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  1. jove

    Considering moving to the UK

    Hi all, havent been on on this site in a long time. But felt I need to vent some steam. I've been in Australia with my wife since January 2013. We moved to Adelaide originally but we are now in Brisbane. Adelaide was great and quite enjoyed it. Brisbane is also not too bad but the weather here is unbearably humid. Australia is a great country with a lot going for it but I think I am homesick for Europe. I find the work life here in Australia a bit weird for my liking. Perhaps is my misfortune with the types of companies I have worked with but I honestly miss the culture of holland and the UK. I really do not feel at home here like I did in the Netherlands. Im trying to convince my wife to return to the Netherlands or try the UK - I'm originally From the UK perhaps Glasgow or maybe England. i guess some of this unhappiness has something to do with my parents getting older and that I miss them. CertInly that is some of it. But I really get a feeling that Australia is just too remote and that Australians - though for the most part lovely people are a much different than I expected. I guess I just don't feel that I feel at home here. i don't have a date to move back but I a, looking at getting an Ozzie passport jam 2018 so I suppose I will wait for that, on account that I have a property here and also my son was born here. After that who knows, I want to move back to Europe.
  2. jove

    How is the IT industry in Adelaide?

    Don't be disheartened. I managed to secure an IT job in Adelaide remotely and I am based in Europe. Though I work in software engineering. The Salary is pretty good too and it is an excellent company. Just keep applying for jobs, I am sure if you get interviews and they like you they will offer you a job! good luck!
  3. jove

    Your Headstone

    I will go for some amusing Roman style grave inscription: " Hey traveller, look down, under that turf of grass lies my bones. I was a such and such, I hated my job but I was well liked. I enjoyed a smoke and a toasted the gods with a drink or too. I was a bit of a tiger in bed and was well missed by my partner...please say a prayer that the earth doesnt weigh to heavy on my bones...and when you have a drink at night maybe remember me and have a drink for me...etc..." LOL:laugh: Funny I was at the Capitoline museum in Rome and saw actual inscriptions on tombs like that. Was very witty
  4. jove

    Can't wait to leave OZ

    What a terrible experience. So sorry to hear that. I really hope this sort of thing is not widespread. So sorry to hear your bad experiences, make me angry hearing stuff like that.
  5. jove

    Tony Abbott 'corpsing' on 7.30

    sad to sit through i know, i could of missed it, soimetimes thoses things are burried deep in the transcript LOL maybe she was being economical with the truth LOL just a bit of fun
  6. jove

    Tony Abbott 'corpsing' on 7.30

    Anyway i sat through the BHP Billiton investor presentation, and I am not sure where Leigh was getting her statement from in regards to the carbon tax etc...I couldnt find that statement in the transcript or in the webseminar. Can someone point it to me please as I must of missed it.
  7. jove

    Tony Abbott 'corpsing' on 7.30

    I agree with 'leigh' though maybe it is a bit disingenious to place the blame solely on the tax regime. The slow down in China and the global market still has to be the major concern, however heavy tax burdens will not help. Australia should aim to be low tax economy to boost investment etc...Of course if you are socialist you will probably disagree with that LOL. I remember that a lot of investors/companies re-evaluated investments in the North Sea because of the tax raids George Osbourne did on the oil companies. At a time when people were trying to extract the difficult oil a huge prohibitive tax was placed on the oil companies. Didn't do the North Sea oil industry any good especially at a time of a general economic slowdown.
  8. jove

    Tony Abbott 'corpsing' on 7.30

    He has a point about the carbon tax. If you already have a slowing economy, it isn't the smartest move but placing uncompetitive carbon taxs on the mining industry or any industry for that matter. He does say Leigh too much though. LOL
  9. jove

    Prince harry snapped naked.

    makes a change to prancing around in Nazi uniforms.
  10. jove

    What on earth has Australia done to me!!!!

    steak is cheaper by the cow?
  11. jove

    Freedom of Information act: IELTS

    Apply for a review? Book another exam asap, thats the only advice I can offer. Is a pain in the arse i know but we all seem to think that because we are native brits we are perfect in our spelling and grammar. Thats rarely the case, perhaps you were a bit unlucky with the marker who knows. Best of luck.
  12. jove

    Are you who you say you are?

    i guess a certain amopunt of rapore can develop between people on here. We are all going throught the trails and tribulations of a visa application. We are all at various stages so have a common goal / interest. For me it is quite nice having a banter with people, killing time while we wait to get a job and actually go. as long as you wear your character on your sleeve(is that the right expression?) I dont mind.
  13. jove

    Are you who you say you are?

    this is nothing, i have seen other forums which are much darker. Investmernt forums etc...people investing real money on those forums into brisit companies etc...you see some real shitheads on those places.
  14. jove

    De facto

    I think you will need more than that. Perhaps testimonies from friends and relatives, photos on holiday, joint committemtn such as pets, flight tickets for holidays, breakdown of your household finances - who pays what etc... If you don't provide information they do email you saying they need more with a detailed suggestion list. Anyway is this agent not providing you with a detailed list of what is required?
  15. jove

    Patriotism. Good or bad?

    I think perhaps you are taking Samual Johnsons famous quote out of its historical context. I dont think he meant it in the terms that all patriots are scoundrels rather it was a stab at one of his political opponents Burke that was using patriotism falsely.