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  1. Shoni8

    Potential move to Toowoomba

    Emigrated to Aus in 2011.. Had a Job in Toowoomba to go to.. Just thought we would do the 2 years and move.. Still live in Toowoomba 10 years on LOVE IT!
  2. Shoni8


    HI we moved to Toowoomba in AUG 2011.....and we live in Highfields about 25mins North of the CBD.....it is a newish area which is developing rapidly. There are two Primary Schools and Plans just past for a High School...We have all the ammenties ....Woolies,Coles,newsagent Post office, fast food outlets ETC. There are lovely coffee and gift shops.. we enjoy living here. It takes us about 1hour 30 mins to South Bank in the city (Brisbane), 2hours to the coast (Southport beach / Surfers Paradise), 1hour and 45 mins to Movie World / wet n wild (we have annual passes for these parks and we feel we get our money worth). 2 hours to the airport to pick up and drop of our visitng guests (which we have had several even though we have only been here just over a year). our son goes to Concordia Lutheran School (private) in Toowoomba and there is a bus that picks up and drops off every day.. we are really pleased with this school even though we are not from the Lutheran Faith. Hope this info helps
  3. HI...i,m quite sure you will need import approval for your quad as like i said it did take me at leased a couple of months for the paper work to be sorted.....unless someone on here has got approval on line? but not sure about that...
  4. Shoni8

    VISA granted and flights booked

    Congradulations.....its a great feelin i know we are a week on and im still pinching myself. all the very best to you and your family......
  5. A BIG thanks to all of you here on pio.....our RSMS visa was granted on the 26/7/11 and the first thing we did was book the flights....we fly out to Brissy on the 14/8....But i could not have done it without you guys....the info and the need to just chat has been great THANKS and just hang in there it will all be worth it.....:notworthy:
  6. Shoni8


    Hi Jgt ......just a quick note....IF you have a non migrating dependant (under the age of 18) they will also need a full medical and police clearance...
  7. Shoni8

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hi Ashish.......we lodged on the 3/2/11......and got a CO 14/5/11 requesting more info which was sent 1 week later. But now we are still waiting.....:arghh:
  8. Hi we are hoping to be in Toowoomba in August and have been looking online at several schools for our 14 year old son. any advice on schools in this area would be very much appreciated. thank you:cool:
  9. Hi GTS......i,m just in the prosess of shipping my two pro karts, swiss hutless rotax. and my trailer....you DO NOT need to pay any import duties ......BUT you do need import approval. which is a pain in the butt! it takes about 2 month to get but is not complicated. It cost about $50 per kart .....and all the forms can be printed of the internet. Your shipper should put you straight on this ....i am using White & co....
  10. Hi....i would take a hit on the rubbish exchange rate and put it in the NAB I saver account 5.85% for the first 4 month and then 4.25% onwards......just sit back and watch it grow.
  11. Hi....we got our case officer on the 14/6/11 requesting further info...(for my non migrating daughter to have full med & police clearance) this info has now been sent. roughly how long do we expect to wait for our visa......as we are ready to go and want to book flights and ship our stuff?:wacko: Thanks for any replies........
  12. Shoni8

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hi.....our RSMS was lodged at Parramatta on the 3/02/11 and we got a case officer on the 14/06/11.......seems to me they are just ahead of the 5 month timeframe......hope this helps...:daydreaming:
  13. Shoni8

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Hi everyone......just a quick note ....we got a case officer this week 15/6/11 and we lodged our RSMS application on the 3/2/11 .......so its taken 4 months and 2 weeks....allthough we thought our application would be decition ready they have requested that my non migrating daughter do a full medical and police check...this is apparently because she is under 18 ....so nearly there ! :daydreaming:
  14. Shoni8

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    Thanks Ashish.........hopefully not long now then......:rolleyes:
  15. Shoni8

    ENS (121/856 visa) Timeline

    HI ......has anybody got through to Parramatta recently who could give me an update as to what dates they are prosessing at the moment........thanks RSMS 119 lodged app 4/2/11 only 3 weeks off our 5 month window?:frown: