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    BLACKTOWN hotel advice.

    Sorry for the rudeness and not thanking you before Sarah. I decided to drive down for the course and stay in the IBIS budget (formally Formulae 1) and got a room for $69 for the night. Was very basic but covered my needs. So thank you for the reply
  2. BENS0N

    BLACKTOWN hotel advice.

    Hi Guys, Need a bit of help as i have a 2 day course in Blacktown TAFE on Thursday 18th and 19th October. I am travelling alone from Newcastle and originally was going to get the train down but could also drive down (but dont fancy doing this as means leaving at 5:30am and can have a sleep on the train) staying for 1 night and returning the Friday evening. Basically need advice on: Cheapest place to stay in relation to Blacktown TAFE (short walk from station) I have looked at hotels.com expedia.com booking.com etc and cant find anywhere to stay locally. Am i being blind and/or stupid? Is there a nice place to stay on the train line to blacktown that is decent and cheap? So i can travel in on the train? As i could park at TAFE would you recommend staying further away and driving to the course. If so where would be a decent place to stay (plus cheapest). Literally need own bed and bathroom and as i will be there for about 3 hours and the night i dont particulary need loads of extras. thanks in advance guys.
  3. BENS0N

    Broadband and satellite TV

    For mobiles i have got on a sim only plan (to put into my iphone) with OPTUS for $30 a month pay as you go. It provides 150 minutes worth of calls including to any UK number (including 0845 numbers and mobiles), unlimited australian texts, unlimited optus to optus mobile calls and 500mb of data. Personally think it is an amazing deal.
  4. BENS0N

    Monthly Outgoings

    Dont like to jump on an old post but Sapphire your calculations are incorrect. You are basing a month on 4 weeks which is not accurate and only happens in Feb. So if you are going to use a monthly comparison you need to divide $66,300 by 12 therefore having an income of $5,525 and having a shortfall of $475 a month (not the $5100 you have stated) To get to $66300 you have used 22% (works out roughly on a single wage) but if that is the total wage for two people and is split up to a wage if $35,000 and $50,000 then the tax would only be around $12,000 meaning $73,000 per year. Then divide this by 12 for each MONTH the monthly take home is $6083 meaning a surplus of $83 dollars a month.
  5. Basically i received an email stating that my visa is ready to be issued and that i have to leave the country within 28 days to validate my 309. I have to stay out of Aus for at least three working days and email my CO who will then issue my visa. Then jump back on the plane and enter australia on my 309. booked my tickets to NZ on Tuesday returning thursday for $450 and will stay in a hostel to keep costs down.
  6. :jiggy:WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!! Visa has been granted!!!! Woke up this morning and just checked my emails and there it was!!! Now to book flights to NZ. Its finally happened!! after all this waiting i can finally start my life properly over here!! Good luck all :biggrin:
  7. Just thought i would update my situation. Been in Australia for nearly 3 weeks now and settling in nicely. The weather over here has been amazing and today was 28 degrees. Jet lag took its time to get over and have now got into the routine. Love the lakes and the trips down to the beach, it is truly stunning here and now getting used to the new sounds from the birds. I and also getting to understand the differences in language and also what shops are best for what products. I have now got a car (which is harder than it seems as so ridiculously expensive) so am more mobile and starting to drive round looking for suitable places to buy (currently living with OH's parents). Have got an aussie mobile on Optus and for $30 a month include 250 free minutes to any phone anywhere and yes that includes a uk mobile, the package also includes unlimited texts and 500 mb of data. All i did was transfer the sim over on my iphone and ready to go. Which is amazing as still keep in touch with family and friends when out and about. Still waiting on my visa and constantly looking for flights to NZ and the varying costs. Been looking at jobs but not applied for any yet as it is against the rules of the tourist visa to be actively seeking employment and to be honest dont want to have any black marks against my name (You never know if there are any jobsworths about). Its been amazing spending time with my OH after being away from each other for 4 months and have spent a lot of time together. She is back at work and am now getting slightly restless and just want the visa to be granted so i can start applying for jobs myself As for the one way ticket, it is no problem at all, just walked up to immigration and they asked the purpose of my stay and said visiting my fiance and waiting for my spouse visa to be granted. They said fine and walked through. No other questions raised. Even got a sticker straight through customs and didnt get x-rayed there either. Took about 20 mins from landing to the arrivals lounge. To those waiting or wondering if the process is worth it I can honestly say at the moment it feels the best decision i have made. Good luck to all and fingers crossed my visa will be granted soon.
  8. Flying out today. Have everything packed and the shipping company are collecting my remaining items. (still havent sold my car as have needed it to run around and say the goodbyes and go shopping etc but sticking it on ebay today and giving my dad the keys to hand over). I have a huge mixture of excitement and regret, since my OH went in April I have been able to spend most of my time with my friends. I have really enjoyed this time and I will miss them dearly. The hardest thing was saying goodbye to my 90 year old Nan as i know that was the last time i ever see her, which was horrendous as she was there throughout my childhood. However i am missing my OH soo much and cant wait to see her. She is picking me up from Sydney at 5:55am on Friday morning so both looking tired and rough but it will be worth it. My journey I started on nearly two years ago has now moved into the next huge stage. Just wanted to say good luck to everyone and i will keep you all updated on the process.
  9. Congrats Blankety thats great news. Good luck with the move
  10. I cant wait to get my visa. its soooo annoying. Travelling out next wed 8th and a perfect teachers job has come up but applications need to be in by the 15th August (first job for my subject i have seen remotely close to where we are going to move to whilst looking for 1.5 years). its frustrating as my visa wont be granted before i go (predicted the 20th) and cant register with NSW institute of teachers until i have a visa number. Also if ready to grant have to leave country, so maybe hoping i can have it granted earlier and then apply for the job from NZ. Knowing my luck all be too late. Also i cant enquire about the job as will be on a tourist visa!!! As you are all such lovely people and not going out til sept at earliest can you all phone up your CO's and tell them to grant mine now! :wink: hahahahahahaha Darn myself for not applying earlier!!!
  11. BENS0N

