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  1. Not sure if this helps The HM Passport Office 'supporting documents' small print state "uncancelled non-british passports : we strongly prefer to receive the passport. However in exceptional circumstances where you may need to retain the passport we will accept a full colour photocopy of the entire passport including visa pages." sorry link broken but follow the prompts and it will take you to the supporting doc page
  2. sunni1234

    People who take credit for your ideas at work

    sorry can't offer any advice, but it happens a lot especially where I used to work. I can remember one colleague in particular that would do this a lot, even got her a promotion. Apparently she is still doing it ......some people:wub:
  3. A friend of ours recently contacted immi to ask if they qualified for cit. They asked for their current passport no. a few questions on ID and the nice immi officer punched in the info into their computer and said 'yes '. Maybe you can call them and check if you qualify. good luck sunni
  4. sunni1234

    Returning to Wales

    Spot on Paul :yes:
  5. sunni1234

    How the UK sees rudds decision.

    Australia is one of the worlds richest countries - shame on OZ and Rudd :no: disappointed
  6. sunni1234

    Moved back home to get away from the heat in queensland

    - 1 last night SOR Perth House was like a barn brrrr
  7. sunni1234

    Need somewhere to stay - urgent

    Try homeless helpline 1800065892 or crisis care 9223 1111 or salvation army hostel 9328 3102. Centrelink will give you contact details for the 'Street Doctor' re: health and meds. Any immediate concerns about your health go to the nearest ED. good luck and take it easy.
  8. hope it's ok for me to reply as one day I will return........ here goes, for the few months we lived back in the uk last year, we settled close to the Cotswold. Beautiful country side, sound of nature, smell of the grass, sound of the river avon, meeting lots of ramblers who called in for a cuppa at my relatives popular establishment (on the river avon)strolls along the canals, the great river raft race, duck race, traditional celebrations, historical celebrations (Alcester) bonfire nite, watching the fire works eating toffee apple in the rain, the village lit up with Christmas lights, local community spirit, regular trips to broadway for coffee, honeybourne for good local pub grub, the meadow to just sit and watch families , people, happy with their lot. list goes on.........overall the diversity, friendliness, and of course family :-) good thread chris
  9. sunni1234

    How do you live your life in two countries ????

    Hi wishful , just to share (briefly) our experience. We returned to the UK last year, I was the driving force, missed family etc. Our kids went along with it, as kids do, but, not long after arriving they started asking 'when are we going home'. My youngest and hubby struggled the most, my eldest tried his best to fit in via sports clubs etc. The months that past saw a real change in my children, once energetic, happy go lucky kids where staying in, not making many friends ( a few ). So as a family we decided to return to OZ. The kids are thriving, so happy and as if it never happened. Me , I long to go back, but my kids are my life , so I will make OZ my home , save and have trips back as often as I can afford. This is my experience, others may find their kids fit straight back into UK life. Hope you find a answer x
  10. sunni1234

    Are we dissing your dream?

    Australia is a gr8 country, r we living the dream ? No, hard work ,long hours, u do what u Have to.....I know so many unhappy or bored poms who would feel some shame admitted to that. It takes a truly honest person to admit, it's not what they thought it would be. Oz is my home for now so will make the best of it . Good luck to those coming or going x
  11. sunni1234

    Anything worth buying to ship back to UK?

    tumble dryer :biggrin: got ours from masters
  12. sunni1234

    What do you miss about the uk?

  13. sunni1234

    Beautiful Warwickshire 2

    Beautiful pics. Feel happy and sad when i look at them. Back in OZ now but had a wonderful few months in Warwickshire (ALCESTER) gr8 place, good schools, lovely community. My hubby and kids so happy to be back in OZ, but i so miss this place ....if only
  14. sunni1234

    Back over 9 months

    5 months. He had a job offer and needed to start asap. Yes he is sorting rental , school etc before we arrive.
  15. sunni1234

    Back over 9 months

    hi CAvey it has split our family (for now) . My oh felt unsetled when we returned to the UK, so much so he has gone back to oz. We are due to join him soon. My advice, give it longer, i wish my oh had. best wishes sunni