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  1. Prince Charles to be our new Head of Commonwealth.

    Like you'd ever be given a vote ! You're a subject, not a participant with any stake.
  2. Prince Charles to be our new Head of Commonwealth.

    The crunch will be when the Q dies. Do the Aussies offer it to William when the UK offers it to Charles? William has to decline Australia, Australia walks away to full independence and there's no diplomatic insult.
  3. The (all new) Brexit Thread

  4. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    This is the problem. Bricklayers not understanding what they're reading and what it means for them. Just point at a survey and say that it means they're doing alright, with no linkage to their personal circumstances or futures. Serf-like following, like an acoloyte to Jesus. As the Banker said the Priest : "I'll keep them poor and you keep them stupid"
  5. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Some of the Lords are ok, once they started bringing in normal appointees who actually had a track record of doing good things and making a positive contribution to British life, instead of the hereditary Lord Blue Blood bollocks and those deemed better than you from birth with no evidence whatsover, other than that they were rich and demanded the right to influence the country to ensure that they remained above everybody else. From the outside it's obvious, but if you live it Britain it's murky and not discussed properly. People are conditioned to have a serf-like mentality and expect there to always be somebody above them in the pecking order. When you're so deep inside a repressive system you don't know of any other way to run, and you don't think it's repressive. It's like opening the gate to the farmyard but the animals don't know how to escape and return to the slaughterhouse at night. I was reading Girt the other day, about the birth of Australia and how by the end of the first generation of ex-cons, the standard of people's living was already higher than Britain's and its remained that way ever since. Women, who if they had remained in the UK would have been pushed aside and disinherited by men and the system, were able to run businesses and become incredibly rich. Australia gave them the opportunity to not be forced into the system where their future was already set...remain poor, influence and change nothing. There are two ways to create change. One is repression. Cut down rewards to force creative change out of hardship. This is Britain, and every indicator says that is what is going to continue, and it is a deliberate ploy and way of life. "You're lucky to have what you get now etc..." See what unfolds over the next few years....it won't bring the type of freedom and success that people were hoping for. The problem has never been the EU, it's always been about Britain itself. The people will walk back into the slaughterhouse because they didn't escape, but haven't worked it out yet. If they read a bit more George Orwell, they would understand the term doublespeak and relate it to their own position. The other is opportunity and freedom. This is the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand....and the alternative path they chose was expansive, deliberately excluding the social and monarchal rules that made Britain what it is now. The results are there in every life indicator and wealth record.
  6. US, UK and France attack Syria.

    And what kind of people do you speak to, the ones who think the same as you do :-) All In your opinion of course.
  7. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    This is a good graphic. The Daily Mail is bordering between "unfair interpretations of the news" and "nonsense damaging to public discourse". Basically, you'd be a fool to believe it. Take your info from the green or yellow box.
  8. US, UK and France attack Syria.

    Not saying that newjez is wrong....business rules the world and politics is second. What the people want is a swarming mess of confusion beneath that. The UK problem is that the Brexiters are saying they want to cut foreign aid to these areas and they don't want to take in refugees, and they want the money saved to be given to Britain to improve domestic services. So firing expensive cruise missiles to save the kids by interfering in somebody else's domestic problem is an issue for some when they see their own health services and police being cut at home due to there being no money. When those Syrian kids and their families wash up on a beach in Europe, just like what happened after Iraq and Libya, it will create a situation that the Brexiters wanted to avoid. Germany accepting 1 million middle eastern war refugees was one of the Brexit causes because the UK people didn't want to take responsibility for the actions of its Government in creating the mess. "It's fine to save the kiddies, so long as i don't have to queue for a Doctor myself". The irony is that voting for Brexit has empowered Putin because he could see a weakened Europe to be exploited, and the Brexit votebase was quite happy to point at Putin as an example of strong leadership, almost admiring him. They don't know Russian history....now he's poking us with a stick because he's been let out of the box and can see we're getting weaker and have no national consensus for anything anymore. So the UK fighting back against Putin/Assad and his mob of expansionist henchman, it's actually proving a lot of the Brexit theorists wrong....which perhaps is why Simmo is upset. The people happy to see Syria bombed are often the same ones who will want nothing to do with the aftermath if they have to pay for it, and will then complain if terrorists turn up in the UK and commit another Manchester/London attack. So Simmo can't agree with bombing because it undermines his position. The additional irony about the Brexit idea of what a democracy is, is compounded by the Tory Government actions. Brexiters argued against a parliamentary vote being necessary for Brexit and even called Judges "enemies of the people" for upholding the law..... but now that a parliamentary vote has been avoided by the PM to take military action to bomb Syria....they can't really argue against that because they were happy see 600 years of parliamentary democracy ignored....almost in the hope of having a Dictatorial leadership in charge !
  9. Commonwealth Games GC2018

    Brexit voters. Thick as two short ones, living in a past they weren't even part of but seem to feel nostalgia for.
  10. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Simmo isn't going to do anything except keep drinking the koolaid.
  11. Commonwealth Games GC2018

    Yeah you're right, forgot about the BBL. And they do have huge % participation numbers across a much broader range of sports than the UK, especially for women.
  12. Commonwealth Games GC2018

    ignoring that Auckland isn't even in Australia, and this is the first time the NZ Warriors have had a team that isn't choking for years ! Except for AFL, crowds are pretty poor across all other sports here. They just don't have that culture of following in large numbers.
  13. Commonwealth Games GC2018

    The swimming is just a procession, it's easier for the Aussies than the v USA swim meets and they don't really seem that interested. Cycling has surprised me, but again the UK cycles (no pun intended) to peak for the Olympics and often don't do much in between. Then again, the Aussies have been stung by the money the UK chucked at cycling, pretty much wiping them out for a decade. The rowing should be interesting too.
  14. Commonwealth Games GC2018

    It's the old Olympic cycle. Massive funding prior to a home games, then a residual effect for the next one...then a decrease as the next generation don't come through because the funding was cut 8 years previously. Happened to Australia, will happen to the UK. France will be gearing up for 2024, then the Yanks in 2028 after a few shakey games by their high standards. What i didn't realise is that a lot of it is due to the coaching, and the top coaches just jump from host nation to host nation, earning the big bucks when the budget is there. Very business-orientated system.
  15. The (all new) Brexit Thread

    Private Eye has a good report on the EU Defence Force, and that the UK is desperate to be part of it, but also desperately trying to keep it quiet unless the frothy-mouthed complain. The whole idea of it was to present a united front to the Russians, and perhaps we're suddenly recognised that EU cooperation and support has strengthened our hand enormously in the response to the poisoning. May keeps talking about European security, and this is what she means. We want to control it, but our stated position is that we won't be part of it...which is lunacy given the threat from Russia. Also, we want to remain part of the European arrest warrant system because it's enormously beneficial to us..the sticking point is that we require oversight from the ECJ, which the swivel-eyed want us to be split from. It really is turning into an exercise is quietening the hard Brexiteers and sidelining them, without them realising it. It's not going to be too difficult, a lot of them don't understand the status quo anyway and can offer nothing beneficial to the country.