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    Korean air stopover

    My wife and kids are flying to London via Seoul in sept with Korean air and I wondered if anyone has any experiences with reference to stop over. I have read that they should pack overnight bags as your luggage goes straight through. Also any recommendations for. How much money recommended for brief stay? Any info would be appreciated.
  2. belaroy

    Korean air stopover

    The hotel is paid for... It's part of the flight package. They will just be hanging around he hotel overnight so will need just enough money for snacks and a meal or two. We won't be opening a bank account just for one day as we already have uk accounts. just a guesstimate on meal prices would be handy. thanks
  3. belaroy

    I just don't get it

    I have been back in Oz for almost 2 years now and I am absolutely fed up with the job situation here. I am an ex Police Officer with 7 years experience and welder/ fabricator previous to that. I got a job here within 2 months of arriving and still in it. It is mining based ( not on site but manufacturing for mines) and I cannot for the life of me get a better paid/ rewarding job. I have mostly applied for Govt jobs and have had only 2 or 3 interviews from about 15 applications. I will concede at the very beginning my CV may have been not 100% up to scratch but I had it professionally reworked and now looks great - I can say this as I recently was tasked with taking on a new member of staff and saw the very low calibre of CV layout that was sent to me. Most Govt jobs have criteria to address using the STAR method which I can do fairly well, yet still I wont get an interview. One interview I went to for an admin officer for NSW Police I was asked 4 set questions - are they serious ?? or was the job already gone ?? how could you possibly recruit someone after asking 4 simples questions without probing further into their work/life history ??? I am not in any way saying that I am the best person for every job but to get such little response is quite hard to accept. I spoke with a family member who works for a federal agency and was told there are a lot of internal moves happening which begs the question why advertise the job if it is earmarked for an internal member of staff. Am I the only one getting this ?? if I am then so be it I am not up to scratch and can work on it. Most times when I ask for feedback I get the old " although your application was of a high standard it was not considered for the position or some crap" I have considered my skills were not the same as Oz skills so forked out for Oz certs but sill no luck, is anyone else finding this??
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    I just don't get it

    geeez catlover1, I had thought I had put Policing to bed, over dealing with **** end of society on a daily basis and politics too. I am mates with a copper and he is just as jaded as I was and we have come to the same conclusion that the job sucks but pays well. I think I will seriously have to consider it again as we cant get a mortgage on my wage now and cant get anything better. We are classed as rural here but my concern is being posted to the middle of nowhere and have to jack it in before I started as I will not be travelling 8 hours to work for the week.... I have looked at becoming a PI and have got the certificate to go ahead but the majority work on a subcontract basis which I cant do as I need to rely on a regular wage..... I think I need to bring up policing again with my god wife and hope she doesn't hit me or kill me with her dagger eyes as we have really become accustomed to weekends and tea time as a family....
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    I just don't get it

    yes, sorry I didn't mention that I grew up in Oz and emigrated to the UK when I was 25 and returned 12 years later, so have many years experience of Oz working...
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    Mortgages/Grants/Buying Property update

    I recently enquired with Aussie home loans as to how much we can borrow. I earn $50k per year and my wife has just started her part time business and we were told her small earnings could not be used as she has not been in business for 2 years. We have about $115k deposit on a $370 k house and were told the best we could borrow was $84 K ??? Do the banks not take into account the size of your deposit ??? How the hell do people borrow the huge sums needed to buy a house here??
  7. OK, We went to the accountant a little while ago to find out if we were liable for CGT as I did not want to get a tax bill at tax time. We had a short meeting and gave him our background, ie dates when entered the country, bought /sold the house etc. He came back with it written on paper that we are NOT liable for CGT. there was some bumf put in with the letter which was a bit confusing but what I can make out is that there is some form of 6 year rule combined with owning no other properties in Oz. This cost us $400 but in my opinion well worth it as I now know without any hesitation that I will not be liable to CGT. it is a lot of money to have to fork out but better that than spend what we made on the house only to find out at tax time we owe a few grand .... hope this helps clarify things a bit
  8. not sure if this helps, I am as far removed from being an account as is humanly possible, however I spoke with my accountant quickly at tax time this year ref our house in the uk which at the time we were renting and what we may be liable for ref CGT. I was of the belief that as it was my main residence and did not own another property in Oz then I would not be liable for CGT. I don't recall why I thought that but I did none the less.... He stopped me there and asked if I had done some research on the subject, I had not. He then told me that once we sold the house ( WHICH WE HAVE JUST DONE AFTER 2 1/2 YEARS !!!! HOO BLOODY RAY) then we had to see him again and all would be explained and formally written down so as no mistakes could be made..... He would not talk about it any more - mostly because he was doing my tax return and secondly he did not have the full facts of our tax situation to consider the options.. This most certainly got me thinking as at the time we had not sold our house. I spoke with a mate who is a bit of a property investor, and he explained it like this: It is irrelevant if it was your only residence as you now rent it out to make or lose money. calculations will be made based on the purchase price, sale price and the dates of ownership / rental etc. so say like us we rented it for around 18 months then we will be liable for CGT for that 18 months based on their calculations of sale price etc. so essentially I now believe I will pay some form of CGT, and I fully expect and believe my accountant will absolutely minimise in any way he can the amount we are due to pay. I am ok with this as my mate said..... paying tax isn't a bad thing - it means you have made money, you generally don't pay tax on losses and god knows the aussies like to negative gear to the enth degree. hope this helps and once I get the money from the sale to Oz and see my accountant I will let you know exactly what happened.
  9. belaroy

