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  1. Sorry just read my post and it didn't all make sense! The commute will be between 30 and 45 minutes from Mt Martha and CBD depending on which of the locals u listen too
  2. Hi Is driving distance going to be an issue for your husband? Mount Eliza is between 50 min and 1 hr and 10 fro CBD and until the new connecting roads are finished Mt Martha is a fair bit further. Mornington is 10 minutes from us. Its a fantastic location with everything around you and we love it here. My OH used to commute 5 hours a day in the UK so for us we have cut down quite considerably and he is happy to do the journey. When the new road is finished the commute from Mt Martha (which if money is a consideration is a bit cheaper than Mt Eliza but doesn't have as many facilities in it. Mornington is more expensive that Mt Eliza but there is a lot more on as well so take your pick. Mt Eliza has a lovely little shopping village but no big supermarkets etc, for that you have to go into Mornington. I don't know anything about schools other than the ones in Mt Eliza because we did not want OH to travel too much. Hope this helps. Deb2
  3. Hi We have just moved to Mount Eliza about 3 weeks ago also from the UK. Its tough finding the right schools as you could potentially end up putting your child in an awful one. I know that anxiety..... The ethos here seems to be that the primary schools (state) are really good but when they get to high school to think about educating them privately. A number of people have said this to me both English and Australian and its not until you get here that you find this out. There is another private school called Toorak College as well but it is wise to book a few years in advance if you can for the really good ones as the waiting list is horrendous. You mentioned The Peninsula School - they currently have 150 kids on the 2014 waiting list so certainly not all going to get in. The years that are difficult to get into are normally Grade 5 and Grade 7 as thats when most kids if they are going to make the move privately do so. Our daughter goes to mount eliza north and she settled so quickly even I was surprised as she is quite shy. We viewed the kunyung but it wasn't for us as both charlotte and i really didn't like it. I don't know about any of the others. The private schools here can be quite expensive especially for the really good ones but Mount Eliza is a very nice area and they have absolutely everything on offer here that you could possibly want. We have signed our daughter unto Nippers, Netball, Ballet, private sining lessons (in her school as the teachers come to the schools making it really easy). She wants to do trampolining which we are looking into at present and we are loving the friendliness of everyone around us. Take care and good luck Debbie
  4. deb2

    Moving to Melbourne!!

    Hi We are moving to Mount Eliza in December so really stressed at the moment as OH is going first and my 10 year old and me at the end of Dec. 19 year old at Uni in UK and does not want to come so thats difficult too. We live in a village in the UK and I could not possibly imagine living in a built up area in Melbourne although at the moment a little worried about OH commute as he currently spends 5 hours a day in the car just going to work and back again. You seem to have a similar life to us at present. Looking at your OH salary again it is on a par with my OH but we have decided that although our youngest is at present privately educated in the UK, with the financial commitments we will have both here and aus we dont think we can afford to educate her privately yet as she will be classed as an international student and as such school fees at least a 3rd more expensive. Good luck with everything, hope it all goes well. Deb2
  5. Hi We have our 457 visas yaaaah I think and we are being moved by John Mason on the 28/29 November but I have been told that no food and no candles and our dining room chairs are a no no because they have untreated matting on the seats and will get burnt by Aqua customs upon opening if we try and take them? Is all of this right? Tkx deb 2 really desperate for answers as running out of time.
  6. Hi Please do not take my word as verbatim but I think if you transfer your £100k within 6 months of migration you do not pay any aussie tax on it, however if you do so after 6 months (even by one day), then you pay 15% interest on the capital gains on this 100k so if you made a grand on the total sum after 6 months you would pay 15% interest on that grand. However, given that the £ has taken such a hammering due to the economic crisis and the interest rate being .5% it may pay you if you wait for the £ to strengthen which historically it should do so. At present it is about 65p to the $ and has been approx 40p before meaning you should get a lot more $ for your £ if you wait a while. Can you afford to do so is really the bottom line and whether or not you believe that Britain will turn its economy around. The current interest rate is clearly having a negative affect on the countries economy as who would want to invest in britain when it is only paying such a small dividend? Hope this helps deb2
  7. Hi Claire Bedding really expensive in Aus, we are moving to Melbourne this year and are buying everything here to ship over. I spent a week there in may/june and OMG was it expensive! Try places like King of Cotton as we have a superking bed and have just bought another one to take with us as a guest bed and if amazingly comfortable and all we paid for this was £512.00 so it makes more sense to buy the bedding for it too. Hope this helps PS I have a list of things which does keep growing by the day and it ranges from bedding to make-up, toiletries (v exp in Aus), clothes which on sale now will be great for Dec when we arrive for their summer and loads of books as we are all very avid readers and I have heard they are expensive over there. deb
  8. deb2

