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  1. Slean Wolfhead

    How is Hunt Doing So far?

    what does it say?
  2. Slean Wolfhead

    How is Hunt Doing So far?

    Just in case there's no room on the existing "And the next Prime minister is, ???" thread. We can just park this along side the Johnson one because it's no better or worse than other threads on CTF apparently.
  3. Slean Wolfhead

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

  4. Slean Wolfhead

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    reported for trolling
  5. Slean Wolfhead

    And the next Prime Minister is, ???

    Ironic that even Liam Fox (he of the "easiest deal in history", "everything will be ready to go the day after Brexit" fame) is now disagreeing with Johnson, who actually doesn't seem to understand what he's talking about....yet more bluster and waffle. I saw Johnson make some comment in hustings about sorting things out in the implementation period. He doesn't seem to understand that there is no implementation, or transition period, if there is no withdrawal deal. This is exactly what Stewart said to all of them last week, but the frothing Tory MP's have put Johnson in pole position to try for another impossible solution. It really is all about saving the Conservative party and damn the people and the consequences, and Johnson is going to be the one who will have to bring them down by performing yet another U turn. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-48736975
  6. Slean Wolfhead

    And the next Prime Minister is, ???

    So proportionally by the size of the economy and the market, it is a lot LESS for them to absorb than it is for us, therefore the OPPOSITE of you saying that they need us more than we need them? This isn't a controversial concept, you seem to be the only person left in Europe who fails to understand ! Additionally, the EU have already signed FTA's with Japan (world's 3rd largest economy) and are working on one with Australia to reduce further the lower impact on their much bigger market. The UK will not be able to benefit from the EU-Japan FTA agreement even though we spent millions and years investing time into making it, and now have to produce a separate deal which will take years to negotiate. Double additionally, the EU and Japan have agreed a deal whereby for some items (like services which the UK sees as it's best chance of making money)....they have agreed that they will not agree a more preferential deal with a 3rd party nation (ie....the UK). So basically, they've taken our work and cut us out of it, and then locked us out permanently. Even when the UK agrees a deal with Japan in future years, it cannot be better than the deal the EU have already agreed...so who is going to end up expanding service provisioning into Japan? That locks us out of the one thing we wanted to export more of....service and business outsourcing skills. Treble additionally, the EU have agreed to really relax to virtually nothing, the VISA requirements for Japanese car industry executives to live and work in Europe on virtually frictionless trade terms, with hardly any tariffs. So can you think a major Japanese industry that might like to transfer its future business into the EU, seeing as the UK will be leaving the EU bloc and has no FTA with Japan? Toyota? Honda? Nissan? We need them MORE than they need us. Can you not grasp that reasoning?
  7. Slean Wolfhead

    And the next Prime Minister is, ???

    With respect, that is not an answer. You said "they need us more than we need them". The answer above does not explain why you think that, it is a non-answer.
  8. Slean Wolfhead

    State Of Origin

    with the loss of the rugby union franchise, there is a rugby watching market to aim at.
  9. Slean Wolfhead

    And the next Prime Minister is, ???

    You'll be waiting a long time with this lot, not one of them has ever had a clue what they're talking about, as the proof has shown amidst 3 years of "negotiating" watching the EU become stronger as we disintegrate. It's actually given the EU the extra cohesiveness and brought them closer together making the UK look like idiots. Some of "our side" have always been idiots so there's no further loss of face possible for them (hence the recklessness and willful blindness.....they couldn't care less). , but for the rest of the country we're looking very weak, less important and far less influential in the world. It might not actually be a bad thing. We have too many people demanding things they either cannot understand or can't achieve through use of their own talent and wit. They'll be a lesson for future generations....of how not to live your lives. There's a big difference between nationalism, populism, and patriotism. A lot of this Brexit mob understand the meaning of none of them.
  10. Slean Wolfhead

    The (all new) Brexit Thread

    I bet she didn't like that, sitting across from a black man wearing shorts ! She should show the interview she did in Israel last week when even the interviewer ended up disgusted by her...and she was there to pretend to be on their side !
  11. Slean Wolfhead

    Congratulations Ash Barty

    at least you admit it, there's a start !
  12. Slean Wolfhead

    Congratulations Ash Barty

    Perhaps, she won junior Wimbledon some years ago, but women's tennis is notoriously unpredictable.
  13. Slean Wolfhead

    Congratulations Ash Barty

    She's a natural grass player, hence why winning on clay was a surprise.
  14. Slean Wolfhead

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    Can't argue with this....it is reality.
  15. Slean Wolfhead

    Boris has to face up to his lies, finally.

    Complete bullshit and moonshine, evasion, guesses, false promises. They all seem to be telling you what they have done, rather than what they will do.....because they don't know what to do. Johnson is actually bang average, he knows nothing. Gove is nearly wetting himself with desperation. Hunt is just sitting there like a blancmange, weirdly trying to claim a success for the damage he did to the NHS as some sort of badge of honour. Doesn't get it. Javid is actually better than i thought he would be. Stewart is the only one pointing out reality, impossibilities and hard truths, and as such he probably won't go any further in this race. He'll end up Secretary General of the United Nations or something and leave this shambles behind.