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    Burke Brothers?

    My Mum used them for her move from Midlands to Adelaide in May 2011 and they were a nightmare. On unpacking she found a mirror in a box with no wrapping at all, several items of jewellery missing and furniture not wrapped so damaged. She was disappointed as her initial dealings with them in UK were positive. On move day she left them to all the packing as it's impossible to supervise everything and she was moving from a small house so would have got in the way (she probably regrets this now!). She had insurance so the furniture damage covered but missing jewellery not covered as she has no proof. So my advice is try to supervise packing (Or at least be there making tea as maybe things less likely to go missing. Definitely take out insurance. And take valuables on airplane in your luggage. She generally found Burke Bros service far far below expectation in terms of packing - I guess you are reliant on whichever staff turn up on the day (And you don't know until you un-pack at other end!) Personally I'll be checking reviews and going for one of the bigger players.
  2. Amy79

    176's lodged October 2011

    Got my grant letter ) I've been in Adelaide staying with my Mum and my sister over Christmas, got home on NYE and got email from CO on 3rd Jan ) Now I just need to figure out when to go, shipping, dog, resign from work etc. I'm definitely staying until I get my bonus on 23rd Feb, so earliest I can go is end March
  3. Amy79

    100 Best Towns in Australia

    15 for me, but back in Australia in december so hoping to add a few more to list :biggrin: there were some strange ones on the list.... wonder whether it was made for living there or tourists or some other criteria
  4. Amy79

    Hi... Can anyone help please

    Just one thing to remember, the whole family has to enter Australia to validate visa and flights can be expensive in December & January because peak time in Oz .... so the earlier you book the better... you'll probably find either before end November (Which could be really tight!) or after 10 Jan the cheapest. I think you're better to regret something you've done rather than regret something you've not done..... go for it! Worst that can happen is you return to UK in a year or two.
  5. Amy79

    176's lodged October 2011

    Got a CO today, just got a few bits to upload - qualifications & work experience proof. I've sent off for police check and have meds booked on 3 Dec. I'm purposefully trying to drag it out as I don't want to get granted before 8th Dec. I'm going to Oz on 8th-31st Dec and I want to save my extra luggage allowance with singapore air until I actually emigrate in April. I don't have a house to sell, just dog & furniture to arrange shipping. It's been a busy day at DIAC today, congrats everyone!
  6. I have an OU higher education certificate (First year of degree - 120 OU points) and that gave me a positive skills assessment for Project & Programme Admin. So it certainly seems to be recognised.
  7. Amy79

    Is this a good price for one way?

    Singapore airlines give you extra allowance for free if you have an unvalidated permanent visa. I'm pretty sure it's 40kg each (Althoug my Mum went in summer with them and got through on 56kg!!) hope that helps x
  8. Amy79

    shipping and packing

    Here you go... http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/transport-shipping/124969-so-who-cheapest-shipping-company-how-much-did-they-come-down.html
  9. Amy79

    shipping and packing

    It's definitely worth you getting a few different quotes - they can vary by a lot. Are you intending to have a full container or shared container? If full container, you could save shipping costs by reducing what you want to take, but remember you'll have to then buy replacements out there which may be more expensive. You can reduce cost by packing & loading container yourself - there's someone who posted here recently about doing it DIY.... I'll see if I can find it and post the link
  10. Amy79

    How can I stretch out my Visa application?

    Which state are you applying for? If it's SA you only get 30 days from date of sponsorship grant to apply for visa. But I think some states give you 3 months. You also get 30 days from case officer to do medicals & police checks. I'm trying to drag it out to get granted after Christmas so I have sympathy!
  11. Amy79

    176's lodged October 2011

    Not sure if it's different for different states, but I had to tell SA via their online system what my TRN is, then they send something to DIAC (I think it was called form 1100). SA sent me an email to say they've sent the confirmation to DIAC.
  12. Amy79

    176's lodged October 2011

    Can I join your group? I lodged my 176 on Friday 14th Oct, SA has sent confirmation of my SS to DIAC. I have started to upload all my documents. Will do my form 1221 this week and I'm going to wait to see if CO requests form 80.
  13. Amy79

    Flights With Singapore Airlines

    You're allowed 40kg in total, but you'll have to take two or more cases because no case can weigh more than 32kg. If you've ever tried to lift a 32kg case you'll understand that the poor baggage handlers at airport need looking after ) My mum got away with 56kg (she was on an unvalidated PR visa with 40kg allowance with singapore.... the man at check-in just completely ignored the scales!!) She also checked in her 7kg hand luggage and just took handbag & laptop bag as hand luggage. I have no idea how she got it all off the carousel at Adelaide... but she did!
  14. Amy79

    URGENT UPDATE - Shipping Pets

    The rules come into force on 1st Jan. So can't you fly him out at end of Dec, then just 30 days in quarantine and he'll be released end of Jan. If you're going mid Jan that will give you a couple of weeks to sort out dog friendly house. Flights & quarantine are booking up quickly so arrange it asap with your pet shipping.
  15. Amy79

    Help Please, 176 SS

    You can definitely get your police checks and medicals before your CO requests them, DIAC prefer this for 176. It's called front loading. If you arrange them now you have a really good chance of being granted before 8 Dec.