    457 Visa Private Health Care

    Hi We are trying to sort out Health Insurance here in the UK and we are really struggling to find a company that will insure us for more than 17 days and also wont do so until they have our departure date. We cannot get the visas until we prove we have sufficient health care cover. Could you please tell me who you used|? Thank you deb2
  9. deb2

    Selling our house in the UK

    Hi Steve Just a thought. Does your company offer LAFHA (Living Away from Home Allowance) as if so its a tax free allowance granted for the 4 years of your 457 visa but in order to be eligible for this you need to maintain a UK residence for tax purposes. It basically pays your rent (within reason) while you are living in Australia in order that you have sufficient funds to meet your UK obligations. If you do sell up then the LAFHA becomes a taxable earning and this can be upto 45% so it seems to make more sense to rent your UK property if you can but be careful because there are financial implications to this as well not least you would need a Buy to Let Mortgage and also I think they take into consideration that you would be an absentee landlord. We are waiting for our 457 as well which should be through in another 2/3 weeks and I would anticipate that OH would be going a couple of months before us (2 Kids) and the company he is going to work for say that this is quite normal. I will also be sorting out the removals which wont be going until end November so god only knows when we will see out bits and bobs again! Hope this helps and I think its fairly accurate deb2
  10. deb2

    Travel Insurance question

    Hi to support the 457 visa application we are being advised to obtain travel insurance before the trip prior to being able to apply for medicare, really confused having read all about the reciprocal agreement and would appreciate some thoughts on insurance providers and recommended duration? many thanks Deb
  11. deb2

    457 visa

    Hi Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get a 457 visa as we fly out next sat as oh has interview. I would just be interest in finding out if he got the job what happens next and who does what happens next? Thanks :err:
  12. deb2

    Epping & Melbourne

    Hi Can anyone tell me how far Epping is from Melbourne CBD Tkx deb2:hug:
  13. deb2

    can i move with my Children?

    Hi Having had a friend who's previous husband abandoned her and her two children and she went through absolute hell as he was incredibly cruel to her and her children, the courts still insisted on tracking him down (after she had escaped and hidden herself and her children from this man), and insisted he be given another opportunity to re-instate a relationship with his children. He did however, recind on his parental rights in writing and they were subsequently adopted by her new husband and now live abroad and have two more children together but this took months so I am sorry but not sure you are going to get the answer you would like.
  14. deb2

    Horses & Beachside Living

    Hi, We are looking at moving to areas like Cheltenham, Armadale and Mentone. We have a daughter hopefully going to college in Epping and do not want her to have to commute a great distance. Can anyone please tell me if within these areas it is possible to buy a house not too far from the coast (10 mins) but also get one with land as she is horse mad. If not can anyone recommend some good areas not too far from the CBD as OH will also need to commute. Thank you
  15. deb2

    Uni's and Aussie Degrees in Melbourne

    Hi Connaust My daughter is hoping to breed horses and is really keen on eventing and would like to start up her own business so would require stables and a decent amount of land when she's finished her degree. Thanks for your help deb2