    Cathy pacific

    We flew with them from HEathrow to hong Kong then onto Perth. WE had 2 kids and 8 bags between us - the bags were well over weight but they didn't say a word. I think their service was fantastic and I think the fact the seats don't recline is great as you always keep your space in front of you. I don't sleep on planes in any case so being uncomfortable is part and parcel of flying - if you want to be super comfortable then upgrade imo. We waited till everyone had left the plane before we grabbed all our bags and the attendants helped us with the kids by holding their hands while heading to the bagge collection. We all have different likes and dislikes but I am happy to recommend them and wouldn't hesitate to fly with them again if they were the cheapest - lets be honest thats what it came down to in the end for us - who gave us the best flight connections at the best price...
  10. belaroy

    Travel insurance on one way trip??

    Funnilly we had the exact same issue yesterday. I looked on travel supermarket.com but reading the policy documents they all stated the journey must start and end in the UK which obviously isn't happening so therefore if you were to claim they would want proof of your home journey and more than likely refuse to pay out. I called a couple of insurers and they didn't do migrant insurance - there is a specific company go australia or something like that but they were £150 for a family of 4 for 21 days cover. Eventually I called Virgin insurance and we got cover for about £60 which covers cancellation - baggage etc until such point you pass immigration in Oz where you then become a resident and do not require any further cover. Its the best we could find on a budget - I can bear £60 but £150 was pushing it for us. For some unknown reason I do have a soft spot for Richard Branson even though he is a billionaire - the Virgin rep was pleasant and easy to deal with. Best of luck and hope that helps a bit - if you google migrant insurance you will get a few responses to give you a few more options
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    NSW Police

    Hi, I have been reading various threads for a while now but can't seem to find anything about NSW Police. I am an Aussie who moved to the UK ( Dorset) after meeting my English (now) Wife in 2000. I was quite happy to be living in the UK and it has been very good to me, however since having a family I have come to the conclusion the UK seems to be running out of opportunites for the future generations and I do worry for them. No pension till 67 at the minute and more than likely much older by the time the kids are that age..etc etc We are in the early stages of researching moving to Oz ( it was easy enough getting to the UK but there was just one of me then) so I'm nervous too as its been 11 years since I lived there and I have my family to look after. I am looking at joining NSW Police. My family and friends all live in Wollongong but we don't necessarilay want to live there - around 45 mins away would be nice. I joined the Police in 2005 so have almost 6 years experience in the service - mostly on patrol. After now seeing that our pay and conditions and pensions are being torn up ( I agree with some of it though !!) Essentially I am trying to find out take home pay scales, shifts worked, work loads, work/ life balance etc and how my skills transfer across / how long will the course be and the like. Would I be better off sending my application off before going to Oz or waiting till I get there?? Has anyone joined NSW Police or know any ?? We have no issues with visa's as I understand the kids can get Oz passports due to me and the same for my Wife. Any info will be gratefully received, as although the NSW Police website has a bit of info it is difficult to find the little bits of info that help to make a more informed decision. cheers :biggrin:
  12. We just got stung £36 for a gift my mum sent my Daughter. not best pleased and its the first time in 12 years it has happened to us.
  13. belaroy

    WOW!!! 20k extra baggage allowance.

    we are flying with cathay pacific - only my wife has a partner visa and they won't give her any extra baggage allowance. they best have a good service or I shall not be pleased.
  14. belaroy