    Newcastle, NSW - any one made the move?

    Have been out there a couple of years ago to visit OH family and loved the place. I am also flying out next Wed to start my life there so give me a couple of months and I will be able to tell you all the pros and cons and how easy it was to 'fit' in there.
  12. They still reckon within the 6 months but as i was asking about the tourist e-visitor she said it would be granted before the 3 months on it is up!!!! said i have to leave country fro 3 days. tried the old havent got a job, need to get work soon, expense of leaving country fro three days, shipping costs for extra baggage i cant take on plane. Didnt work just said there is a queue of existing applications they are working through.
  13. Had some bad news. Am flying out on the 8th August and was hoping my visa would of been processed before i flew as it would allow me double the baggage allowance with singapore airlines, in addition to saving me the cost of exiting Australia for 3 days to validate the visa (applied 23rd march). Just phoned my CO and was told that it wont be close to being granted by the 8th and the times for processing has now moved to more like 7-8 months (for new applications) due to a reduced number of visa applications in the financial year and therefore causing a backlog of exisitng visa applications. I know i was optimistic when booking my flight as it would of been less than 5 months but as my partner moved back in April i needed to go out as soon as possible. Just gutted i cant start my life properly and start looking for jobs and will be still looking out for 'that' email. Just about to apply for my tourist visa now. :mad: Just wanted to keep you all up to date and wishing you all the luck with the process. I will continue to update my status and even write about how i am settling in over in Aus, the cost of flights to NZ and the ease of the process (well i wont have anything else to do til i get my visa).
  14. Here is the link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aopvk3Y5mD7HdGp5V2hESFluN3V0QWNBTDg2TWJoLVE#gid=0 this great spreasheet was made by Dave S. more waiting and checking and waiting and checking