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    Townsville or Towoomba

    Townsville is better for fishing than Toowoomba but Toowoomba closer to other places to visit/flying from Brisbane. We lived in Toowoomba for six months, Bobj says is cool, I say it is VERY cold, hated the cold but other than that great place. TSV hot, hot, hot and I love it. Both place good for kids and family I think.
  2. Scully81

    Australia - What do you love?

    EVERYTHING!!! Can't see myself living anywhere else in the world:-)
  3. Scully81

    Car Mechanic

    they are def looking for mechanics in Aus. We have only been in Toowoomba and Townsville but both can't find enough/good mechanics and we think 50 to 60K is the average. Like they said, contact dealerships directly, no all of them advertise online but a lot is always looking. My partner had interview line up when we moved to Toowoomba and started two weeks after we got there. Good luck with the move!!
  4. Scully81


    We don't have kids so Toowoomba was not for us but I can see that it can be great place to bring up kids. I used to walk to shops and felt very safe, not like the UK and South Africa. It was too cold for us as well but then again, we rented an old QLDer style home and was like a fridge inside. Can't say we will never go back as it is nice place. We in Townsville now and loving the heat!
  5. Scully81


    Other people can correct me but I have not seen that many Idians. Plenty aboriginal, islanders and Philopinos (I think) Not seen or heard anything about racism but looks like most people keep to their own. We live in an area with loads of locals and have not had any issues. Hope this helps you.
  6. Scully81

    Moving to Townsville jan 2013

    We moved from Toowoomba to Townsville about three months ago. I could not find work in Toowoomba but got work straight away in Townsville. I have not come across many UK or SA or Zim people. Sure they around. It does take a while to make friends. We have not made any friends other than 'work friends' Luckily partner's brother also moved here so not alone. Even with no friends we love TSV and will not be moving in the near future. Yes, I know the heat is still coming but it is so nice to arrange this for weekends and not have to worry if it will be raining or cold or just plain miserable. Even without friends, we are really happy here!
  7. Scully81

    Motor Mechanic Demand/Wages & SkillSelect - Brisbane Area

    Sorry, just seen the reply from Amy/Tom Lancaster. Partner would have got more money after probation but now we moving to Townsville. He will start off with higher wage in Townsville than what he started on in Toowoomba. Again should go up after probation. I have been doing a bit of temp work but we've been fine on 50K. No kids though. It was very easing for partner to get work. He saw the ad on SEEK couple of weeks before we came over. They basically said he's got the job, just wanted to meet him. Now with Townsville, he spoke to guy on phone and guy said job is his as long as he can proof he can do what is on his CV. He does find it alot different, good and bad. If you have specific questions, let me know and I will ask him. Don't want to put too many details on here, pl PM us if you require more info. He works for a dealership. Like other people have said, they are crying out for mechanics over here, so don't think it will be too difficult to get job, depending on experience.
  8. Can't remember the name but think it is Toowoomba Jobs, you can them as friend on facebook. That might help .
  9. When I called up to get paper copies because I could not lodge online, lady said that company and bank sends them our info. They then add it to system. That covers the secrect information bit. She said they usually get all info in July but can be up to mid August. I will try again to lodge ours mid August just to give them time to add all info on us
  10. Scully81

    Lease agreements

    Obviously you need passport and/or birth certificate. We had to have letter of employment of company my partner was going to work for here in Twmba, it is the same now for TSV, they want a letter of employment before they go further. We also gave receipt for QLD driver license as we applied within few days of getting here. It was quite easy, the more info the better. At the end of the day, they just want to know you will be able to afford the rent. Just be very careful of estate agents. I have only dealt with the one in Twmba, not sure if I am allowed to say the name on here, but after we got the property, they have just been c**p. Told us there was gas bottle at property and when we moved in on a Saturday, there wasn't, only got one on the Tuesday, so had 3 days with no hot water. And other stuff, too much to write here. Make sure you ask everything and get everything in writing! Our estate agent is there to look after the owner's property, no one to help or look after us.
  11. Scully81

    Lease agreements

    Mostly 12 months but you get places that does 6 months. We are on 6 months contract in Toowoomba but struggling to get 6 months in Townsville, all of them say 12 months.
  12. we live in an older place, all inside is the b22 and outside is e27
  13. Scully81

    Motor Mechanic Demand/Wages & SkillSelect - Brisbane Area

    My partner is a mechanic and currently on 50k but still in probation. We are in Toowoomba but moving as I can't find job in Toowoomb. It generally looks like %) - 60K is what mechanics get as start salary and most places doing bonus and overtime. From our experience $30 per hour is max you get for light vechicle mechanics in QLD. I am sure there will be someone who will correct me but this has been our experience. I agree with sussex boy, first find job, get sorted and then look for area you want to live in. Would be nice if you can get it all in one go.
  14. Scully81

    PSS shipping-good or bad ?

    We used PSS as when they gave quote it looked good, think was about 1600 but then when they packed it, we had to pay anther 600 that came close to other quotes. I was not at home when the guy came but when I saw the list, I thought we might pay more as where he said eg 3 boxes for clothes I knew it would be more than that. Their service was not bad but it was not great either. I know things are being shipped to another country but I think they overpacked evertyhing. Eg. they would put a plastic tub lid in about five pieces of paper where i think one or two is enough. Saying that nothing was broken when we got it in Aus but because there was so many pieces of paper I actually threw out smaller stuff like lids of salt and pepper pots. You need to go through every single sheet when unpacking. Ours came from UK to Brisbane, then Toowoomba, took about 9 weeks. We did not bring big furniture, think it was less than half the container. All in all not bad, but not brilliant either. Just be sure to get quote right.
  15. Scully81

    North QLD

    Sounds really good, thanks for replying, will def look into it!!