    Partner VISA Statement- help needed!

    ours were a page and a half. mine was almost bullet point type. i.e we met here, went there, moved in together, got engaged on this date, married on that date, I love her etc etc. I can only suggest - don't over think it. My good lady and I had been together 11 odd years when we applied and I took the opinion that if they didn't think the relationship was genuine after that length of time then they could stick the visa. With 9 years together I reckon not much weight is placed on a self written document that quite frankly anyone can make it up. I think things like that are more for high risk countries but it is used in all partner visa applications. Best of Luck
  15. belaroy

    Back in the UK watching Pomz in Paradise

    It's a trick by the Oz govt - lul the dopey people into thinking there is 340 days of sunshine and those who believe it, think of nothing else get there after spending thousands on visas and no research , they will leave quickly after using no services and paying a bit of tax - who is the winner ????? the Govt and local businesses...... win win really, less dopey people thinking it is nothing but sunshine - IT IS TV PEOPLE IT IS NOT REAL.... IT RAINS AND SNOWS IN SOME PARTS.... THINK ABOUT IT FOR JUST A MINUTE
  16. It seems you have dual nationality and all you will have to do is get a national insurance number, join the NHS , then bobs your uncle essentially. You shouldn't have to pay anything beczse of the recripical agreement between Oz and the UK. Then comes the rental - buyng a house etc etc and opening a bank account but it is no more more difficult than doing it it Oz. By the sea side I can only suggest - from experience - Poole - Sandbanks.. only the best will do ...
  17. you will have to use your Italian passport to enter/leave Italy and your Australian Passport to enter/ leave Australia. How that works on airlines tickets is anyones guess- best to call the airline to check as they ask for your passport at the check-in desk and if the names don't match I guess it causes problems. As for depatrue taxes - everyone pays a departure tax - its included in your ticket - from England its about £350 odd or more. You will always pay it no matter what country you are from from.
  18. I looked into it also - its like getting blood from a stone, Sturt were more than useless and I even called the police recruitment officer who had no idea about anything and ended up telling me to call sturt. Quite frankly it very much helped me make a concrete decision as to not wanting to work for them. if they can't answer very basic entrance questions then i absolutely guarantee you they are even more useless as an organisation. I say this from 7 years of experience in a police service in the UK. THere are a couple of facebook pages that new recruits use to ask questions on so worth a look there. Did you get the info that you pay for your own course and don't get a job till you pass that course ?? Start saving your pennies now.... its another reason i won't join - why would i want to pay for my own training to be verbally and physically abused by the lower ebb of society then get hung out to dry on my own should I make a mistake. thats my thoughts anyway - again taken from experience.. Good luck we do need police
  19. belaroy

    Mortgage lender consent for landlords insurance?

    We are off to Oz in Mid April, the packers have been and we are sleeping on airbeds which is not as much fun as we thought it may be... the kids love jumping on it though. I'm glad the kids have got citizenship - when they get older they can come and go as they please for as long as they want and if they get sick of one country they can just go live in the other for a few years.
  20. belaroy

    Mortgage lender consent for landlords insurance?

    I got mine through direct line via the internet, again wasn't asked to show the consent to let... I expect they may want to see it should you wish to make a claim .....
  21. belaroy

    Partner visa - what happens next?....

    after our initial submission we had to get a document signed and had missed a question from one of the forms. once that was sorted we heard nothing till we got an email stating the visa was granted. ours came in about 4 months. happy waiting - it will come just not tomorrow !!!
  22. I have a nationwide mortgage and have just been granted consent to let. It is a simple form, cost me £50 and as I am letting it for 12 months they will put the rate up by 1.5% after 6 months. I got landlords insurance from Directline which costs £202 per year or about £16 per month. I am still waiting for a reply from the tax office for the estate agent to not take the tax out of any rental income. Its a big weight off my mind having the consent to let, just one less thing to worry about.
  23. belaroy

    Is australia heading into a recession

    i'm not a financial anylist or anything like that but the news does only tell you the bad stories- not the stories where people are being employed. I can't see it going into 6 months of negative output when it already passed the big trouble 3 years ago with barley a blip.
  24. I will live to regret this !!! Shopping and my good Wife go hand in hand - we are moving to Shoalhaven heads in early May. I will get her to make contact as I am sure she would love nothing more than to go shopping in shellharbour.... I really have no idea whay I am facilitating this shopping event