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  1. jameslfc


    Just logged on to Immi and noticed I've been changed from Received to Approved, sometime in the last 10 days. Test was on 9th March. Now who knows when the ceremony will be
  2. jameslfc


    Scroll down to "Time and Location" here, it says that overseas tests can be arranged: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/test-and-interview/learn-about-citizenship-interview-and-test I'm guessing you didn't update your application to give them your overseas address, at the bottom of your email there should be a paragraph titled Update Us, I would start by following that and updating your details. They will possibly get in contact with you after doing that.
  3. jameslfc


    Date applied - 22/5/2019 City/Council area - Parramatta Online Date received the acknowledgement email - 22/5/2019 Date of the Citizenship Test - 9/3/2020
  4. Also as a bonus, I've been granted subclass 100 straight away rather than 309 and having to be reassessed in 2 years!
  5. Had my visa granted today, applied 6th March. Quicker than I expected and very welcome! Saves a bit of money on having to go offshore my SO is SV
  6. jameslfc

    Movecube Insurance

    Thanks for the replies everyone, I didn't notice that you didn't need to fill out the inventory form for the total loss insurance. I think it could be made a bit clearer! I think we're gonna go for the total loss, maybe increase the premium a little bit to up the lump sum. Saves on the hassle, we're stressed enough as it is!
  7. jameslfc

    Movecube Insurance

    Hi, we're packing and sending off a medium MoveCube in a few weeks. We're a bit confused on the insurance side of things - do you have to list on an insurance sheet each and every item individually, as well as its estimated value, or can you group items and guesstimate, ie Books, DVDs, Games rather than each book and each game etc? Having already packed a few boxes this would be a bit hard for us to do. Also for anyone who used/using a movecube, have you gone with the included Seven Seas insurance or have you used a separate company? Thanks
  8. Got my medical tomorrow and will get my police cert stuff sent off this week, after applying at the start of March. Estimated approval date is start of November/start of December, but am after going over on a tourist visa first at the end of October - am I best emailing my CO after sending the medical and police cert off? Cheers
  9. Been confirmed today that I don't need to send any more documents, made up. Now just need to wait til July for medicals and police checks. I have the same CO as above, and in my first email contact from them was given a HAP ID and a date from which to do my checks.
  10. Thanks, just found one in the city centre here (Manc) who certify copies for free! Just need to bring photo ID and a recent utility bill, as added ID for me I suppose. Going tomorrow morning.
  11. Bugger, mid-read my email. Need to provide more financial evidence and new certified copies of my documents, I didn't realise Post Office certifications weren't accepted! Feel a bit dumb now, oh well
  12. E-mail back from my new CO! Only bit of extra info they need is my SO's birth cert, not sure if that's here or back in Aus. Not too difficult anyway, glad I don't need to send anything more. Went back and looked at the start of the thread, can't believe people went from applying to it being granted in a month! Mental!
  13. Sent my application off on Saturday at long last, got an email from them yesterday, i'd sent off a cheque as payment and for some reason didn't realise that wasn't a valid payment method! Replied with my card details so will hopefully be getting a CO soon. The waiting begins!
  14. Thanks. I'm almost to the point of sending it off now, at the point where we're almost starting to overthink whether we've included enough stuff, so just going to send it off and if they need any more evidence then they'll ask for it. At the moment i've got everything divided in a folder but I might take your advice and split it roughly in half. Only annoying thing is there's a lot of stuff like boarding passes and tickets etc that aren't all nicely A4 sized. Oh well, it's their problem if it ends up all jumbled up!
  15. Right, i'm preparing my visa application but i'm reading the website and it says a few times 'DO NOT organise your relationship evidence in sleeves/folders etc'. I'm very wary of just throwing everything into an envelope as i'm sending off quite a bit of stuff, so i'd really rather have everything divided/organised. How did everyone send off their visas?