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  1. [h=2]We want to have another baby but what about Maternity Pay?[/h] Hi Everyone, We are one step closer to getting to Oz with out 176 Visa coming in any day now. My deliema is that we have one son and would love another baby now but do we wait and have it in Oz or have it now and put off the actual move for a while? Im thinking if we stayed in the UK to have another baby we'd have the maternity pay and also my company maternity pay but it would be more financially difficult in Oz? I know the government provides 16 weeks paid leave at $570 per week and are entitled to 52 weeks leave but want to know what I could expect from employers. Anyone give any advice? what are the options for New Mothers in Oz??
  2. What have you done today to get yourself to OZ?

    I've been downloading my Visa forms, still waiting on my skills assesment result but trying to be one step ahead of the game....which isnt too hard considering all the waiting time!
  3. Hi Guys, My passport is currently in my maiden name. Ive sat my IELTS and my skills assesment for which all will have my maiden name on them. I'm thinking of whether to: change the name on my passport to my married name before I submit my visa application or whether to just leave it in my maiden name and fill in the form using my maiden name details Confussed as to what would be best, anyone have any experience/idea? :unsure:
  4. What documents do I need?

    Hi, I had a friend in the same situation, he provided a statutory declaration stating that he worked there and what he did there. This is a type of ducument you write yourself and have it signed and witnessed by a solicitor. Google it an see samples....
  5. I would like to know how long we have to get organised and move out once we have our PR Visa..... I understand you need to apply for something called Return Residents Visa (RRV)? then apply for citizenship? but in terms of how long, what are the rules, how long to get out there, how long before applying for RRV, and how long before we can apply for citizenship? :huh:
  6. I had the Syllabus book but they said it was too brief and asked for more detail, so I managed to ask one of my old lecturers at the university to write me up a description of each topic studied. The immigration agent thinks this will be sufficient...
  7. Hi All, I have unfortunately failed my skills assesment with the ICAA :em4600: They asked for additional information on my university syllabus which I could not supply and so failure was due to lack of information. I have now managed to get further information from my university which I think will be sufficient to pass. I was wondering if I should apply for a review of the assesment with the ICAA or go with a different body - the IPA instead. I hear that the ICAA are mor strict with the assesment criteria than the IPA so should I go for a review with the ICAA or a new assesment under the IPA? :confused: The choice is pay $100 for a review under the same body ICAA as they have most my info already and I can just submit the additional info but risk failing again as they are strict... OR Pay $400 with new body IPA and submit all info again but with the chances that they will be more linient..... :angel_happy_face_ha Any Ideas????
  8. Thanks all, It seems the employers bit of the maternity pay differs with each employer as it does in the UK.... as for the sate benefits more research needed there but what I've read on another forum there are a few things available.....
  9. Thanks Tony, I will be coming in on a 175 visa..... I'll check out the link.
  10. I'm just wondering what the maternity benefits are over in Australia. We have one child at the moment and plan to have more which may be after we make the move to Oz. :yes: What do you receive in terms of maternity leave and maternity benefits? E.g. how much time can you have off after having a baby, do you get any money from the state for supporting the baby and help with childcare? When we had our son in the UK I was entitled to a full years leave from work with maternity pay for 9 months at £128.23 per week and recieved £20 per week child benefit and when I returned to work I got £7 per week towards childcare costs. At the time my I had only been in my job 2.5 years so wasnt entitled to the maternity pay from my employer but would have been had I fallen pregnant after being with them for two years. Can any one help??? :err:
  11. What's Involved in the Medical tests?

    Thanks PositivePixie, thats settled my mind a bit :yes:
  12. What's Involved in the Medical tests?

    Thanks, Reason being I'm bit worried as I had post natal depression a while ago and was worried it would mean I fail the medical.....
  13. Hi all, What's do they check in the medicals? is it very indepth?
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  15. it depend on what your body will be assesing your skills, mine was ICAA and it was I requirement for me to have my IELTS before applying. also, just5 check which IELTS is required, the General or Academic one, they may want a specific one.