Brexit

    Don't they all mate. It was idyllic until then. I am there today, at the club shop.