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  1. Lakaal

    Third time lucky?

    We Moved twice and settled better the second time - although the isolation still an issue for me. I have really had to move out of my comfort zone to put myself out there. Eldest daughter would still love to move back to Ireland.
  2. Lakaal

    Not easy to belong

    Thanks Nicf
  3. Lakaal

    Not easy to belong

    i didn't know once i posted i wouldn't have an option to delete which is a bit unfair .......... ah well noted for future.
  4. Lakaal

    Not easy to belong

    CalNgary, I changed my mind after posting and couldn't find how to delete the post. Thank you for your lovely reply but i shouldn't have posted. Not really emotionally up for the replies i am expecting i might get so would rather have it deleted thanks. haha you can see why i am a ping pong - indecisiveness
  5. Lakaal

    Not easy to belong

    yes a ping pong ..... and probably always will be unfortunately - then again the best of both worlds i guess.
  6. Lakaal

    Moving to oz in 12 weeks and nervous!

    I can see why they love it. It is a gorgeous place. We live in an amazing place have a gorgeous dream house with a pool both have permanent jobs. Five mins walk to the beach. Everything we could ever dream of Oz it is. But it is not enough for us. I could kick myself over and over again but it's just not for us. Family is all we want and nothing can make up for that. We have friends but not the same. We now live in the dream place but what has it taught us, we were happy in our little terraced house surrounded by family and friends that we have known for years . Kids could play out from morning till night, here I spend my day dragging them to playgrounds, play dates. we had that mantra better to go than to regret it for years but now we regret ever going so either way you can end up with regret.
  7. Lakaal

    Moving to oz in 12 weeks and nervous!

    Make sure you feel on your heart you are doin the right thing. We have found it so tough and wish we could jus press a button and never have started this whole process. 2nd time here now and we feel in limbo don't feel Oz is for us long term but kinda stuck here now as finances dwindled and situation at he will be a lot worse before we left. We had a much better life before in everyway and my two friends who have been here two years now are heading home next month - the lucky things. i am yet to meet someone who has happily settled but maybe I just haven't met the right people. I wish I had listened to my own doubts would have saved about 60,000 euro and my children a lot of upset
  8. Lakaal

    Not sure we made the right choice!

    Being a ping ping myself I fully understand where you are coming from. We knew instantly when returning home we had made a mistake and withing 6 months returned to oz and are happier than ever - no regrets. Second time around much easier.
  9. Lakaal

    A week ago we landed! First impressions!

    Hi Kellie123 have loved reading your updates. We are ping ponging to Sunshine Coast on Tuesday after we returned to ireland this year from Melbourne. Have 3 kids 8,4 and 2. We have a short term rental for 3 weeks on arrival at Alexander headlands but pacific pines is on our list of potential long term places. Is it nice area? Do you see kids playing out at all after school?
  10. Lakaal

    It all went wrong!!!

    Ah thank you all for your kind replies fingers crossed I will be posting a very positive 6 months in post
  11. Lakaal

    It all went wrong!!!

    Update we fly out in 3 weeks getting excited now. We are heading to Sunshine Coast this time to try something new. Feel a lot braver this time and family are being very supportive now. My mam and dad have even said they will fly over for the month of January 2016! Which is a great improvement for them. We have just got one way flights this time, have some friends nearby and looking forward to it. I know I will be homesick but hope in time this will get better.
  12. Lakaal

    Dark evenings?

    Sounds great Vandeux - good luck settling in hope all goes well - you seem to have a really great positive attitude which can hopefully only lead to good things
  13. Lakaal

    Dark evenings?

    Wow thanks for the info guys. Good to know you are all surviving the early mornings hoping we too could make the adjustment. Ah so nerve wrecking trying to pick a state but qld climate and lifestyle does seem great. Melbourne we loved but a lot of what we loved we feel due to weather could only be done a few months of the year there whereas in qld could be done most of the year.
  14. Lakaal

    Dark evenings?

    Thanks boganbear. I guess it would be a big adjustment - I am not the best morning person. My friend who lives there said she gets up at 5 and kids go to bed at 6.30/7. Which would be a complete change for us
  15. Lakaal

    Dark evenings?

    Hi all, hoping for some advice. We are due to move to melbourne in 5 weeks but are considering a quick change to Sunshine Coast area. We are not limited by visa and husband is self employed wedding photographer. We did spend 4 months in melbourne this year and loved it but the weather was getting pretty cold by the time we left. We have friends in both places who both say there state is the best. One of the main concerns I have re Sunshine Coast is the early sunset every evening year round. Do people find this hard to adjust to. I have 3 children all under 8. Thanks for any info.